Special excerpt….(OKAY some shameless self promo…. : ) )

Well not for anything but I’ve been busting my tush to get new works out to my readers. So I really want to put up an excerpt from my new sci-fi erotic romance, Kaden’s Breeder.

Kaden’s Breeder is my second novel being released from Sizzler Editions very soon. The cover art is being worked on as we speak..er…write and read this blog.

I love this story, as it was one of my very first erotic sci-fi love stories. It’s one of the first ideas that came to me when I began writing erotic romance and definitely one of my favorites…

That said, I would like to share this excerpt from Kaden’s Breeder…ENJOY!

Carina woke up in Kaden’s hut once again, and Kaden was not there. He had brought her back and laid her on the pallet at some point during the night.  Her cheeks reddened when she remembered the public display they had created the day before. 

What was wrong with her? Once again, she allowed a man she barely knew, a man that was not even human to…to…Crap; she couldn’t even bring herself to say what they had done.  The fact that she thoroughly enjoyed it was beside the point.  It never should have happened. 

“The next time we meet Kaden, I’ll be ready and you can bet I won’t be falling for that voodoo shit you’re doing to me!”  She was one hundred percent determined.

    “Oh good, you are awake.” 

Carina startled at the deep mesmerizing voice just behind her.  She turned around, there was Kaden…naked… and oh my God was he ever. Okay let’s make that about zero percent ready. Carina turned right back around, grabbed the thin animal blanket, and covered her own nudity.

Her face heated, her complexion could rival a lobster.  “Why are you…um…you, you know like that?” she tried not to turn around to gawk at his cock. 

He chuckled and settled down beside her, then traced the indentation of her spine with one finger all the way down to the adorable dimples just above her plump round ass.  Leaning forward, he placed a soft kiss on her shoulder. 

Kaden swiped her ear with his tongue, sending shivers dancing along her spine.  “I would like to show you the bathing pools.” 

Carina turned slightly so that she could see his face.  Damn he was gorgeous! “Bathing pools?” 

He smiled warmly at her and nodded, then stood up.

His cock had grown and stiffened so that it lay flat against his abdomen. Her mouth watered looking at the thick length of his dick. 

She slowly dragged her eyes up muscular six-pack abs and well-defined chest until she reached his grinning face. 

He wagged his eyebrows at her.

More to come soon!



2 responses to “Special excerpt….(OKAY some shameless self promo…. : ) )

  1. great excerpt! and bring on the self-promo! it’s what we do!

  2. Thanks!

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