Happy New Year!

Some eye candy to start the New Year….(and get your attention  ; D )


















So what goals have you set for yourself….

Well, Emma Paul has a huge list that she is plugging away at. Yep I’ve got my little hands full.  I have a new release with Silver Publishing, coming in March, 2012. Also expect 3 new books, hopefully, in the early part of 2012, from Sizzler Editions.

Setting goals is the easy part. The hard part is completing what you set out to do. Everyone has a different way to approach it. Some make a list, some wing it, others (like me) leave sticky notes all over the house as a reminder.

My notes tend to go something like this:

Write!!!…. or Get off that tush and Write!!!….

As a full-time working mother and wife, it can get really hectic. However, I always try to put in a few hours a night working on my Author stuff, ie…edits, books, blogs, interviews etc …

I wind up staying up most of the night, since my writing usually takes place after the hubby and kids are in bed.  It makes it easier to work without the constant…”Mom!” or Mommy, mmommmm!”

Why does it seem that the minute my ass hits the chair at my desk, my family needs me?

Any way hope everyone has a wonderful and happy New Year! And, may all your goals be completed!


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