An Interesting Interview with Jean Joachim

LTR: Welcome to the blog. We all want to know what’s going on right now with your writing career. What’s simmering in the pot, and what have you recently finished.

Jean: I just finished the second books in three series, April’s Kiss in the Moonlight, second in The Moonlight Series, Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny, second in the Now and Forever series and Champagne for Christmas (in final edits) second in the New York Nights series I also recently finished the first in that series, “The Marriage List”, a New York Nights romance. I’m exhausted and planning to take a week off before finishing a book I’m writing with a partner, a military romance called “Lost & Found.”

LTR: Wow, that would have me lying on the floor in a catatonic state! You are my hero!

If you could date one of the heroes in your books, which would it be? What features make you like him the most?

JEAN: I don’t want to make any of my men jealous. This is like trying to pick a favorite among your children. I can’t as I love them all. If I don’t love a hero, how can I expect my readers to love him? So I’d date Mac for his maturity, sense of humor and sexiness, Danny for his fierce protectiveness and making me feel safe and sexiness, Gavin and Mike for their sweetness, and sexiness, Grey for his suave, wealthy ways, sweetness and sexiness and Clint for his humor and sexiness.

LTR: Wow, I wish we could mold all of those men together and have wonderful man brownie!

Can you give us an excerpt from one of your books?


Sure: This is from Now and Forever
“I get the idea. He’s not much in the sack,” he said, bluntly, his gaze seeking hers.

“Not exactly,” she said, her hands twisting the cloth napkin.

“A beautiful woman like you deserves more.” He saw her eyes widen as he rested his hand over hers, calming her.

Her hands stopped, he closed his fingers around hers and she lifted her eyes to his.

“You’re right,” she said, hunger evident in her gaze.

“You deserve a man who can send you to the moon,” he murmured. He gazed at her face, lovely in the candle glow.

He gazed at her face, lovely in the candle glow.

He focused on her delicate mouth and inviting lips. He couldn’t keep his eyes from traveling over her body. His fingertips tingled when his gaze lit on her breasts, wondering how they would feel, anxious to find out but afraid to rush her.

“I don’t like to talk about Kyle. Most people don’t understand. But you’re different,” Danny said, dropping his eyes and changing the subject.

LTR: Wow, I’m ready to melt right here. You are a great writer! Thanks for sharing with us.

This is an age old question that every author has to answer about 20,000 times. What got you into writing, and how old were you?

JEAN: I’ve been making up stories since I was about five years old and writing as soon as I learned how. I always loved writing, maybe because I loved reading so much. To be able to be transported to another world through words fascinated me. And it still does. Now I do the transporting most of the time, but sometimes, my subconscious takes over and the story bends in another direction, taking me on a new magic carpet ride with it. My first book, non-fiction was published in 2003 by St. Martin’s Press. My first articles appeared in business and parenting magazines twenty years ago. I started in non-fiction first, but fiction has always been my first love. I’ve only been writing it for two years.

LTR: You’ve only been doing fiction for two years? Wow, you got about 1,000 books in the works, and from what I read you should be writing more and more and more.

If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you do with your life? Nothing. I’d be scratching stories out in the sand with my finger or telling them to people over campfires and coffee. There is nothing else I want to do.

LTR: That is wonderful that you wouldn’t do anything else. I’ve decided that I want to be the dwarf Grumpy when I get older.

Do you have a day job that interferes with your ‘real life’ as an author?

JEAN: No. I’m lucky. I write fulltime.

LTR: That’s great that you get to do that full time. There’s nothing better for concentration than focusing only on your writing.

Tell us something unique about yourself that we don’t know.

JEAN: I’m Jewish but my family has been here a long time. My grandfather was born in Arizona and was at one time the sheriff of Aspen. One of his brothers was an Admiral in the Navy. Two unusual pursuits for people of my faith.

LTR: Sounds like a very strong family. I bet your dad was a good Sheriff. A man in uniform is always great.

Bacon or ham?

JEAN: Both, but if I had to choose, bacon definitely!

LTR: I know, that’s a completely unfair question. (But I’m a little devil like that!)

Chocolate or Jelly Beans?

JEAN: Chocolate, though that’s the boring choice.

LTR: Chocolate is never a boring choice. (Unless you are eating Palmer’s chocolate.)

Now that we’ve gotten to know you, we need to know where to find you so we can stalk, I mean visit you. I have a new website.

JEAN: You can find me at

LTR: It’s been a pleasure having you here, I certainly hope you drop by again.

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