Bless The Novel Writer by Teri Harmon

Hey guys, I came back to hopefully entertain you and give you some good advice on novels as well as learn from you. Today, I am actually not talking about romance per se as I am about computer problems and the toll it can take on a writer.
I have just gotten my computer back from another round at the Geek Squad in Best Buy. I have had two crash dumps and I had thought there was a third. But luckily if it indeed was a third it didn’t destroy my laptop. I told the people it was another internet crash dump. So afraid of being one of those who has to rebuild their computer and all of their information I had them back up my files. But the problem is that costs me money. Money is tight.
So I also recently catalogued where I am at with some of the writing I have done. I have four works in progress including another book of poetry. Wow! Smartest thing I ever did was actually print out where I was to date as well as have a back up copy on the computer. And I also started utilizing online data storage. Its free for some websites and not free for other websites.
I have a friend that I made through Facebook. I call her my Facebook friend. She is a prolific writer and her name is Robin Renee Ray. And she is a powerhouse. She had the crash on her computer. And had to rebuild her computer from the ground up almost. She was also in the process of writing a story. Can you imagine the stress she must have gone through? I can and I am not finished the second book. The first book was poetry which is due out in the end of the year.
Another Facebook friend I had made was Blake. He had a third internet crash dump and got himself a whole new laptop. For those of us who make our living by writing alone, the computer or laptop becomes one of the most important people in our lives outside of our family, our attorney and our doctor. So we need to have one that works and is in good condition. It should also be one that is portable, lightweight, and doesn’t have a lot of trouble using wi-fi or wireless hotspots. I say this because the laptop that I currently use doesn’t allow you to sign into any internet service without using their network security code. Without that, you have no access to the internet that is available. If you go to Wildwood, New Jersey, it costs at one hotel about $35.00 to use that internet and I believe you have to pay before you use it. All of this to say that our computers are an extension of our person for work. They must be in tip top shape.
So when you read your next romance novel, and you feel that you just don’t like the heroine, or you think it’s a stupid story, think of all the hard work that went into writing that story that you are reading. And then bless the writer whose laptop may have crashed right before sending it to the agent to be reviewed to edit and do all other various sorts of activities prior to publishing so that it may make its way to the store and into your home.
Bless your Romance Novel Writer today- buy a novel.

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