A Window on the Holiday Rush

by Kay Springsteen

I used to wonder how writers did it…how they balanced their day jobs with their writing and with their families. Now I’ve come to realize they sometimes do not. Sometimes choices are presented, difficult ones, and decisions must be made. Do I finish this chapter or finish my Christmas shopping? Do I sign in to my job a few minutes late because I stopped at Wally World on the way in? Do I work on my editing or bake those cookies?

Some do balance it all, I know. At least according to their social media posts, they read a great book, decorated the tree, baked four dozen cookies, planned Christmas Eve supper and the Christmas Day meal, bought the last of their presents in September and the stocking stuffers on Black Friday. The stockings are hung by the chimney with the blazing fire warming the room as they put the last tinsel on their tree. No packages remain in need of wrapping, and they’re hidden in the perfect places, where the kiddies won’t find them but the writer won’t forget them until next July. The exact right measure of cedar garland graces the tastefully lit outside of the house, and a lovely wreath hangs on the door, welcoming visitors who knock. And now they’re sitting curled up on their sofa enjoying the fruits of their labor while they put the final edits on their latest book about to be released.

For those fortunate authors who have their lives perfectly balanced, I have one question: Are you some sort of Stepford creation?

~Happy everything!


7 responses to “A Window on the Holiday Rush

  1. Enjoyed the post Kay. It seems like the more I need to do, the less I get to do.

  2. lol- my tree wouldn’t even be up if my son and daughter in law hadn’t done it- haven’t bought one gift yet but I did listen to some Christmas music the other day. presents are great- but I already feel so blessed this year!!

  3. Balance? Is that a made up word? I haven’t looked in my kids’ backpacks in weeks. No wonder they have missing assignments! Teaching, coaching, feeding children, editing and writing — that’s all I can manage! Ah, but we did put up the tree! 🙂

  4. Great post Kay! I always wonder how others keep up with their writing …. as a mother of two young ones I’m always glad when I get 3 lines done during a week, BUT xmas tree is up and presents are bought 🙂 So I believe I still have my priorities right. Have a wonderful xmas season everyone 🙂

  5. Oh Kay, you’ve just just dispelled my vision of you as Superwoman – working a day job, editing and writing on the side, and having a family too! I used to get things done at the last minute (and sometimes things weren’t done very well – I remember shrinking in my seat watching my daughter play her first band concert – green uniform sweater, black slacks, black shoes, all required – and WHITE socks! Ugh.

    I think the “perfectly balanced” authors you describe exist only in the movies, or maybe in a male author’s book. (Sorry guys!)

  6. BRIBERY WORKS! ;-D My daughter and her friends come to help put up lights, greenery, tree and decorate – I feed ’em. Plus ice cream for dessert. Works every year. If only they’d do the shopping too. heh heh

  7. I don’t think I know what balance is any more, if I ever did! Ooops what was that I spotted running down the street…

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