When is “Free” Not a Good Thing?

You know how we all love getting that free gift at the store, on the internet or at a program-well my question to you today is When is Free Not a Good Thing?

I think a lot of what I have right now has come to me through the idea of “free”. The books that I review, I do not pay for them. The blog gets them either by purchasing them or by obtaining them for the sole purpose of a review being written. The chances I have to write on other blogs are also for free-I receive no monetary compensation for my article. However, I do write as a paid freelancer when I can. The website that I work for though doesn’t always have assignments.

First and foremost, I would like to say that free is not always bad. A lot of book reviews I have noticed are completed through lending of books with no money exchanging hands. Some give the books to the authors for free as a gift for writing the review. And from that you may get another free gift like a gift card or a t-shirt or a coffee mug.

Second, I would like to say that free also frees up your money and other resources for doing things or advertising on your blog. Your money can be allotted to personal uses or household uses. Because spend money you will to write. I am finding that out. You pay for copyright, editing, printing, an ISBN number, advertising, bookmarks, shipping and handling, transportation, publicity- it’s not really free. You will need your money for that. Giving items to you off of blogs helps advertising, facilitates good customer service, facilitates good feeling and memory of a nice wo/man who is also a friendly person.

Third and final, the power of the consumer to purchase your item can be fueled by their first foray into your domain with a free gift from you. They will then send business your way and they will give you good advertising sometimes better than any commercial. Because it’s a personal anecdotal event. One such event can be had by many and generate the same feeling. So we hope that you don’t stop giving out the freebie.

Shameless plug: I am participating in two tours on my blog http://www.teribelle.wordpress.com in which I am writing a book review and doing interviews. The two book tours are Robin P. Waldrop for Shadow of the Blood Moon and also Teresa Morrow for Life’s Lessons. Please stop on by to read their interview and possibly click on their buy link to purchase the novels offered at the end of the month. You can stop by earlier to check out the Virtual Book Tour Information.

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