Romantic Gestures – Romance Books vs. Real Life

I’ve been thinking about romantic gestures lately. What is considered romantic? When you delve into a good romance book, there are GREAT feats of romantic gestures.

In a romance novel:

  • A man will take you and whisk you away to a getaway where you can make sweet beautiful love in the luxury of a cabin on a snowy mountain.
  • A man will pick you up when you are feeling ill and carry you in his strong arms away from what is making you ill and hold you close till you are better.
  • A man will buy you diamonds, cars, houses.
  • A man will scale mountains to rescue you from a kidnapper and will beat/kill the man who dared to harm you.

I don’t know about you, but I think I want to go in a romance novel and live. Romance is not like that for me. What about you? But…My real life romantic gestures are much better, at least to me.

In real life a man may:

  • Rub your back while you’re being sick with the stomach flu.
  • Carry your purse in public – without complaining.
  • Kiss you in public.
  • Wash your hair for you every day for three years.
  • Walk past you while going into another room and touch your shoulder.
  • Let you lie in his lap and play with your hair while you watch TV.
  • Indulge you in your desire to be kissed anytime he asks you to do something, as payment of course.
  • Hold your hand in public.
  • Hold your hand in private.
  • Open the car/store/house door for you and let you walk in first.
  • Call you in the middle of the day just to hear your voice and make sure you are OK.

I’ve decided – I don’t wan to live in a romance book. I like the romantic gestures I have now. What are some of your favorite romance book or real life romantic gestures?


2 responses to “Romantic Gestures – Romance Books vs. Real Life

  1. Slow dancing with my husband. He doesn’t dance in general terms (rhymically challenged to put it politely lol), but there are times/certain songs when he will dance with me and I find that incredibly romantic.

    I’ve also been sung too. (You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling at the end of Top Gun *swoon*) I’ve had a man I’d just met, get defensive and pretend to be my boyfriend when I was being felt up in a club (a short time later he became my ACTUAL boyfriend ;-))
    This is probably more sensual than romantic but being told what to do (in a very HOT way) using movie terms/ideas (Bladerunner ‘kiss me’ scene & 9 1/2 weeks ‘food scene’). Oh and a guy making a 20 minute trip to the petrol station at midnight to buy condoms, lol. I think that’s pretty romantic!

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