Young Adult Romance Novels and The New-Old Market for Book Stores

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago. It goes like this:

Silky, curly hair, surrounding the face of a pixie.
Tall, slender body encased in mellow clothing
Very relaxed but watchful
The reason for his alertness,
walks right beside him.

Under 4 feet tall, same curly, silky hair
Dressed identical
Same smile exactly
Who would have thought?
You’d be a great parent, after all.
P.S. Don’t say we told you so. (Smile)

Some people love young adult romances. When I was a teenager, as I waited for my Mother’s pick up from the public library, I would walk to the stack and look. As I looked through the stacks, I found that I had a particular type of book. I liked series. About high-schoolers like myself. People from the wrong side of the track. One series was actually I think called High-school. It was about a boy from the wrong side of the track, a popular girl and a forbidden dream. I liked it very much. Another I liked was the paranormal novels, again, about high-school students and death.

A big portion of an untapped source I think are young adult readers. The age range for me is 14 to 21 years of age. And then a second set of young adult readers is 22 to 25 years of age. A lot of teenagers are coming into their own: coming out as gay or lesbian, becoming emanicipated minors, holding down part time or full time jobs; all while trying to maintain a good grade point average. Some of the teenagers are also teenage parents, as well as teenage spouses. Grown up problems in little bodies.

Young adult romance novels address this problem. They also address suicide, good grades and just plain fun memories and times. In a televised conference it came out that a big market for writers is children’s writing. But also to me a part of that is the teenage market or young adult market. A publisher who works for Wiley, Inc., I forget her name at this moment but will post a comment with it later, actually solicits or coaches persons who write to go to the children’s market. I am not aware if she included young adult writers and particularly romance novels. However, I believe that some people need to explore that avenue of writing.

Some other topics that you now see on the news or see in made for television movies are addressed in the novels that you see in the library or the stores. To name a few authors: Kate Brian, Susane Colsanti, Jennifer Echols, Sonya Sones, Meg Cabot, Julie Garwood and others. All of them for you to read. So the next time you go to the book store and your son or daughter would like a book, a young adult novel might be the way to go.

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    Romance Novels and The New-Old Market for Book Stores
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