It’s Raining Raine Delight!

LTR: Welcome to the blog. We all want to know what’s going on right now with your writing career. What’s simmering in the pot, and what have you recently finished.

RD: Hi AJ and thanks for letting me drop by here. I am currently finishing up edits for my December release, Moonlight and Magic and also finishing up a rough draft of my first MM novella, A Cowboy’s Christmas. Then of course I have a new trilogy begging me for attention plus a few other projects to deal with. My muse is never quiet lately. *sighs*

LTR: I’m sure there are many of us who wish our muses would not shut up!

If you could date one of the heroes in your books, which would it be? What features make you like him the most?

RD: Oh man, right now I am enthralled with my space pirates, Capt. Rafe Gregory and his first mate and lover Tyrese. Both these guys are alpha males and sexy. I can’t choose between them so can I have both…pretty please? *grins*

LTR: OK, if you have to have both, just let me watch!  🙂

Can you give us an excerpt from one of your books?

RD: Sure, this is an adult excerpt of my upcoming release, Moonlight and Magic, a brand new Devon Falls story. It tells a story of a lonely white tiger shifter who finds the meaning behind ‘Home is where the heart is’.

Can a were-tiger convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?Michael Barnes is a rare white were-tiger and is tired of roaming around the world, alone. Meeting his destined mate was unexpected as well. Dixie Sinclair was fun, sexy and everything he feels he doesn’t deserve. The past has a way of coloring a person’s life and it’s up to Michael to show Dixie that he is the one to hold her heart.

Adult excerpt

With a sigh, she finished her drink and stared out into the night, wishing she was elsewhere when a man stood behind her that had her gasping in surprise. Before she could turn around, she felt him come up behind her, his arms on her waist with a steel grip as his breath tickled her neck. She shuddered as she tried not to cream her panties right then and there. He was masked and from what she could see in the window reflection, tall and everything screamed inside ‘DANGER’. He was an alpha and how she knew that she didn’t know but as her gaze caught his, her pussy spasmed with a need that had her wanting more.

He leaned down and then she shuddered as his lips teased her ear, his breath hot against her skin. Closing her eyes she tried to keep her balance while trying to keep a moan from coming out. A lick against her neck had her gasping , and she leaned against him, or tried to, anyway. His hands held her in place as the man played with her ear and teased her with soft licks against her skin.

“I want you, Dixie and I plan to have you…tonight.” The huskiness of his voice had her trembling as she tried to stop the soft moan that passed through her lips. Her pussy gushed more at his words and the excitement that raced through her had her on edge.

Without another word, he turned her around and smiled a sinfully wicked smile that left her breathless. Need raged hot inside her and before she could think clearly, she pulled his head down and kissed him hard. Slipping her tongue inside his mouth, she dueled with his as she pressed herself against the hard male body and felt her body awaken even more. Her desires that she used to have such a tight control on raged uncheck through her, and she didn’t give a damn who saw them at that moment. She wanted this man, and
she was going to take him-damn the consequences.

Before she could breathe, the kiss ended. Both of them breathing heavily and before she could ask his name, he lead her from her corner and into the crowd of people. Before she could blink, they were outside, and he just looked at her, making heat pool in her belly.

“Where can we go, Dixie, where we won’t be disturbed?” His voice was so sinful it had her shuddering as her desires flared inside her.

“My…my house.” She said as she swallowed, trying to work her dry throat. “We should be fine there.”

Before she could blink, he picked her up and walked over to the truck on the side of the Inn. With a growl and a short, hard kiss, he put her in the passenger seat and shut the door. After climbing in, he gunned the engine and roared off. Dixie trying to make sense of everything that has happened in the last few minutes when he ripped the mask off his face and looked at her, his eyes blazing yellow with passion and need. The way he looked, it was like a predator came out to play and had her in his sights.

Before she could blink, they pulled up in her driveway. When the engine turned off, Dixie had no idea what would happen next. She rubbed her arms and prayed to god she wasn’t about to make a mistake. Watching Michael, she tried to calm her raging body and bring calmness to her but the lust that drove her wasn’t going to calm down anytime soon. It had her in its grip and wasn’t about to loosen the ties on her at this moment.

“You do know once we go into the house, I’m going to have you, and I’m not going to stop. You had better tell me no now, before things get carried away and I get you naked.” Michael said as she watched his hands grip the steering wheel hard till his knuckles turned white.

“Take me inside, Michael.” Dixie swallowed hard at the way his eyes flared bright yellow and then faded to the silvery-blue she was beginning to enjoy seeing. As she opened her door, she glanced back at the one man who had the power to turn her world into chaos and knew there was no turning back now.

LTR: I’m a huge shifter lover. The only thing that comes behind it, vampires. I’m excited about your book.

This is an age old question that every author has to answer about 20,000 times. What got you into writing, and how old were you?

RD: I actually was dared by an author friend who heard me yelling about too stupid to live characters and tired plot lines. I took her dare and after a few drafts, Devon Falls series was born. It’s been 7 years and I still love creating new stories.

LTR: I wonder what else I can get you to do if I dare you…**evil thoughts**

If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you do with your life?

RD: I would love to work in one of the big seven publishing houses. All that talent *sighs* or as a chef. I used to work in the restaurant field until I burnt myself out working 50+ hours.

LTR: 50+ hours. ICK! I don’t think I would be able to do that. Though I would love to be a chef. I’m addicted t the reality shows on The Food Network. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Do you have a day job that interferes with your ‘real life’ as an author?

RD: Oh yes, I work a day job under my real name so it tends to be quite hectic some days. I try to write an hour a day or more on weekends.

LTR: Only an hour a day, how do you accomplish what you do? I’m impressed to no end.

Tell us something unique about yourself that we don’t know.

RD: Well, when I was younger I lived through over a dozen surgeries from ages 13 to when I was 20 due to cervical spine cancer. I have been cancer free for almost 15 years so I take every day as it was my last. 🙂

LTR: Oh wow, congrats on your 15 years. That must have been hard to live with when you were that young. You are a true survivor. 

Bacon or ham?

RD: Give me bacon anytime. 🙂

LTR: A woman after my own heart. Mmmm, bacon.

Chocolate or Jelly Beans?

RD: Sacriledge *gasps* Chocolate all t he way…White and milk chocolate.

LTR: You can have all the white chocolate you want, I’ll take the milk chocolate. Everyone in my house thinks I like dark chocolate since I eat it. I’d rather have milk.

Now that we’ve gotten to know you, we need to know where to find you so we can stalk, I mean visit you.

RD: Please stalk away *laughs*


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