Hey guys- how is your week this week? It has been a hectic two weeks for us in my neck of the woods. We had both Hurricane Sandy and the Nor-Easter. Needless to say, the cable and internet just came back on today and i am frantically trying to get all of the posts up that I missed the last two weeks. Hope you guys are doing well and I hope that it is a beautiful week where you are.

You ever read a really good romance novel- and it says to you: Jealous Persons Need Not Apply. I have read such a novel and I have to say it was damn good. First off, it was male/male sex and a story of lost virginity. The story line itself was a very good story. Far better than the last one I read. I am not a fan of erotica per se but I happened to think this was a good novel. See link to book review.
Now another novel that may also fit this bill is one about a strip joint dancer trying to make a living and stay alive while fending off the groping hands of the patrons. See link to book review. This story though is a little closer to home because I met a woman who tried out for a dancer position at the bar on Route 1 in Elizabeth. If you know the establishment then I need not name it. Anyway, what I liked about this story is how it actually does show some jealousy in the writing just as the above story does as well. They both manifest themselves in different ways but always due to some romantic and protective inclinations.
Here is why I say jealous persons need not apply-because in every romance novel they either die or go to prison for their feelings of jealousy. The other party involved in that threesome, being a cop, a bodyguard, a business man or just a neighbor, has these big feelings of protecting their women and so they have to rid their women of that problem- hence the jealous person goes away.
But doesn’t jealousy make the novel go `round? If not for the jealous person on either side there may be no conflict in the novel. In other words you have a nice, easygoing read with no major stress except for that of a relationship learning itself until marriage. But who wants to read a novel like that all the time? Not even I want to read a novel like that all the time. As I have gotten older, I move more towards romantic suspense and thrillers as well as contemporary romance and young adult romance. All have in common, conflict- jealousy, money and other problems. These take my mind and yours I am sure off of your own daily problems and into their problems. I wouldn’t change the stories for the world. But maybe a little written differently but it is because I would prefer the story to go a different way.
Recently, I had a guy try to talk to me and he thought I had said to him that I didn’t know him. The reason for me relating this will be apparent shortly. At the same time, since I have no television and no internet I am watching the remainder of the Beauty and the Beast DVD set that I had gotten as a present from a friend. And it’s because of this guy who had the main protagonist/heroine kidnapped to steal her child after it’s born. Later I found out his name was Pope. Meanwhile it took me three to four episodes to figure this out. It would have been a lot easier just to have his name on a plate at the door but that would defeat the secrecy of his actions. Back to the beginning, the guy must have thought I said it about him but I hadn’t. Now take it further, had it been a romance novel and we were in a relationship or the beginning of the relationship would you consider that jealousy on my part because he is a man who has many women or because I was inadequate or just plain angriness on his part because I denied knowing him? Jealous persons need not apply in some relationships they cause more problems than anything else and the other party doesn’t want a lot to do with them. Because they are forever looking over their shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop. This you see in a lot of true life stories that end up in murder and they always start out romantic and end up a nightmare.
To sum up, jealous persons need not apply is my motto when it comes to reading some novels. But the stories that show their actions and reactions to the jealousy make for a very interesting and tasty read.
So fellow readers and authors, all you fans out there, whether romance or not, I entice you to pick up a romance novel this weekend or the rest of the week you are unable to do anything due to Hurricane Sandy, and pour a glass of your favorite drink, pull up an afghan on your lap in your favorite chair and read. Oh, and you might want to do the same for your little one.
A Bientôt Mes Amies!


  1. Teri –
    I ‘m so glad you finally have everything up and running! We got hit here in Rhode Island as well but not as badly as you did. Since we live in a small neighborhood we had to wait longer than most to get back our power and internet. When the electrical company first told my husband it would take 2 weeks to get to us because they didn’t have enough bucket trucks to get to the trees that needed to be “finished” taken down (since most of them had already come down taking out the power liens) my husband got out his power saw, my son came over with his saw as well as some equally uphappy neighbors and between them they cleared out the space needed for the truck to get in! (This is not advised in most cases but they were able to do it away from the downed lines).

    Fortunately it did help us to get our power back on sooner – Yeah – Heat and Water – and I was getting tired of cooking on my husband’s old (very old) boyscout camp stove (thank you Coleman for having products that last like an energizer bunny).

    What help save us was that we weren’t bored – with a blazing fires in the fireplace on one side of the house and a wood stove on the other side we kept warm and plenty of time to try to catch up on our reading! I thought you’d like to know that the day before power came back on and when my husband was going into no TV melt down because he’d read and re-read the books he had on hand that he read not one but two of my romance novels. He also finally admitted how smart I am to keep MY shelves in the bookcase full!

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