As I walk down the street I see many book stores, libraries, coffee shops, sandwich shops, bus stops, train stations and benches and I see people everywhere with a book. And I hear a book that has yet to be sold go- where do I live? I am homeless. Well, to that book I say today might be your lucky day.
Your author has written a letter to a prestigious publisher. And the publisher happens to be the best in the country or one of the best in the country. Able to get you on the New York Times Bestseller list and on all the eBook/ereader websites and a review on of course the new Oprah Winfrey Show, The Wendy Williams Show. She has replaced Oprah as one of the most watched television shows as well as the new show Oprah Winfrey hosts on her own network OWN. She may be listed as a book on the Oprah Winfrey Book Club and the latest that might be heard is a made for television movie.
But wait, I get ahead of myself. Alas, my poor novel is still sniffly. Oh where will I be in a year’s time? Lavishing in the dusty drawers of my authors desk? Bathroom toilet paper for the guest in the bathroom who neglected to bring something to read during those moments when you need one? Eating delight for that rascally Fox Terrier who is still in the puppy stage despite your best efforts to tell the puppy look, you’re an adult now, act like one? She sniffs some more.
Months pass by and nothing. The paper gets dingy, the color starts to change colors on the manuscript, and the pencil marks become more evident as re-writes start and then RING! RING! RIIING! Footsteps run. “I’ll get it” she hears. Your author answers and you hear, “Oh that is so wonderful. That is great. On Monday morning, at 9:30 am? I will be there. You will have the contract? Okay I will take it home to read it. You’ll discuss the acceptance of the book with me? With a few changes? Okay. I will listen. Oh thank you so much!” The phone SLAMS! down.
You get picked up by a suddenly teary eyed author who says, “we made it. We got a book deal!”

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