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Recap of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly Week 2

Hi Fellow Readers- back for Week #2 for Love in a Nutshell. I am up to Chapter 5 now. A recap of the first four chapters has Kate Appleton losing her job and finding a job with Matt Culhane to find the person who is undermining his company and possibly putting him out of business. So she is “the snitch” and as such will be known as “the snitch” from now on. She believes that one of them had tampered with the cooler’s power switch causing him to lose money with the food because it spoiled. The cast of characters is being set. Kate Appleton, Matt Culhane, Laila, Jerry, Steve, Tinkerbell (Tink), Ginger, Travis, Bart, Amber and Betty. There is also Richard, Kate’s old boyfriend. The reason for Kate “the snitch” being hired is his new business venture in Florida where he is buying a hotel and turning it into a hotel/restaurant resort. He also planned to renovate another property which he believes will make him money. The “cooler incident” in reality had the “unit’s power switch to the right of the door turned off, but the door had been left open, too. From what she could gather from the brewery gossip, without both of those events, the cooler would have held its temperature within the allowable range until morning.” p 44 Also Kate has feelings for Matt which begin to be tested because- he may be the one who is taking her home from her and that is part of the reason she is taking the job. Her childhood home. ******************************************************** I still like the character of Kate. I like her even more as time goes on. Matt is a nice character as well. But a businessman who is about making money. And he wants to know who would hurt his chances at doing so. Although I believe he is developing feelings for her, I also believe those feelings will face something later on in the book- a decision on where he wants to be and does he want her in his life- her the same thing. So before I end this post, my question to you is the following: Is there ever a moment in your life, that you had to make a decision about someone in your life- whether they could or should stay or go? And what was the resolution of that decision? I think that a lot of us make that decision with our friends as well as romantic liasions. And we have to be cognizant of who is in our lives and who likes us as well. Personally for me- I know that I have to make that decision for me in a current relationship that has turned out to be beneficial for me and not beneficial for me. He had indicated that he liked me again more than I liked him. And I didn’t want to maintain the relationship knowing that he felt that way. I had been walking that minefield for a long time. So I just wanted to be his friend. So that decision for me is that he had to go. But as it was easier before its was not so easy now. That is because he is/was a nice guy and not a nice guy. And I fear that I would not be able to find a person who was willing to have that kind of conversation. I have found someone who says that he is willing but we never connected. So where am I to go on that one? So in your own personal life- where do you stand with that decision and conversation?


The Importance of the Book Blurb

  As I was trying to determine what I was going to write about for this week’s column and I thought of my list of things to do it dawned on me: a book blurb. As I was starting to read the current book I have to write my next book review I found out that it was exactly the title of the book. And then I found out that I read the book blurb. And it drew me right into the novel. The importance of a book blurb-now that sounds like a good title for an article.

So okay as I am reading the actual beginning of the novel I find out that the book blurb must be further on in the novel. How much further I have no idea. But I know that I will get to it and that is what makes me want to read the book until the end. Does this follow through with every book that I read? Well, take for instance a book that I started a couple of years ago (yes a couple of years ago) and am going to finish this year hopefully. The title of this novel is Casting the First Stone by Kimberla Lawson Roby. The book blurb for this is:

“Tanya Black has everything a woman could want: a fulfilling
career, a beautiful daughter, an elegant home, and a handsome,
charismatic husband who is pastor at a prominent Baptist church.
And yet, none of it can hide the going turbulence in her marriage.”

To me this is a nice blurb-and not the entire book blurb. In actuality it is only the first of three paragraphs. But due to rules I don’t am not able to continue showing you the rest. However, it doesn’t draw me into the novel. The title is what- Casting ? Stones??? And the closest you get to that in the title with the body of the book blurb is: “And yet, none of it can hide the going turbulence in her marriage.” Which could go either way.

So does it not draw me in? No it doesn’t- and I chose to read the book anyway. But as I said in the first book that I am reading for a book review to go on another website it drew me in because it was the title. So my question to you the reader is what draws you in- is it the book blurb itself? Is it the cover of the novel? Is it your own fantasy? What is it? Maybe if you guys will post a comment and share with the rest of the readers we can all determine what’s good for each of us to help us read the novel.

