NaNoMo: A Writing Experience

I joined a group for NaNoMo. There are about seven writers in this group now started by a highschool friend, with whom I have recently gotten back in touch with via the internet and a blog webpage.

Our goal as writers is to work on a work we are doing and getting critiques back. I have participated before but have no recently. My problem is discipline. When I started out writing I wrote with this writing schedule:

Monday through Friday by 6 clothes washing; 7 morning coffee; 8 shower/start clothes washing; 9 to 12 writing; 1 to 4 lunch/break; 7 on doing anything I want including writing.

Saturday through Sunday Write/errands/clean.

And I stuck to it for a while. Then I moved and it was hard for me to maintain. So I will try again. But for those who write and are in the process of writing their novel first or otherwise, I issue a challenge to those who like to write. For one month in November if you can but pick another month if you have to; pick a word amount to write per week, per day, per hour and see if you stick to it.

2 responses to “NaNoMo: A Writing Experience

  1. I’m horrible at sticking to a schedule. This year I did make the goal for about 8 days and then I started feeling like the writing was a chore. I had to stop or I would have made writing a burden instead of a treasure.

  2. Its hard. I start out with one but one thing or another and I change it constantly. But a friend just said to me just write whenever you can. So that is what I do.

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