One of the most enjoyable facets of writing, for me, is character development. Every time I create a new character, I feel like jumping out of my chair and screaming…”it’s alive, It’s alive!” Well, okay before I come off sounding like I need a solid course of psychotherapy, let me explain…

Have you ever thought up a great new premise for a story and just run to your laptop, computer or whatever you have around at the time that can serve as a notepad? After you jot down or type your idea, and the creative juices start flowing, the most important thing is what kind of characters are going to make this story come alive and make your readers want to keep flipping pages. Who, what and how do you want your characters to be.

I’ve heard many authors say that their characters are like children to them. In away that is true.  To create a believable character, he/she needs to have some type of backstory….Where and when they were born? What kind of life did they have growing-up? What kinds of personalities do they have? Are they shy? Are they loud, obnoxious….

I think you understand what I mean. Some writers like to use character charts. Me, I prefer to do a more direct approach. I like to watch my characters grow and develop as I write them into scenes.  I’ll give them the basics, name, birthdate, life background…etc…but I like to see my character’s personality develop as I write my plot out.

It’s strange, yet true, that my characters all seem to grow up right before my eyes. Their personalities develop as the scenes unravel. I honestly don’t know how they will react to certain scenarios. However, my characters all seem to fit perfectly with the story that I build around them.

Personality traits for my characters, generally come to me while I plot out my stories. I try to picture in my head how this person will react to conflict I’m tossing them into.

There are certain characteristics that I give many of my HEAs and heros. I don’t usually set out to make it that way. It just seems to happen as my characters develop. My life experiences and the people I know do influence how my characters act, talk and what kinds of lives they led.

In the end, nothing is more satisfying than to see a character, live, struggle, love and finally overcome that difficult obstacle and reach his or her’s happily ever after.

Happy Reading!




2 responses to “Characters…

  1. Jennifer Lowery~Writer

    It takes me about three chapters to finally figure out who my characters really are. I love GMC! Great post!

  2. Hi Emma ~ It’s interesting to read how other authors find ways to create their characters. I liked your ending paragraph here. Well said.

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