Another new release by Jane Beckenham

For the next two weeks, I’m very excited to share two new releases from two of my good friends and fellow authors. This week,
Jane Beckenham
has a new release out with
Red Rose Publishing
which I’ll share with you in a moment, along with an excerpt to whet your apitite. Next week, I’ll be sharing info on a new hot number by
Jodi Redford
On with this week’s new release!
In Love With The Sheikh
Desert Rose Anthology
Jane Beckenham
Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-723-3
Cover Artist: Missy Lyons
Editor: Zena Gainer
Word Count: 49,380
Release Date: June 17, 2010

Desperate to discover her past, Lilly Duprés outbids Sheikh Kalim Raschid for an antique brooch. Her triumph is short lived. She can’t honor that bid. Accepting an offer to solve her financial embarrassment, Lilly discovers Kalim has every material thing yet spurns what she most desires. Love. Family. To belong.
After a lifetime spent watching his father hurt his mother, Kalim has vowed he would never imitate his father. But Lilly breaches his defenses leaving him vulnerable.
Faced with something he never wanted, Kalim must choose his future, and Lilly must accept her past, until life and love can come full-circle.

Excerpt – Fear Of Darkness

Here’s another treat for you my sweets.
Fear of Darkness is a toasty on the sizzlemeter.

Honoria writes paranormal romance. Fear of Darkness is available through Red Rose Publishing. Biohazard is available through Breathless Press. Of The Night is coming soon. Continue reading

Excerpt- Biohazard

This time I have a yummy hunk of Biohazard to treat you with.
It is a toasty tale on the sizzlemeter.

Honoria writes paranormal romance. Fear of Darkness is available through Red Rose Publishing. Biohazard is available through Breathless Press. Of The Night is coming soon.


Hunted by his people, the shapeshifter, Jayden, sheds his human skin after escaping his execution. 200 years later he’s still on the run. When he’s attacked in the remote woods in Wyoming, the last thing he expects is to be saved by a human woman.

When Maura finds a rough looking group of men hunting a tiger in her forest, she doesn’t hesitate to pull a gun on them and release the animal. What she doesn’t expect is for that frightening cat to change into a gorgeous, surly man with a tortured past.

But when his people threaten her life, will he save her, or leave her to the wolves?


I jerked awake as a warm cloth slid across my open wounds. I snapped my teeth and snarled at the female cleaning the injury. She jumped, and her wide, frightened eyes shot to mine. I moved to shove her away and found my hands tied to the headboard.

I pulled at my bonds, shaking the bed and ignored the small bubble of panic that rose in my chest at the thought of being trapped. “What have you done, human?”

She stepped back from the bed and pointed a handgun at me. “It’s just a little insurance. I don’t know who, or what you are, and until you convince me that you won’t hurt me you’re staying tied to that bed.”

I sneered at her. “Your ropes can’t hold me.”

I tried to change, and found that I couldn’t. I roared and yanked at the ropes. Dizziness swamped me, and I had to lay my head back down. Whoa.

“You have a fever.”

“No shit, female.” Spec-fuckin’-tacular. I couldn’t change with a fever this severe. Thankfully I wasn’t human. One of their kind would be dead. Eventually my body would fight off the poison, but for now I was helpless.

“Untie me.”

She didn’t move, just stood there with the gun in her hand. “My name is Maura.”

“How is that a response to ‘untie me’?”

She bit her lip. “What’s your name?”

I growled. “I’m called Jayden. Now…Maura untie me”

She shook her head, her golden curls cascading around her shoulders. She pointed the gun at the floor. “No,” she said as she backed toward the door. “You haven’t been very friendly. I don’t trust you yet.”

I took a deep breath and tried not the shout at her. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just let me go, and I’ll leave your home.”

“No.” Her eyes locked on mine and she hesitated a moment. “Besides, you’re hurt. You should at least stay here until you heal.” She turned and fled.

“Female, get back here!”

