Research and Re-writing History

My very first historical romance, a Regency romance that I co-authored with my pal, Kim Bowman, is due to release tomorrow. A Lot Like A Lady became our passion and took over our lives back in December when we first started plotting and researching. And OH! The research. And more research. And even more research. And as we wrote, we had a kind of ongoing research, which extended even into the editing phase, as our editor, author and historian, J. Gunnar Grey, would ask us to elaborate on scenery and other details that helped make the story. I think at one point, somewhere in the middle of the project, Kim and I wondered if we’d lost our sanity. My own kids asked what was wrong with my speech as I even found myself speaking with the more flowery and formal style of the period.

But finally, we got through the process, and the final result will be available to the public tomorrow. Am I exhausted? Oh, definitely! Writing and editing Lady was more tiring than writing my romantic suspense or my contemporary romance I’ve, even though I research just as much for a novel that takes place today as I did for the Regency romance. But when I research a novel that takes place in the present, I’m researching the familiar using familiar terms. As we researched for the historical, we learned all new names for clothing, lighting, actions. The list is endless. In the end, no doubt we have cast just a bit of our modern shadow on this historical – we were not there in person, and it’s not likely to find a 200-year-old person to interview. But we did write a story that was as true to the time as we could from our research, and we truly hope that those who read it will forgive us any historical inaccuracies and sit back and enjoy reading what we absolutely enjoyed writing.

My advice to writers? Research. Whether it’s historical, contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, alternate reality…research until you can’t do any more research…and then research some more.

A Lot Like A Lady, coming March 27!

One response to “Research and Re-writing History

  1. Congratulations on your novel!
    I’m also working on a regency romance of my own and have been told often that my speaking has changed so much.
    God, I love losing my sanity!

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