Romance Writers Make the Best Lovers

When you write a spicy sex scene for your book, normally there isn’t much research going into it. Unless you are writing about Fetishes that you haven’t tried yourself.

Normally sex scenes come straight through imagination and fantasies.

When an author sits down to the keyboard and starts writing out these wonder scenes, the juices and the words flow naturally. Each movement, word, caress comes through the brain and into the fingers and onto the paper. There is no need to research, plan, or plot.

It’s right there fresh and in the mind. And most normal red blooded females will turn their head and look at the person they love and their libido piques. They walk over…oh, never mind, I’m sure you understand where this is going.

Not only writers get this wonderful hormonal surge, so do the readers of their wonderful works. I’ve been known to review books and rate them on the ‘O’ scale. When an author can take you there with their work, it’s then that you know this person knows how to take words and weave a web of seduction and desire.

One of my favorite web weavers is Kissa Starling. Each story scorches my mind and delivers a great deal of satisfaction. One of the newest and hottest authors I’ve read is Karen Bostrom. I just read Red Leather Reunion and even though the main characters don’t have intercourse the sexual tension is just amazing.

Who are your favorite sensual authors?

AJ Best
A touch of real life in every story.

One response to “Romance Writers Make the Best Lovers

  1. What an amazing comment about my writing. I appreciate you linking to my site as well. You rock like pop rocks! Thanks!

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