5 Great Lines from Charmed By Knight by Marie Higgins

5 Great Lines from Charmed By Knight by Marie Higgins


“If it comforts your mind any, when I undressed you, I was a complete gentleman and didn’t look.”


While dealing the cards, every move he made bespoke confidence, like an artist smoothing his brush-strokes on a canvas.


“You know, my sweet lady, you shouldn’t look at a man with wide, curious eyes, and a gaze that devours him the way yours was doing because it might give him improper thoughts.”


Megan would leave, and it seemed as if the gates to paradise slammed closed in Edmund’s face.


“Megan, are you going to follow your parents’ plan and marry a nobleman with title and then live the rest of your life in misery or are you going to marry a man for love and live happily ever after?”

Ava Delany
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