A Review of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Hey guys- sorry for the lateness. Just finished a book review for a person that I had gotten paid for and I have to do one more for him which is also paid for-so now you have my attention.
Summary to Date:
So far I am almost through Chapter 2 of the novel. First off let me say I think I am going to like Kate Appleton. She is in need of a job because she got fired from her former job due to another associate’s actions. How many can relate to that huh? She got asked by an interviewer to be his “snitch” with the other employees. To befriend them and to give him what they are saying so that he may know what they are doing, thinking and saying. His reasoning is that he, the owner, Matt Culhane believes that someone is sabotaging the business and he needs to find out who it is as soon as possible. So she took the job and now works for him as a private investigator for his company masquerading as an employee.
Blog Entry
For those who have read Janet Evanovich you are no stranger to her novels, nor to her character. In fact I believe the unknown for me here is Dorien Kelly. She has graciously agreed to grant an interview which I will post her responses when I receive them. I am sending them out Christmas week, so please take into account that we are busy with the holidays and the responses may lag.
I was unable to find any questions to go along with this novel but I thought I would start out with how many of us had been fired or have been fired due to an action noted and mentioned by another employee- personally I don’t know names but I have heard of people losing their jobs as a result of that. Most reactions tend to be angry but they get over them because they need to work. Note- never bad mouth a former employer or employee because you never know who they talk with in regards to your future. What would you do if that happened to you like Kate Appleton and got a chance to work but had to be a snitch to do it? Would you take the position? And how would you approach the job- with what type of attitude?
Another question that came to mind as I read the beginning of the novel was how to handle the job interview and explaining how you once again lost another job-even I have problems doing this and am and have been in this situation. What do you say and how do you turn it in your favor? I think this lady was lucky because for me it was never easy trying to explain how I lost the jobs that I lost in quick succession. My goal is to not lose any more jobs. Or to get fired. But you know how that goes-you get fired for no reason except that they no longer want you to work there.
So stay tuned for the next installment and hopefully the interview will be responded to by then of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.

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