Hey ladies-its Halloween. Are you and your kids ready? This year my Mother decided not to hand out candy so instead we are eating it here. But that doesn’t mean we are not participating. Dress up I believe I still will do. I do read some horror novels and paranormal romance or suspense romance. They remind me of the horror movies where the love occurs as a result from the event or is the reason for the event. Hence the Halloween theme wedding.
In my elementary school our music teacher and gifted and talented teacher got married on Halloween. A television show called Four Weddings has a Halloween themed wedding and A Wedding Story has the same themed wedding. Horror stories develop romances along the way and they also show you how the two people develop romance in the midst of terror. But do you really feel that marriage- that scary proposition- should be done on the date of Halloween?

Although I haven’t read anything in a romance novel about a Halloween wedding except for parties and rendevous’ it doesn’t mean that they cannot happen. It just takes some ingenuity.

So to keep the post short this week before Halloween and the day of All Hallows Eve- I am requesting your presence on this the 31st day of October 2012, to enjoy a Happy Wedded Halloween. Blessed to you all.

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