Hi guys how are you?  Well read chapters 5 through 10 in the novel. Starting chapter 11 tomorrow.  Have to say this book is getting good.  Just so you know, I think there is definitely some interest in the main characters in the novel.

I read chapters five through ten and along the way found out that the culprit who damaged the property by leaving the freezer door open and spoiling the product still had to be found. But that Kate and  Matt’s relationship is developing.  However due to the fact that she doesn’t speak “beer” she is unable to work where she wanted too.  She has to learn the business.  At the event held at Woodsmen’s Hall everyone seemed to have a good time.  The Silent Auction was being prepared for and an employee named Laila hurt herself when her car exploded.  Is this a distraction from something more sinister? Or is it as it seems, an accident, that could have possibly been avoided?  The explosion shut down the bar/restaurant for the night costing him money.  But they also suspected arson as well.  And arson was a nasty crime.  Couple the possible arson, the spoiled food and destroyed freezer, you definitely had someone going after the business.  But who and why? 

Piece of trivia for you later on and it might help you win the novel in the raffle?  What is the name of the place that Matt Culhane would like to purchase?  It’s called the Nutshell.

Stay tuned for chapters 11 through 15 in the next entry. 

So what did you guys think so far of the story? I have to say that I like the style of writing and I like how the characters are portrayed.  What I like very much about this novel though is whatever romance there is; its more about the mystery then the romance. While it plays a part, it’s the actual finding of the person responsible for the damage that they are looking for in the novel. Its well written and descriptive. The scene in here where they start taste testing the beer was compared to wine taste testing.  So just think ladies and gents, who said culture was just for wine connoisseurs huh?  Still trying to figure out where the novel is going and who the culprit is but I am a little closer. My mind is working slowly but surely with a good dose of caffeine from coffee every now and then.

Did you know that you could win a free copy of the novel Love in a Nutshell from these two authors. All you have to do is the following:  from now until the end of the novel…

1.  Make a comment on each post.  Anything you would like to comment on including who your favorite author is or novel.

2.  Like this post as well.

3.  Include you email address if it doesn’t show up when you post your comment.

4.  Answer the trivia question to be asked at the end of the novel entry.

At the end of the novel, I will pick a winner and have the author mail them out a copy of the novel for free.

So hurry up guys and post your comments.

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