This was so funny I had to share….

Hey I wanted to spread a little christmas joy, well a bit fun anyway….This really doesn’t have much to do with Christmas, but I love to put smiles on people’s faces and so for Wednesday blog I’m sending out some smiles and a few “guffaws” I’m sure.  : )

Have you ever been driving down, or taking a walk down the road and notice something that makes you slap your head and say WTF?

Well I thought I would compile a few pictures of some of my WTF “visuals”.

Careful the following may be hazardous to your funny-bone!

Now here’s a product that should sell like the dick’ens…
…buy one above and get a coupon to…
This is what happens when we legalize pot…

This is what happens when we legalize pot and point our college grads to where then can get it!

And this is why I don't eat carrots!

What did they say?

I'm speechless... : - 0

How 'bout a good kids movie for family night?...Or...maybe a tripple..err...quadruple feature?


Public service announcement...

and finally, 

This is a recruiting agency in Japan….wonder what they are recruiting!

 Laughter is the best medicine!