My command fell flat in the empty room. I sighed and lay back on the bed. I couldn’t afford to be tied up if my ‘buddies’ decided to bust in and kill us.

I started working the knots. Fortunately, she wasn’t good at tying them. Within seconds, the restraints fell away. Rubbing my wrists, I sat up. I’d have to take the woman by surprise or she would shoot me. Any damage she could inflict would heal, but I really didn’t want a gunshot wound. Besides, there was always a chance she would hit the head or the heart and then I’d be worm food.

I followed her scent, and the smell of chicken soup, as I limped down the hallway. My ankle had more than likely been fractured in a few places, but it was already partially healed.

The most pleasant sound filled my sensitive ears. I peered around the corner. The female bustled around the kitchen, singing quietly to herself. She had the voice of an angel.

No, she had the voice of a goddess.

And the looks of one, too. Her blonde curls spilled to her waist. Her body was lusciously curved. The women of my culture were all bone. There was nothing for a man’s hands to grasp. No lush cushion or warmth.

I sucked in a deep breath. Lord, and she smelled incredible. Most women wore too much perfume. She wore none. Hers was the aroma of soap and her unique feminine scent.

My dick started to harden. Great, just what I needed to convince her I meant her no harm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something I could stop, and given my heightened libido because of the disease I carried, I was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

Her taunting frame beckoned as she leaned forward and avocado, tomato, cheese and lettuce out of the fridge. She slapped the cheese into a frying pan and then moved to the cutting board on the counter.

I darted into the kitchen and pushed her against the counter top. She screamed and made a wild grab for the knives in the wood block. Before she could reach a weapon, I had her by the wrists. Bringing them around behind her, I clasped them in one of my hands, then I pulled them up, forcing her upper body onto the counter.

Just something about a man all tied down.
Buy it here Find out more about this and other titles at her website.
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Excerpt -Latin Rhythm

Today we have a sweet little morsel from Tess MacKall
Heat level on the sizzlemeter is toasty.

Tess writes contemporary erotic romance. You can findLatin Rhythm
His Sweet Obsession & His Only Treasure at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
A Scarlet Memoir, Sex ‘n’ Sass, Gabriel’s Gun, Gabriel’s Horn available
at Alpheratz Press Continue reading

Excerpt – November rain

November Rain by Debbie Gould
The heat in this book rates a toasty on the sizzlemeter.


Jessica Kauffman says goodbye to her husband Tyler—again. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan , this time to fight in the war. Their attempts to have a baby unsuccessful, Jessica remains home alone…but that isn’t strictly true. Through a unique bond, she connects with Tyler in their dreams, seeing, touching, and being with him.

After finding out some precious news, Jessica’s world is soon turned upside down, plunging her into a nightmare. Tyler ’s plane has gone down, and the search is on to find him—dead or alive.

Frightened for her future, she keeps the faith that Tyler will come back, believing their love is the key to his return.

But will the Search and Rescue team find Tyler and bring him back home, or will Jessica have to face the rest of her life raising his child alone?


“What can I do for you gentlemen this early in the morning?” Jess stared them down, mentally daring them to say what she knew they’d come to say. Inside, a piece of her died.
“I’m Lt. Col Garrison, and this is Reverend Michaels. I’m sorry, Mrs. Kauffman. I’m afraid we’re here with bad news.” The taller of the two men furrowed his brows and gestured toward the living room. “Would you like to have a seat on the couch?”
Jess stood still, refusing to budge from her spot. No, she didn’t want to get comfy on the damn couch. She knew what they were going to say, and she wanted them to get it over with. “I’ll stay where I am, thank you.”
“Mrs. Kauffman, I’m afraid there’s been an incident. Your husband’s plane was shot down during a mission twelve hours ago.”
The man studied her as if he thought she was going to fall in a heap at his feet. Well, she wasn’t. She tilted her chin up.
“As of yet, we haven’t found the wreckage and have no knowledge whether he was able to bail out of the aircraft before it crashed.”
“Then you better get your people searching for him.” Her stomach churned, and bile rose to her throat, but her voice remained strong, never faltering. “My husband landed that plane. He got out, and now he and his men are in enemy territory waiting for your help. Find them before it’s too late.”
“Ma’am…um…all indications show he was unable to exit. We don’t believe he made it out of the plane.”
This time Jess did move. She took a step forward and looked the officer directly in the eyes. “Sir, my husband is not dead. And if the Air Force is not taking every measure to find him, you can be sure I will shout it from the rooftops. Take it to every newspaper, radio, and television station in the damn country. You find my husband, and you find him now.”
“Ma’am, please be assured the Air Force is doing everything—”
“Good, then go do it.” She spun around, stormed back up the stairs, and slammed the door of the computer room. The men in her living room were idiots. They had no idea what they were talking about. Tyler wasn’t dead. His presence still lingered with her. But she also knew he didn’t have long.

