A Little Promo Opportunity on My Wed. Blog…

Hey! Great news! And better late then Never!

My new Book, Kaden’s Breeder is finally here!

Released by Sizzler Editions, on 12/2/20011

Carina Garrett is abducted and sent to another galaxy where Women are selected to become Breeders for alien races in danger of extinction.

Problem is she doesn’t want to become one! Worse her abduction was meant for a much more sinister fate. She is dumped on the Planet Yor, where she meets, the very virile and sexy Dreg warrior, Kaden.

Kaden has no plans of letting Carina go. Even if she was mistakenly placed on Yor or not.  He captured her fair and square, during the annual Mating Hunt.

Let the Mantra, the Grub and the Galactic Governing Council try to take her from him!  He will risk everything to keep her!

Now available at  http://www.shoprenebooks.com/

And At Amazon http://www.amazon.com/KADENS-BREEDER-ebook/

Special excerpt:
Oh my God! I’ve been abducted by aliens! The thought was
incredulous. Yet, Carina Garrett could not deny the proof staring her
in the face.

Closing her eyes tightly, Carina took a deep shaky breath. She
found herself lying naked on some type of exam table. The cold metal
surface made her shiver from head to toe. However, what really
distressed her was the alien face peering down.

The creature’s skin was jaundiced-yellow and appeared wet but not
in a slimy way. A bulbous head narrowed slightly at the top. Specks
of yellow swirled in every direction within its large oval crimson eyes.
A wave of fear rolled up her spine. She swallowed saliva to wet her
suddenly dry throat, and tried to still her shaking body.

The thing leaned over her.

She went rigid with fear.

The creature bent its head down an inch away from her face.

She shrieked.

It’s pungently fishy breath fanned across her face making her gag,
“Human will quiet, not disturb others!”

Hoy shit, it was talking! Strange how the tiny slit-like mouth
barely moved when it spoke. The high pitch voice sounded almost
synthesized yet she was able to hear and decipher the words perfectly.
How was that possible? She cringed and shook her head in disbelief.
Without warning, the alien wrapped a long bony hand around her
upper arm and forced her off the table onto her feet. Damn, it was
strong and taller than it looked from her previous position on the
table. It waved its hand over a white pad on the shiny metallic wall.
The outline of a door formed in the center and slid up, revealing a

Like the “exam,” room it was cold and sterile. Silver walls lined
with fluorescent tubing along the ceiling came into view as she stepped

As the alien moved away from her, Carina noticed it had four
surprisingly human-looking lower limbs right down to the long bony
toes. The lower half of its body elongated and curved in the shape of
a banana.

A silver four-legged suit covered the being from mid torso to end,
but its feet were bare. The upper half of the body was much shorter
than the bottom. It squared off a bit to form thin shoulders, connected
to a long skinny neck. Long skinny arms hung from loose sockets
sunk into its bony shoulders.

The creature gave the impression that it could walk on all six limbs
like an insect. The term insect-man-iod came to mind and she almost
chuckled at her analogy.

Bewildered and frightened, Carina faced the direction it pointed.
She blinked several times. In front of her, a line of humanoid beings
came out of the same exam-type-rooms. The rooms lined the entire
length of hall, which seemed to go on forever.

Carina’s mouth slacked open. Oh, crap! Before she could ask the
insect man what was going on, he poked her in the back and directed
her to follow the now moving line of humanoids. They were all
female; at least they appeared that way if breasts and round curvy
bodies were a universal symbol of femaleness.

She walked with the rest of the group in a single file down the hall.
The women all had human-like characteristics. With the exception
of skin tones, some ear and facial shapes, they were pretty much all
built the same way. Like her, they were tall, with full breasts and hips,
hourglass shaped but leaning more towards the larger side of

It was as if she had landed in some intergalactic plus-size beauty

Happy Reading!


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