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The Knews in Reviews

Hello, it is me, Feebil… I mean April Dawn.

Really. Im April and I am completely allowed to be on this site right now.

So, this week reviews were posted for some books.

I think one was review by Lexi Morgan.

To Save Emmy or something.

And she also has a review for  The Librarians Love – I assume it is a fine story of an old lady and her cats.

Michelle Kopra reviewed

Elfin Blood -Which must make for a strange Keebler commercial.

The important thing is that I have reviewed

I Loved a Highland Zombie

This is a must read. I mean it is the best thing since sliced bread… Wait, sliced bread wasn’t that impressive… It is the greatest thing since the steel kazoo. Of course, I’m talking about my review. You have to read it. Now. Please?