Find out about this and other titles at her website.

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The Soldier’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, The Wedding Night now available at Breathless Press.
The Fetish Club series is coming soon.

Excerpt – The Wedding Night

Here’s another small taste from my own collection. It ranks a hot on the sizzlemeter.

The Wedding Night is available tomorrow from Breathless Press.
You can find The Homecoming Series of three flirts – The Soldier’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding Night as well as The Fetish Club Series of novellas Captivated, Dominated, and Fallen (Coming soon) at Breathless Press.
Feel free to check out the review.

This wedding night will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

When Debbie suggested that they wait until the wedding night to be physical again, Todd had reluctantly agreed. Now after two months of celibacy, he is hard and ready for the honeymoon to begin. He grumbles when she asks him to go get champagne, but he’s not complaining when he returns to see what she has in store for their wedding night.


A candle stood on each of the tables and dim light danced and flickered across the walls. A chair sat in the center of the room, and a bucket filled with ice waited next to it. Todd recognized Debbie’s writing on a paper beside the bucket. The ‘i’s were dotted with little hearts and the sign read, “Sit down, and set the champagne in the bucket.”

When he’d followed the instructions, sultry music filtered in from the bathroom, and Debbie slipped an arm around him from behind, her fingers running down his T-shirt to the crotch of his jeans.

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Excerpt – Naughty for Christmas

I’ve been missing Christmas time lately, so I’m thrilled to say I have Naughty for Christmas to refresh my Christmas Cheer. Heat level is hot on the sizzlemeter.

Selene writes erotic romance and this is her first novel. Continue reading

Excerpt – Forever Yours

Today we have Jackie M. Smith with a sweet little excerpt from Forever Yours.

Jackie writes historical romance and this is her first novel.

