Read Along- Love in A Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Hey guys sorry about the wait. Had a couple of other book reviews to do plus some other odds and ends.  Have you been waiting for this:

Recap:  The main character has been hired to unobtrusively investigate the persons who work for a company to see who has been trying to sabotage and undermine the company’s survival.  She has developed a nice relationship with her boss Matt Culhane and one of learning and friendship with the rest of her co-workers.  

Current read:  Starting with Chapter 11 is the Christmas season. Both Matt and Kate are trying to enjoy their Christmas.  Kate spent it with Matt and his family.   The conversation went to the Annual Beer Festival in Royal Oak.   Of importance maybe a piece of trivia for you.  Did you know that none of his employees are allowed to pour beer offsite.  He has volunteers to do that.  As usual the family speculates on whether or not their dating- they are not dating. However because Kate is investigating the persons who work there he lets her participate in the event.  When they get there, she helps set up the table.    One such person she sees is Chet Orowski who was looking to Matt for a business relationship.  He thinks Kate sidetracked him.   Her ex Richard showed up.  She was married to Richard who had been getting or having a relationship with Shayla at the same time.  They gave away a baby (pet)  named Stella Richard and Shayla.  Richard and Shayla are now getting married.   He cheats on his fiancée with a poodle.  Karmic Justice huh?   I believe if you read, he may have given Matt the address to where the dog is being raised and taken care of by some of his friends.

After being told, Matt took Kate to where the dog was being cared for by her ex husbands friends.   They have a meeting of the bodies in Chapter 14.   Also the police are waiting for him when he returns from the beer festival.  The place was wrecked.  But the workers managed to fix some tables and set up for the day.  Less a couple of the profits.  At the end of chapter 15  someone got scared and trashed Kates house. Stay tuned for more.

Again don’t forget the trivia information. at the end I will remind you about them.  Answer correctly and you get a free book courtesy of the author Dorien Kelly.

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