Wanna Write A Book Review

I am a fledgling book reviewer. I have just started this past year in 2011 to write for online magazines book reviews. There are a lot of book review websites on the internet and some start up on their own. I think the first thing to do is to decide whether or not you fit that website. For this website she has it split- one for her columnist/contributors and the other website is for book reviews. The two addresses are: http://www.letstalkromance.wordpress.com and http://www.letstalkromancereviews.wordpress.com. How it works is that you pick from a list provided by her of up and coming novels about to be released and already released novels. You give her the title, author name, publisher and publisher date- she will then send you a copy of the novel. Please be advised that for most of the sites, they are eBooks or epublished books. Very rarely have I gotten a copy of the actual book to read but some do provide that for you. Your reward or payment for the most part, is a copy of the novel that is yours to keep unless otherwise noted and maybe a gift card or certificate.
When you do the book review the format for most is the same. You have the title of the book or it says “Book Review of (Title of Novel) by (Author). And then you have next the book blurb which is basically what I call the “eye candy” of the novel. It is what you may catch the very next person who reads your novel by the phrase or sentence there. And I think for each book reviewer it is different. I try to make it a part of the novel that makes it click for me or what may make it click for the reader-oh I understand now. The body of the review is the review itself now. And here is where your opinion is on the novel for better or for worse. Following the body and at the end of the review is what I call the disclosure statement required by book reviewers to put in which basically states that we are either being paid or not paid by the author or publisher to write this review for this website. And it also requires that we also notify you the reader whether or not we paid for the novel. The actual reasoning for this escapes me but I do what is required.
What you may also want to note is that the score that you choose for rating will not necessarily dictate who will read the novel but it may get you a nice note from the author thanking you or asking you questions for themselves so they can make changes or not.
Here is a list of some of the book review websites that you can read from and/or join as a reviewer:
Geeky Girl Reviews
Book, Line and Sinker
Manic Readers
You Gotta Read
Lets Talk Romance Reviews
Urban Reviews
Book Chick City
And there are a lot of others. I find them all the time, and some will actually review television shows, movies and restaurants. I actually like to review whatever I think is interesting for the blog I contribute too. And it’s a good conversational tool.
What started this was I just joined a blog from an introduction in the writers chat room (www.writerschatroom.com) and from there found a lot of new blogs to read. So I hope for you guys this gives you another outlet of entertainment, information and new ways to make friends.
Chat ya laterz guyz and galz.

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