Bring on the edits!

Edits! Edits! And more edits!

Yep, it’s that time again where I’ve been working my tush off getting books back to my editors for final polishing. Being a writer is hard work!

I have two books coming out in the very near future, one in March from Silver Publishing and another from Sizzler Editions, which my Sensei is editing as we speak. So I will be pretty busy next few weeks.

Valentine’s day was just yesterday! I got a wonderful dinner from my Valentine and a whole lotta lovin’, ; D. Yep not ashamed to admit that even at my rip old age of forty-two, I still get my groove on!

Got some new material because of it too! (wink, wink)

Anyway hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and may all your days be filled with love, health and good times!

Here is a belated Valentine’s day “treat” for your viewing pleasure! I know it’s not chocolate, but I think it will do! ; )

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