Suzannah time is coming around this year and hopefully within one week I will be receiving the contest entries. Just so you know I have been participating as an unpublished judge for the last two years. But this year I come as a published author outside of the internet. I think that is cool. Now- the idea I had for this week’s entry hadn’t so much to deal with romance as it had to do with going to conferences and the advance of National Novel Writing Month which happens in November.
I found a website for this year and I signed up for it. I am hoping to gain some new friends and some good critique from it. And the story I want to use is my new novel that I want to publish. There is a little romance and a lot of mystery. The romance comes in with the persons working the case. Not with each other but with other persons. But it will bring some spice into the story.
For the reader who enjoys romance and mysteries- what is it that you search for? What do you want to have your character show you? How is the dream supposed to flow in your brain as you read? I am still finding that out because my characters drive me crazy. I have decided that Darwin- she is the private investigator/paralegal who is the main character/investigator for the novel- will have a romantic relationship with someone that has as of yet not appeared. But do I want that to happen? I am not sure.
I use the contest as a barometer for where I stand in my journey of learning how to write. So this year, I am looking for elements of romance within the traditional story. And I am hoping to find some.
By the way of updates, if you happen to like the Facebook program (I am a fan) then I have something to share with you. Most of my followers on my blog come from Facebook. For that I am extremely grateful. I kept losing my followers and couldn’t figure out how WordPress could lose them. And then when I went to check out my Facebook I found out it was because I actually hadn’t uploaded my blogs to Facebook. I just sent them the entries. But now, the blogs are actually loaded to the Facebook page. You can access it through Networked Blogs. And the followers will now be part of that websites statistics as well as the WordPress statistics. Why am I telling you this? Because it is good information to have and a way for you to monitor the readers and get a feel for what your readers would like to see on your blog.
Well I think part of what I like about Suzannah is that I have the opportunity to judge unpublished authors. And this year, I am going to actually purchase one or two of the books (when I have the funds) of previous winners who now have published novels. And this way I can read some of what I had a part in the making.
Also check your feeds for your subscriptions on blogs. I have read that some or all are going away. They are going to be replacing them soon but they I don’t know when exactly-if you check your Google account I believe you can find out that information.
In closing, I want say to you have a nice day and a nice October.

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