Hi guys. Update, the Janet Evanovich interview is coming. Please also stay tuned for Tracy Ames a writer of erotica as well.

Until then you have just me. But I want you to take a look at the Murderati article through this link and then join me.

What I had read elsewhere that beside stress as a contender for writers, that depression was also a problem for writers. To me it makes sense. When you make your living from writing words and your words either don’t come for any variety of reasons you get depressed. So how do you handle the blues or the possibility or reality of being ill and having a deadline when you have a migraine that won’t even allow you to open your eyes, or sound to hit your eardrums, or your body to move? You all know what I am talking about people. You have all had that type of migraine that only approximately or in reality a good night’s sleep will cure or a good day and night’s sleep will cure. So what do you do? You take the day off and then work like a demon the next day to make up for it.

So I developed a little plan to help through the months that might make you sick. Make sure you have your Vitamin C. You can get the ones that are like throat lozenges. I suck them down; they disappear within like two or three days. Also, take your milk, water and your vegetables. They will help keep your body full and regular. Now you might disagree with me but at the slightest hint of the flu, take Theraflu. Yes, I said it. Take Theraflu. You might get knocked out or not but I swear by it, you will feel better tomorrow. No kidding. And make sure- this is a must- I don’t care what you say- get your 8 count them 8 HOURS of sleep. No more and no less. You will find yourself refreshed- sans coffee and sans breakfast sometimes. OH and for those that are amorous in the morning- check that out! Little things make you feel better.

Hopefully though we all are getting through the winter without being devastatingly sick or otherwise indisposed. For those who are enceinte, you might still want to try the above. And you might also want to take your pre-natal vitamins on top of that. It will help you out I think. Not having been there with you, I can’t say what works for you. But it can’t hurt right? I think not. (P.S. Unless your doctor says so.)

Oh and another thing- for those who suffer from a disease such as M.S., or arthritis, I think the best thing to do is to consult your doctor if you write. Think of carpal tunnel syndrome, think of restless leg syndrome, and think of referred pain, any of that; it is best to consult a doctor if it affects your writing. For me, I actually get headaches and migraines which can be really painful sometimes. I just work with them and go to sleep.

I hope this along with the other article helps you with your illness and your writing. We like to share our stories with you and hopefully you will weigh in with suggestions that might be better than ours.

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