Liz was happy and grateful for this moment with Philip. Laying her head against his chest, she felt so warm and secure in his arms. All her memories of the times spent with him flowed back. She held back the tears threatening to leave her eyes.
“Are you warmer?” Philip asked, not letting her go.
She nodded, tensing, awaiting his kiss without realizing she lifted her face in invitation.
“I’ve missed you so much, Liz.” The words were little more than a whisper.
Disappointment washed over her as he kissed her brow then stepped back. “I’ve missed you too Philip.” She looked into his heavenly blue eyes.
“I’m surprised seeing you here of all places.” He smiled, taking her hand and sat on the bench a few feet away. No one saw them.
Indeed, she felt as though they were the only two people in the world. She felt her heart race when his warm muscular thigh brushed against hers. And he held her hand in his large one. She stared at their joined hands. Never did she feel so nervous with Philip. All this was very unknown and frightening. “Do you think we’ll be fighting soon?” She asked, changing her train of thought.
“Soon. With the battle in the Atlantic, they need more ready pilots.” He held her hand in his and looked at her with serious eyes as she remained silent. “Liz. Promise me you’ll be careful when it’s time for you to on missions. I know I can’t stop you, so promise me you’ll take care.” Philip’s tone was firm but soft.
She nodded without taking her eyes away from his. “I promise. And you do the same.” She was so afraid to lose him.
Philip nodded as they sat in silence a little while longer. She wished so much Philip kissed her. But he didn’t. He held her in silence. And he never said how much he missed her. It was for the best he said nothing. If he told her how he missed her or loved her, she may fall into his arms and forget her dreams. And she wasn’t ready to sacrifice her chance in the Royal Air Force for more than friendship with Philip. Or was she?
She lifted her head and his eyes met hers. He stared into her eyes for a long while. And she felt herself melt on the spot. What was wrong with her? She stared at his tempting lips and wished he would kiss her. Instead, she felt his hand cup her cheek and his thumb traced her lower lip, leaving a trail of heat. He didn’t kiss her but the intimate gesture sent waves of warm sensations all over her body. His eyes stared into hers with intensity. And her heart drummed in her ears. Anticipation alerted all her senses. “Liz.” The low rasp in his voice sent another wave of sensations through her body. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes for a quick moment.
Philip sat so close; she could feel his hot breath caressing her cheeks. Her heart jumped in her chest when his lips touched her cheek and the delicate skin near her ear. “Liz,” he whispered again in her ear. A new sensation centered in the special place in her lower belly. She saw stars behind her eyelids and waited for Philip’s next move. Will he kiss her? She didn’t know. His hands kept her warm against the cool air. Indeed, she felt a bit over warm and unsure of her body. Philip never touched her in such an intimate way before. His lips lingered near her ear. And his hot breath sent shivers along her skin. She turned her head ever so slowly and met his eyes. She could see his eyes darken. He cupped her cheeks and leaned his forehead against hers. Their lips brushed together. Voices in the background brought them back to earth. Philip broke his embrace, leaving Liz breathless.
Quickly, she regained her composure before someone saw them together. She glanced at Philip and his face didn’t show any trace of emotion. “I should go,” she said, swallowing hard against the lump in her throat. Tears threatened to leave her eyes. Before he said a word, Liz removed Philip’s jacket from her shoulders and walked toward the camp.

Find out more at her website.
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Ava Delany

Ava Delany

Excerpt – Mating Rituals

Welcome, my sweets. Today we have a yummy little tidbit.
Mating Rituals is a Spicy on the sizzlemeter

Mating Rituals

Tina Gayle writes fantasy and contemporary romance. Mating Rituals, Youthful Temptations, and Baby Decision, are available through Amira Press. The Pregnancy Plan is available through The Wild Rose.


With rock-hard fortitude, Marohka Taunton battles to maintain her position as top mineralogist and refuses to see why she should marry even if the law requires she take a mate. Fighting her attraction for Stihl Fermesium, she struggles to save her father’s company.

Stihl, determined to win her as his mate, is faced with the commission deal of a lifetime and needs the money to save his family land. He wrestles with her emotional resistance and discovers someone other than Marohka is unhappy about their union. In fact, they want to separate them in the most basic of ways, death.


Staring straight ahead, Marohka Taunton avoided eye contact with every man she passed. Moving along the edge of the dance floor, she wove her way back and forth across the assigned path. Her steps, jerky and clumsy, she hid her natural smooth gait. No man, in his right mind, craved an ungraceful wife. At least, she hoped not.

With the stairs a few steps ahead, she tasted victory and allowed herself a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.”

A masculine voice in front of her chuckled. “It’s not over yet, princess.”

Marohka paused to inspect the stranger. The laughter reflected in his warm brown eyes—surprised, the intelligent focus—intrigued, and the dark spark of interest—captivated.
A foreign response slithered through her chest. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Her heartbeat rang in her ears. Her hands turned clammy. Awareness of the man claimed her senses.

His face, framed by dark brown hair, showed rough lines of strength and fortitude. A crooked nose, a square jaw, and a chiseled chin marked his unique personality. Added together, the sum indicated the man rarely backed down from a fight. He’d stand up for his beliefs and defeat his opponents. His lopsided grin with a dimple at the corner of his mouth teased her.

A silly feature on such a stern face. The little mark claimed her heart and spoke of a rare sense of humor, a trait absent in most men.

A tingle ran down her spine. Her toes curled. Either as an appealing partner or a worthy adversary, the man presented a dangerous combination. Right then, without question, Marohka decided never to cross paths with him again.

