M.S. Spencer – So Much To Know – So Little Time

LTR: Welcome to the blog. We all want to know what’s going on right now with your writing career. What’s simmering in the pot, and what have you recently finished.

MSS: My fourth romantic suspense novel, Triptych, was released in November from Secret Cravings. I just sold my fifth, a murder mystery and romance set in Old Town Alexandria’s Torpedo Factory Art Center. Entitled Artful Dodging: The Torpedo Factory Murders, it features Milo Everhart, a needlepoint artist, who must protect her beloved Art Center from her lover, who wants to turn it into a box store.  Here’s the tag line: Murders, misdirection, mistrust, misfits, and miscreants—needlepoint artist Milo Everhart has her hands full. Can love blossom amidst it all?

I’m also working on several children’s stories, and of course, Christmas reminiscences.

LTR: OMG – Needlepoint? Art? Aaahhhh…..so up my alley!

If you could date one of the heroes in your books, which would it be? What features make you like him the most?

MSS: It would likely be Michael Keller, the hero of my first book Lost in His Arms.  He’s a CIA troubleshooter who travels the world fixing international hornet’s nests. He’s dark and mysterious and very handsome in a craggy sort of way. Masculine rather than macho; gentle rather than soft; protective but not controlling.

LTR: You had me at CIA! I have a thing for military/government guys! Ah…..will you share? Please?

Can you give us an excerpt from one of your books? 

MSS: This is from my latest, Triptych:

He kneeled before her, took her hands, and slowly lifted her as he rose. Gently he wrapped her face in his palms and brought his lips close, closer to her heart-shaped mouth. She stood, not wanting to move or breathe, waiting. He barely grazed her lips with his, and stepped back. “Thank you.”

She opened her eyes.  He stood quietly, his expression both ardent and patient. A little voice sang in her ear. “Go for it.”  She leaned forward, put her arms around his neck and drew him to her. Her lips smashed against his with all the pent-up desire she’d been pretending didn’t exist. He opened his mouth and parted her teeth, his tongue probing, licking, teasing. Their bodies touched and pressed against each other and they hung on, swaying. Miranda felt wave on wave of an intense emotion that had to be passion pass through her. The tide did not ebb.

With sudden determination he lifted her and carried her to the bed. “Miranda, I’ve wanted this since I first saw you. Tell me you felt the same.”

Oh, God yes. “No. No, Luc, we can’t. No.”

He stopped unbuttoning her blouse. “Why not? Tell me.” His voice came thickly.

“Because…oh, Luc, it’s not right. I don’t know. I don’t tr—” He stopped the words with another kiss. This time it went deeper still, the streams of desire spreading through her lymph nodes. Her hands and feet tingled and her vulva melted. She let him take off the blouse. Her nipples peeped above the blue lace bra. With his tongue he nudged them out of hiding and fastened on one. Miranda writhed with the pleasure of it, knowing she shouldn’t allow it. But Luc had left the nipple and was trailing kisses down her belly. Strong hands pulled the skirt down to reveal her blue silk bikini. Before she could say a word he tore them off. With his hands he spread the vaginal lips and began to lick the folds, sucking up her juices. “Oh, my God, Luc, no.”

He stopped. “No?”

“I…uh…” She looked him full in the face. His black eyes flashed, his tousled hair fell across his brow. Her body let go.

Somehow he knew she had given in. He unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop. She ripped open the rose-colored oxford shirt he’d been wearing and spattered kisses on his chest. He pushed her down on the bed and rose above her. “Miranda.” Then he plunged into her.

So this is what making love feels like. With Edward it had been only sex. This, this is love. She went to meet him. And they rested.

Miranda’s body felt like a feather bed, like a warm bath, like the eye of the storm. She didn’t think she’d ever been so relaxed or so sure the world was a wonderful place. She gazed at her lover. “Luc?”

He opened one eye.


“Yes, mon chou?”

A tiny click. She looked toward the door. “Oh my God, Luc, we left it open! Someone heard us.”

LTR: OMG – who heard them….tell me. Tell me now! 

This is an age old question that every author has to answer about 20,000 times. What got you into writing, and how old were you?

MSS: I fell in love with writing the first time I held pencil to paper. Thank God I moved so many times (at last count 37 times) and had to dispose of stuff, otherwise I’d have a freight train’s worth of poems, stories, books, and journals to cart around.  The urge to write  I think is a search for immortality—something to leave behind after we have shuffled off this mortal coil, even if it’s a thin volume of poems on a dusty shelf.

