Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money Movie

Okay- new year. What’s your New Year’s Resolutions? I told you I don’t make them anymore, I make goals. So my goal this year-publication and promotion while growing my brand. Now, Let’s Talk Romance.

So, you all know Janet Evanovich’s novel series with the main character Stephanie Plum is now a new movie out with the main character played by Katherine Heigl. Stephanie Plum is a 30 year old female who grew up in and lives in “The Burgh” otherwise known as Trenton, NJ. How many of you in Jersey call it the burgh? I have not called it that. As a fan, the two romances in the story are Stephanie Plum and the cop Joe Morelli; and Stephanie Plum and the bounty hunter, Ranger of the many cars. Stephanie used to date Joe I believe in high school. Then she got married and divorced. Then Morelli. As the story goes on they, Stephanie and Joe, get into a romantic relationship which gets periodically interrupted by Ranger. Now what makes me laugh is that as the relationships develop you can see how each is different. Janet Evanovich makes them very real. So after you watch the movie One for the Money you might want to purchase book two- Two for the Dough. There are a total of seventeen now I believe with eighteen coming out.

Now the reason that I like this series is of course its set in NJ. I recognize some of the places. And it helps to build familiarity. I was once told that a person likes a writer who can give them the feeling of familiarity. We know the area, the person and the sites. We now have a vested interest in the story. As hard as it is to understand, you are brain dead. You can read a story, like it, like the character but you won’t remember the story. But a story that you have a vested interest in will wake your brain up.

Another reason I like the story is how crazy some of the events that happen here are. Not to give away the books or anything, but you have a gun toting grandma who likes to be a professional mourner at funerals, a hooker turned private investigator, an uncle who owns a bondsman store and who might be unscrupulous, a mother who just wants her divorced daughter to get remarried and have some children, another daughter who is married and a lot of hopeful persons who don’t want to be picked up because they skipped bond. What more could you ask for? The humor is there for you to read. The stories are actually very funny and interesting moving at a fast pace. I think one of my favorites, and if you read the series you will find out for yourself if you like it, is the triangle between Ranger, Joe and Stephanie.

The story ends up with the bounty hunter who is Stephanie Plum getting her bond jumper but along the way she may lose a car, loses a client, almost lose a limb. Maybe have a pregnancy scare. Oh and don’t forget the dreaded family dinner at Mom’s house where she lives. We all been there ladies. Come on now, men too. Don’t act like you haven’t been there. But she makes the story funny and she makes it feel like you know all the people.

The movie started yesterday, January 4, 2012 I believe. Check your local movie listings. And spend the money. It is well worth a movie ticket and believe you me the way prices are going now; you might just want to make it dinner and a movie.

Ms. Janet Evanovich agreed to do an interview so I hope you will be here present and accounted for on the date of the interview. It is to be done via email. If you have any questions that you yourself have and would like answered please forward an email to: teri.harmon@yahoo.com.

Please read this article. It is hopefully helpful to you. The link is:

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  1. Sorry correction guys it starts on January 27, 2012.

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