The Anatomy of a Proposal in a Romance Novel

This is an example of a work in progress. I thought I would share for you today. I was originally supposed to post on Friday as there is a guest on this past Thursday. But missed it, so here it is. I will post the corrected version which shouldn’t be much different on next Thursday.

Ah-romance- l’amour. As you are reading your eyes start to water with tears at how wonderful it is. Your breath starts to come out a little quicker because your body is engaged in the story. Next to your chair you have a glass of water, wine, a cider, milk, hot chocolate, tea, bar drink whatever is your drink of choice. Ah yes ladies, Teri’s back. And this time, I am hoping to give you the anatomy of a proposal in a romance novel.
My very favorite proposal of all time in a romance novel isn’t actually a proposal so much as a fait accompli. Yes, he does propose to her and yes she does get married to him in an Indian wedding ceremony. But come on now like there was ever any other chance of that not happening. The story was an old romance from way back in the 1980’s. Sorry, ladies, I don’t remember the title. But the main characters were A Panther Stalks (Adam Savage is his English name) and Sorrel is the lady’s name I believe. (Note- this is old might be mixing up stories. ) (
All the book reviews I read for this novel were mixed. Some liked it and some didn’t. One said it was a poor excuse for a novel paraphrase. She the reviewer was like, the girl was so PERFECT, and so smart, and everything went her way-but why the lady didn’t have some bad events go wrong like she’s the strongest, the fastest, and better than any brave who is part of the tribe in order to win his hand. (ck for quote)
Well I for one absolutely loved it darling. And would read again about the hidden fear, desire, failure, rebirth and finally- family full and strong that comes out (with some obedience. Hint—hint) But I digress? Where was I-oh yeah the proposal.
In one romance novel- Silhouette Harlequin romance where she is forced to marry due to a one night stand with her BOSS- his proposal is a very business oriented proposal. She needs a husband- why- because she got impregnated by her boss and he always does the right thing. So how romantic. He will be her husband until the baby is born, provide a place to stay, medical care, pre baby care and still continue to help her out after the baby is born. And she will continue to work there at the office with him. What throws a spanner in the works- she falls in love with her boss and he with her. Ah- love in bloom.
Another romance novel had a proposal where the intended decided to hell with propriety and lets just up and get married. Needless to say she abandoned her rich and well-respected family and then up and got married to a ne-er-do-well man with no money but a charm that could take the clothes right off you.
But that still doesn’t tell you the anatomy of the proposal. Well it is the same in novels as in real life. First you got the man and the woman. Then you have the set up whether it’s a surprise or planned. In fact, the most romantic proposals in novels actually happen to be the unexpected ones. Because the guy always has a not new way of doing it but a surprise to the intended person.
So the next time you read it- check out the proposal.

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