What women really mean….

The other day I asked my husband to pick up cat food and litter. Okay, not difficult right? Well, he came home with cat treats and bird seed. We don’t have a bird by the way.

Needless to say I was really PO’d and let him know it. He then said something that really shocked me. He told me that he never knows what I mean and that it leaves him stressed trying to figure out what I “really” mean. Naturally I was complete confused, since , “Honey please pickup cat food and cat litter on your way home” seems pretty self-explanatory… apparently I’m mistaken.

We had a long discussion about the things I ask of him and what I “really” mean… This is what HE came up with…

When I ask, “Honey are you hungry?”

According to my husband’s brilliant deduction, this is what I mean….”I’m way too tired to cook anything so please say no and fix yourself a bowl of cereal.”

Finances….if we need to budget and I say…”Okay I’ll limit the withdrawals this month…”

He knows I really mean…”Get off my case, I work too and if you have a problem with my spending then maybe you should get a second job you bum.”

When he asks me what I want for my birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day etc…and I say…”Oh lets just enjoy the day and not get each other a gift…”

What I really mean is…”I’ve already told you what I wanted, so you should have already gotten it and if I don’t get you anything that’s okay cuz I labored for twelve hours to have your offspring!”

When I call him from the other room…”Hun do you have a minute?”

What I really mean is….”Since your not doing anything special, could you…” and I proceed to give him five pages of things I need done around the house to make my life easier.

and my personal favorite…

When he forgets my birthday, or some important “US” day…and all I do is walk past him  with a ” : )” not saying a word…every time we lock eyes….

What I really mean is…”Enjoy the quiet time, cuz it just you and your hand tonight!” Thank you “Pink” for paraphrasing.

All I can say is…looks like he knows me pretty well…no wonder I love him!

So if you have any “what you really mean is…” lets hear ’em…this could be fun!


One response to “What women really mean….

  1. ok emma this mybe some reall missunderstanding between man and women all over the world look at that 15 years ago when we was preparing to our widing me and my wife it was her birthday and our widing was two days after but i just make a surprise party for her look what she said in the party (isn’t it would be better if u saved the mony to our new home ) what do u think is it realy my misteak our what

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