Tech Saavy

I found a new web page. It’s for tech nerds. Ah! Didn’t catch your attention?

Tech is for everyone, a problem. I have a laptop, a netbook, I need a new cell phone, dvd player and a tape recorder. All tools of the trade. For those who use a tape recorder like moi its a recorder of story ideas. My pad next to my bed fills up to much to fast. I use it to record story ideas. I have two one I bought another I got for either my birthday or Christmas. My netbook was given as a gift because my laptop broke. And my cell phone too was a gift until I turned it off because I couldn’t pay. My dvd player was a gift for my birthday or Christmas. All of which I have used to help me with my writing. You can use them and others too.

But what do you think is the best of your tools of the trade? I like both the tape recorder and the pad. When I am out I can use both, instead of napkins. When I travel, I can use the netbook instead of my laptop because its portable.

So weigh in guys on the conversation. What are your tools of the trade that help you write- maybe leave a comment or oomments on same.

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