“It is for me,” she responded to his comment. She lifted her chin a little higher and repaired the chip in her armor with a sassy comeback. “But you’re welcome to any of the girls behind me. I’m sure they’ll enjoy your charm.”

Marohka lifted her skirt and swept up the stairs. The sound of his laughter spoiled her intended snub.

Hope you enjoyed it, darlings.
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Ava Delany

Excerpt – Crushing Desire

This sweet little morsel is comes out tomorrow.
Crushing Desire is a toasty on the sizzlemeter.

April Dawn writes historical romance. Bound by Love and Crushing Desire are available through Breathless Press.

Reena can’t seem to get over her crush on Joshua, but now that he’s posing as her husband, she may not need to.

Reena Harrison is anything but the fashion, but despite her flaws, she has several suitors. Unfortunately, the one man she has always loved is not one of them. After things go dreadfully wrong with a suitor and her family, she finds herself asking Joshua a peculiar favor.

Joshua Sinclair has long had a fascination with the tall beauty. After years of denying his feelings for Reena in pure military fashion, he finds himself thrown together with her in an out of control scheme. How can he possibly rule his emotions when he finds himself posing as the sensuous woman’s husband?

“It sounds like the guests are arriving.” Reena plucked a flower, spinning it in her fingers as she stood.

“All the more reason you should be on your way.” Emily eyed the darkening sky, not quite rolling her eyes at Reena. “I should have brought a whip with me. It would have moved you along faster.”

Reena winced. She knew she should hasten into the tent and greet her guests, but the longer she waited, the more she could imagine the pleasant possibilities and ignore the disagreeable ones. Perhaps she would enter, and Joshua would be awaiting her, eyes shining, hand extended for the first dance. He would fight away all others who asked for a dance, then kiss her deeply, telling her he loved her too.

Sighing, she trudged on, knowing it more probable that he would spend the evening sitting in the corner with his eyes on the floor, and she would spend it pining for him.

The candles and torches, which lit the fluttering canvas, cast a magical glow on the night. Entering the tent, she found herself greeted by a cheer as the first chord of a favorite country dance was struck. Merry voices called loudly, and dancers took their positions.

“Come, come.” An excited Daniel Dubois encouraged Reena onto the dancer’s line.

She took her place, the corners of her traitorous lips lifting against her will. Her mind wanted to hold on to her worries, to hold on to thoughts of Joshua, but her body wanted to dance. Whirling across the floor, she glimpsed Joshua for the first time. He sat in the corner, eyes downcast. His gaze rose to meet hers. Her heart caught in her throat, and she found it hard to breathe past the lump it formed. She missed a step in the dance and shrugged her apology to Dan, falling back into line with him.

Trying to focus on the steps, which by and large came so naturally to her, Reena kept her eyes on Dan. But she could feel Joshua’s gaze. Tingling heat filled her cheeks and spread down her neck to settle in her belly.

Whirling into a turn, she followed the others in the dance, coming in to touch hands with Dan, and then stepping away again. She glanced back toward the darkened corner where Joshua sat. He was still so attractive, though perhaps a bit thinner. His black waistcoat and breeches showed his mourning, but his eyes showed something else: a profound craving. A heat that burned her from across the interior of the tent.

The last notes of the dance played, and Reena turned, curtsying at Dan.

“Merci, Monsieur Dubois.” He looked devastatingly handsome with his dark hair, buff breaches, and tan waistcoat. But her gaze moved right past him, gliding over his shoulder to the spot where Joshua had been but a moment ago. “If you would excuse me, I must greet my uncle.”

Reena surveyed the room, searching for Joshua. There was a small band and a table filled with refreshments for the small group. A number of chairs lined the walls for those who wished to rest, but Joshua was nowhere to be found.

“Where could he have gone?” she mumbled to herself and moved to the opening in the tent, eyes on the room. She stood at the entrance, watching as the next set of dancers took their places. With her bottom lip in a tight hold between her teeth, Reena snuck out.

The darkness was near absolute after being inside the well lit tent. She could make out two figures in the darkness beside the tent. They stood very close, almost intimate.

“You are stunning tonight, my sweet one,” the male voice said before lowering his head to the woman in his arms.

