Good Morning Let’s Talk Romance Readers and fellow columnists. Today I bring you the Janet Evanovich’s interview. She is the author of the Stephanie Plum series of which the first novel in the series is a movie in the theatres this month. I hope that you enjoy a glimpse into her creative process and I sincerely hope that you go watch the movie. Without further ado, I bring you Mrs. Janet Evanovich.

1. Just a little background. What is your full name and how long have you been writing.

Janet Evanovich. I’ve been writing since my kids were little — I started around the mid-1970s.

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to be a writer?

I suppose it goes back to my youth. I used to invent stories in my head. I spent most of my school years wanting to be an artist and I even got an art degree in college. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was allergic to the pigments in paint and had to re-focus my energies. It was then that I found myself drawn back to the written word. It took me three novels and ten years, but I finally made my first sale.

3. When did you decide to come up with the idea of Stephanie Plum as a bounty hunter? Do you know anyone who actually personifies this character for you? For the movie, did you agree or disagree with the character being cast as Katherine Heigl? (I am a fan of hers as well. My favorite role to date actually happens to be in Knocked Up)

I was a fairly successful romance novelist when I saw the movie, Midnight Run, with Robert De Niro, in 1992. It was a really hilarious bounty hunter movie. It got me thinking. What about a comedic novel about a female bounty hunter? I started to do some research and Stephanie Plum was born. I loved the casting of Heigl as Plum. I’ve seen the movie and Heigl is fantastic.

4. Do you have to do any research for the novel itself?

I don’t do a lot of research these days, but I had to in the beginning. These were the days before Dog the bounty hunter had a TV show, so I had to talk to experts. I started hanging out with bounty hunters and cops. I picked their brains while I plied them with beer.

5. When you write your stories do you follow like a timeline, an outline or do you free write? And which method do you choose to use or do use regularly?

For me, an outline is absolutely essential. It saves me from getting painted into a plot corner. I shudder to think of having to scrap 3/4 of a novel because I failed to plot a logical beginning, middle and end.

6. When they first approached you with the idea to turn your Stephanie Plum series into a movie what was your reaction? Did you think It would or wouldn’t work and why?

I was thrilled because it happened before the first Plum book ever hit the bookshelves, when I was only known in the romance world. I always thought that the Stephanie stories would make good movies. So many authors sell movie rights, but few movies ever get made. Up until last year, it seemed like it would never happen. I’ve seen the movie and I’m happy to say, I really like it.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. I was very happy that she agreed to do it for me and for you so that you could see her thought processes in writing and how she got to her character and her novel. If you are looking for more of her novels check out her website: http://www.evanovich.com and also visit your local bookstore.
I am looking for the next book in the series. I think I am up to book Seventeen but I am going back to book Twelve to catch up. I suggest you guys get to reading.


  1. Janet, thank for the insight into your creative process. I was hooked on Stephanie from the moment I cracked open the first book about seven years ago. Can’t wait for more!

    • I am a fan too. I have got the books.  I am now catching up and I am hoping to find the first book. I can find Two for the Dough but not One for the Money. But I will. I got someone to read it so that he can see the movie and make sense of it with the book. But I am not sure whats happening with that now- him going But me- I am most definitely going. 


  2. I agree with using an outline…great post and interview. Thank you Janet for your insight!

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