Yes a new title coming soon…

Coming soon from Silver Publishing, my new contemporary erotic romance, titled Personal Tutor…

Daniella is a middle-aged newly divorced and extremely depressed ex-sociallite who accepts a bargain for two weeks of sex with a sexy rich younger man.

Little does she know that the bargain includes not one but two gorgeous brothers bent on making her see that she is still very desirable.

Here is an excerpt to wet your appetites,


The deep voice sent shivers down her back. Daniella turned around. Her heart leapt to her throat. Standing before her was a young man, no doubt in his mid twenties, with tussled blond hair that was a bit too long to be considered proper, but not long enough to look delinquent.

His face, gorgeous, tanned with ice blue eyes, full lips and a flawless complexion.  Her eyes traveled down the long lean body, snuggly covered with a black button down shirt, left un-tucked. A well-developed body was evident through the fabric. He wore gray jeans and black biker boots to complete the outfit.  Daniella shook her head slightly to snap out of the sudden trance.

“Yes…can I help you?”

His eyes met hers. He smiled and she almost fell to the floor. He took a few steps towards her.  She noticed he was at least six inches taller, which put him at about the six-foot mark.  Reaching around her he pulled out the chair for her and stepped aside.  Daniella sat, still staring at him curiously.

After he took his seat, they sat there staring at each other for an awkward moment.  He finally broke the silence.

“I guess I should introduce myself. Name is Trace Bentley and I’m the guy who put the ad in Swingers and Flingers.”

Daniella shook her head in disbelief, “You’re the twenty-five year old virgin?”

He chuckled, “Well yes and no. I put the add in after breaking up with my girlfriend of three years.”

Daniella sat back, suddenly feeling a bit insecure, “Why?”

Trace looked down, his expression a bit contrite; “I was really upset over it. She broke up with me for an older man.  She told me, it was because older guys know how to make love not just fuck.” His cheeks brightened with color.

Although Daniella wasn’t actually happy about been caught off guard like this. She felt a bit of compassion for Trace. Still, he was being extremely presumptuous.

“So you figured, putting a ad in an adult magazine would nail you an older nympho, that could teach you how to ahh…‘make love’…”

She really hadn’t intended to sound so sarcastic, but this whole charade felt like some college student’s attempt at tagging a “cougar”. And she was not a cougar.

Trace looked embarrassed, “I would be lying if I said no. Honestly, I hadn’t thought anyone would even answer the ad. In fact I thought it had been canceled.”

“So why didn’t you just tell me that when I called.” Daniella stood to leave.

“No, Daniella wait. I would like to offer you another deal.”

Honestly, she would have just left him sitting there with egg on his face; however, he looked like a lost little puppy. Plus she was very attracted to him. Even though he was a jerk. Something tugged inside  nudging her to sit back down. She gave in.

“Okay Trace, what’s this deal?”

His face lit up like a kid getting a favorite toy. “I want to still pay you for your companionship.”

Daniella rolled her eyes, “Isn’t that the same deal you offered in the ad?”

Trace reached across the table and took her hand in his, “Yes exactly the same. But I want to know what it’s like to be with some one with more…uhm experience.”

She pulled her hand away and got up, swinging her purse over her shoulder, “No thanks Trace, I’m not gonna be your experiment in “cougar ville”. She walked away.

Almost out the door, Daniella felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned ready to blast the asshole. When she saw it was Trace, she sighed loudly, “I’m not interested.”

He didn’t seem to get it. “I wasn’t either until I saw you.”

Did she hear him right? “Excuse me?”

Look for this new release on March 3, 2012. Until then, happy reading and I’ll be back next week with a little less “shameful self-promo” ; )


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  1. Looks very interesting. I have to buy the book now.

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