Good girls and bad boys…

Who doesn’t love the bad boy?

I for one love to write bad boys and the good girls they corrupt…err fall in love with. My latest project, well one of the many I am digging into at the moment is about a particular bad boy named Legion.

If the name sounds demonic, that’s because this bad boy is half Demon.

For some godforsaken reason, I have a soft spot for the guy in leather with tattoos and a really badass attitude.  Yet when all those layers of toughness are peeled away by the sweet, yet highly intelligent and immensely internally strong heroine… : ), we find that sexy vulnerability which just makes us want to cuddle up to that big mean-don’t-look-at-me-unless-you-have-a-deathwish, guy and purr like a cat in heat.

Bad boys are always hot, especially when it comes to romance. The rogue, the wickedly arrogant, yet courageous pirate, or that dangerously brooding vampire, seems to bring our innate primal urges to the forefront of our mind. Don’t we just love losing control when it comes to passion?

After all we are, underneath all these layers of civilized behaviour, still animals.

For your pleasure here is a sneak peek at Legion and his “good” girl HEA…

(from my WIP Soulmate’s Kiss…)

Sal was aghast. She lifted an elegant hand to her mouth and stared at the hordes of bent misshapen gollum-like creatures through horrified eyes.

“What are they?”

Legion regarded her a moment. He hadn’t wanted to bring her this far into the pits of hell, but it was unavoidable.

“Human souls…condemned human souls.”

Sal turned to face him, her expression quite incredulous, “I though Eve took back all her souls after people die…”

Her pretty face scrunched with confusion, and perhaps a bit of revulsion.

Legion indicated the gnarled creatures with a tilt of his head.

“She does, but only the pure souls go back to her. The ones that have been tainted by wickedness and evil during their mortal lives are tossed here, by Eve herself.”

Sal gasped as a large muscular  demon yanked one of the scrawny things by the neck and threw it into a spiked wall impaling it. When he reached for another, seeming quite bored with his task, and hauled it up to throw, Sal couldn’t stand to look and averted her gaze.

“What about forgiveness?”

Her pleading look, filled with sympathy, tugged at Legion’s heart. It pissed him off that she had that power over him. He grunted and smiled sardonically.

“Forgiveness? Ha! That’s something humans have created to easy their conscience. Trust me sweet, there is no such thing in the immortal realms.

Happy Holidays!


4 responses to “Good girls and bad boys…

  1. I think the draw to bad boys has to do with that desire to fix what appears wrong with him, yet live dangerously. There are a lot of dual nature issues with bad boys.

  2. Yep I can see that…but there is also that exciting element of experiencing the forbidden. At least for me it’s the thrill of doing something that was drilled into my brain as “Wicked” and “Taboo”….

    Thanks for commenting Sensei! (aka…The BAD BOY of romance!) : )

  3. HEA is the acronym for Happily Ever After. It is not the heroine in a story..

    • OOPS!I didn’t mean for it to be read that way, as “His good girl” being his HEA, Although, she is the reason for his eventual HEA…
      Thanks for commenting Tandie.. : )

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