Reena looked away, her fingers curling in the folds of her skirt. She had always wondered what it would be like to kiss Joshua like that. Her gaze slid back to the whispering couple, and her heart beat harder in her chest. She should move on, she knew it, but her mind had filled with the fantasy images of Joshua kissing her as Dan had in that alleyway so long ago. Better still, as this man now kissed his woman in the consuming shadows of the night.

Averting her eyes, she shook the daydream from her head and continued her search. It was not good to linger on things that were not to be. Joshua had never shown interest in her before. Though his eyes had lingered on her tonight.

The torches that lit the edges of the garden illuminated a lone figure sitting on a bench, head in hands. Something in the strength of his build and the dejected way he slumped told her it was Joshua, regardless of the shadows. Soft music filled the silence of the night beyond the tent. She stepped forward, hesitant to break into his isolation.

“You shouldn’t be out here, Reena. You should be in there, dancing and enjoying yourself.” Joshua sat up, eyes rimmed with dark circles, his countenance stiff.

The use of her given name sent a thrill through her, raising goose flesh from her head to her toe. She took another small step; sure she hadn’t made a noise. How had he known she was even there?

“So should you,” Reena said softly, her eyes gliding over his lean form. Her heart welled, seeing the man before her, so decimated by grief. Eyes tearing, she bit her lip, trying not to think of the great love he must have shared with his departed wife. Trying not to be selfish and wish that love were hers.

He rose from the bench, facing her, his face illuminated somewhat in the torchlight. His gaze wandered to the well-lit room from which music and frivolity emanated.

“Go inside, Miss Harrison, I’m not fit for company yet.” His gaze returned to his shoes.

“I don’t mind staying here with you. You are always enjoyable company to me.”

His eyes met hers. They blazed with ferocious intensity, burning into her, holding her entranced. Her pulse thundered in her ears, and her breathing became shallow. It seemed neither of them had moved, but in the next instant, she was in his arms. First he only held her, as if his life depended on the heat and energy of her body. His strength and warmth seared through the material of her dress. Reena pressed herself closer, clinging to his arms as he held her against his chest.

For a moment, that was enough. They held each other in the night without a sound. Then they were kissing. His tongue found its way into her mouth and made Dan’s kiss meaningless. There was something powerful and intimate about this stolen moment. Fire built in her body as his kiss deepened, Reena moaned deep in her throat.

That makes my mouth water.
Find out more about this and other titles at her website.

Ava Delany

Excerpt – The Librarian’s Love

Since the librarian finds her love tomorrow, here’s a tantalizing bit of some of her story.
Heat level: The Librarian’s Love is hot on the sizzlemeter.

Ava Delany–hey that’s me–writes erotic romance. The Soldier’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding Night are all coming through Breathless Press.

Who knew Paleontology would prove to be so much fun…

As a librarian, Erica’s life is a bit predictable. But when an old boyfriend, Daniel, walks into her section at work, Erica’s world becomes anything but routine. And a nearly extinct flame is rekindled in Paleontology.

“Daniel, how are you?” Erica smiled, her body tingling with unexpected

“Fabulous. After college I…” His gaze fell to the neck of her shirt.
The irrational desire to pop the top button made her fingers twitch.
He stroked her arm as he spoke, and her mind focused on the touch.
Drawn into the sensual movements of his body, his words were all
but lost in her response to him. He was the one that got away, and
here he was on what should have been another boring day. “…and
that’s when I moved back here.”

Her eyes traveled to his lips. His fingertip played over the back
of her hand which still held the book she had been preparing to put
away. His hip brushed hers. Her breathing and heartbeat were already
accelerated from the contact. Her heart began to thunder as he
stepped closer to her. Looking hard into her eyes, he whispered, “I
thought about you a lot over the last ten years.”
I hope you enjoyed this small taste of The Librarian’s Love. For more information on this and other titles, visit my website.

Ava Delany

Excerpt – Bound By Love

We have a sweet little treat that I hear is coming out tomorrow at Breathless Press.
Bound by Love
This book is toasty on the sizzlemeter.