LTR: Can you imagine what would have happened if you still had it all? Oh, there could be volumes more than the tons you already had out.

If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you do with your life?

MSS: I might have been able to answer that ten years ago, before I was first published, but now I can’t conceive of such a thing. I had a wonderful prior life—traveled, lived and studied in all sorts of exotic places, worked on truly useful legislation in the Senate, gawked at pyramids, the art of Rembrandt and Da Vinci, natural wonders and monumental dams, got to stay home to raise my two perfect children (i.e., be my own boss). What else is there to do but weave it all into my stories?

LTR: Omg, what a life you have lead. You could write that into a book, and I wouldn’t believe you could do all of that in one lifetime. 

Do you have a day job that interferes with your ‘real life’ as an author?

MSS: I am the part-time Executive Director of the Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, which is actually useful in that it gets me away from my laptop and out of the house.

LTR: I try my hardest to not get out of the house. But then I don’t write as much as I should. Maybe a page from your playbook would work for me too.

Tell us something unique about yourself that we don’t know. 

MSS: Haven’t I bared all here (jk)?

LTR: Nearly

MSS: Let’s see: I shook hands with the President (not saying which one); I rode a roan stallion under what would be the nose of the Sphinx if he had one; a tapir ate a snack right out of my hand and I swam with pink dolphins in the chocolate brown Yarapa River in the Amazon. That’s enough for now.

LTR: Bacon or ham?

MSS: Bacon—thick, meaty, pepper-crusted, crisp, bacon.

LTR: You are a woman of my own soul.

Chocolate or Jelly Beans?

MSS: Depends on my mood. But the chocolate has to be deep, dark and rich and the jelly beans naturally flavored. I’ve been known to eat Bertie Bott’s Any Flavor Beans.

LTR: I’ve always wondered how they test the taste of earthworms or vomit. I’m not sure I’d want to be the tester for that one. **shivers**

Now that we’ve gotten to know you, we need to know where to find you so we can stalk, I mean visit you.


Website: www.MeredithEllsworth.com

Facebook Author Page: www.facebook.com/M.S.SpencerAuthor

Blog: http://msspencertalespinner.blogspot.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/msspencerauthor


Amazon Author Page

All Romance E Books Author Page

My books are:

Lost in His Arms is set in the spinning world of 1991 when countries fell like flies and a CIA fixer had his hands full.

Published 2009 by Red Rose Publishing

eBook, 61,000 words, ISBN 978-1-60435-375-0

Contemporary Romance, Action/Adventure; M/F; 3 flames

Buy link: www.redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=282&products_id=17


In Lost and Found, a desperate wife searches the wilds of Maine for the husband who disappeared.

Published 2010 by Red Rose Publishing

eBook, 69,000 words, ISBN 978-1-60435-707-3

Contemporary Romance, Action/Adventure; M/F; 3 flames

Buy link: www.redrosepublishing/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=282&products_id=654


Losers Keepers, the story of a romantic triangle enmeshed in murder, set on the Atlantic barrier island of Chincoteague.

Published July 2011 by Secret Cravings Publishers

eBook & print, 71,000 words, ISBN:  978-1-936653-95-9

Contemporary Romantic Suspense, M/F, 3 flames

Buy Links:



Triptych ~ Legend, history and romance intertwine in a triptych of suspense above the mighty Potomac.

Published November 2011 by Secret Cravings Publishing

eBook, 70,055 words, ISBN: 978-1-61885-064-5

Contemporary romantic suspense, M/F, 3 flames



All are available at Amazon, All Romance E Books, and BookStrand.

7 responses to “M.S. Spencer – So Much To Know – So Little Time

  1. What a wonderful post. It was great having you here! Hope to see you around more.

  2. Thank you. Sorry to take so long to get back here–what a great site you have Tami! I really enjoyed talking to you (LOVE the tapir photo). M. S. Spencer

  3. Oops-forgot to check the little box!

  4. Great interview M.S. 🙂
    Cool excerpt, I LOVE the clicking door BUT who heard them??
    I’m a Bertie Bott’s person too. The flavors can’t be beat.
    Nice puicture of a tapir 😉

  5. Thanks Mina. I guess (sigh) you’ll have to read the book to find out who/what was behind the door…:) M. S.

  6. Nancy Lee Badger

    Loved the interview. Interesting book blurbs…makes me want to run out and buy. Good luck!

  7. Go ahead Nancy–indulge! I’m halfway through Nessie–sooo romantic! Meredith

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