Will It Go Round In Circles?

There are cycles in my life. I really seem to hate them though. I want to do everything and get everything done, but heck if I can do it.

Circle One

My reading phase. When this comes in, I can’t stop reading books. I can read one book every three days and I don’t want to stop. The kids are invisible, the fiance is sadly neglected (unless I am reading erotica), and the house becomes a hurricane zone.

Circle Two

My writing phase. I will write till my fingers hurt, my wrist threatens to fall off, and my eyes are blurry. Everything is wonderful and I am going to submit this story as soon as I am finished. No publishing house would dare turn this awesome story down. (Delusions of Grandure deluxe)

Circle Three

My TV phase. I have to make sure that I watch everything on my DVR and watch entire seasons of shows on Netflix. There is too much to watch all the time and then I have to DVR more so I can watch that.

Circle Four

My crafty phase. I will pull out the oil paints, the stencils, the yarn, everything but the kitchen sink. It will look like Michaels store exploded in my house. Everyone is going to get hand made gifts this year for Christmas, and to heck with them if they don’t like it.

Circle Five

My “I don’t give a crap” phase. I don’t want to do anything. Nothing gives me joy, nothing matters and I turn into a vegetable. Though no one can figure out which one I am.

I wish there was a way to combine all the Circles. I guess then that would be a Venn Diagram. But how that would work to make them all work at once, I don’t know what would work. If I could get them to work like this…

Maybe that would be cool. But see how little the space is where it all meshes? Little steps are the way t go.

I’m reading a book that should help with this. Learning to do little things at a time and not feeling like you have to do it all at once. Of course, if I could, I would just read and write.

Do you go in circles like I do? What would you like to do if you could only pick two things?

2 responses to “Will It Go Round In Circles?

  1. That’s so me. I work on circles one through four, but my stage five is where I just want to sit and do what I want to do. No responsibilities. I don’t want to clean house or pay bills or balance the checkbook. I just want to sit and write or spend time with my kids/hubby. That sort of thing.
    Great post

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment April – nice to know that I’m not the only one.

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