Chloe Adderley is on the run from an unwanted marriage and a father who is far more dangerous than she realizes.
Faced with an ultimatum that she can’t accept: marry the man or starve to death in her room, running to her grandmother’s house in Italy seems to be the only choice. She will pretend to be a governess, and hire a ship to take her there. It is a flawless plan. When she is robbed and knocked unconscious, however, she never suspects that the man who finds her will mistake her for a harlot.

Captain Darion Bannon is dismayed to discover that the unconscious woman he has taken aboard is actually an innocent lady. They find themselves falling in love, and Darion admits that he is a Privateer for the Sons of Liberty. When they are arrested for piracy, as the Crown calls it, they face a cruel prison and transportation to the Colonies, and Darion must fight to keep the woman he loves. Only their love can help them survive the cruel twists of fate.

Hearing the sound of heavy boots drawing near to the door, Chloe ran to the bed. Quickly, she covered herself with the blanket and thrust the blade into the folds. She closed her eyes as she heard the soft clicking of a key entering the lock as though it were telling the story of her doom. Her ragged breathing seemed too loud. She held her breath.
She heard someone come in, and the door locked again. She continued to be patient, her pulse went wild, but she remained still. Finally footsteps came toward her, and a hand touched her face softly.
Now or never!
Chloe slid the knife out of the covers as quick as she could. The covers fell away from her breasts, exposing them to the cold air. The peaks went rigid, and a blush covered her skin. Ignoring this fact as best she could, she thrust the tip of the blade against his throat.
Gasping as she met the eyes of the man in front of her, Chloe peered into two dark pits that were sucking her in. Her eyes left his and glanced over the rest of him. He was not what she had expected.
She thought that she would be faced with a repulsive, putrid seaman with dirty hair and a long beard, perhaps even an eye patch. She was alarmed at his clean clothes and rugged, yet handsome appearance. A scar above his eye gave the impression he wasn’t someone to toy with. He was clean-shaven and appeared to be freshly scrubbed. A very masculine smell emanated from him, like salt, leather and sweat. It made her want to put her nose to his skin and breathe deep.
She chided herself inwardly for the wicked thought. Trying not to show the fear and excitement racing through her, she took a breath. She amazed herself as she held the knife steadily in her hands.
“Release me right now or I shall slice your throat, you cad. I’ll not accept your hands on me again.”
“You sure are a feisty little trollop.” He perused her with an infuriating smirk. “Put down the knife. I intend to pay when I have need of your services.”
She tried to appear confident, ignoring his words.
“Give me my clothes, take me to the dock, and let me go, or I’ll kill you!”
Her unflinching eyes stared into his. Heart pounding as though it would erupt from her chest and flee from the room, she tried to breathe steadily. Her hand shook slightly with the dread that coursed through her veins. She was not certain what scared her more, that she was at his mercy, or that she found the thought exhilarating.
He ogled her exposed breasts.
“I rather like you like this.” He smirked.
How dare he stare at her in this indecent manner! Chloe glanced down for a second to jerk the sheet up around herself, realizing her mistake at once. He grabbed her hand and twisted. The knife slipped from her grasp.
Wrenching her other hand back, he held them behind her, forcing her breasts into his chest. The friction of her nipples against the rough material of his shirt sent waves of pleasure through her. She struggled to get away, not just from the man, but from the feelings. They confused her and drew her mind from her struggles.
He pulled her up with him as he stood, the hard length of him pressing against her softness. The blanket fell away, exposing the rest of her ivory body. She strained to keep her legs together in an attempt to protect her vulnerability.
He towered over her; the top of her head came well below his chin. Stronger also, much stronger than he seemed. His lankiness was a facade, for the muscles bulged under his shirt as he held her in a vice-like grip. Dragging her with him as though she were a rag doll, he shook his head resolutely.
“You want to play a game, harlot? Good, we’ll play.”
Mmm. Now that’s tasty. The tastiest thing about this deal? The author is donating all her earnings for this month to help Haiti. April Dawn decided that every dollar she earns from the sales of Bound by Love, and Crushing Desire from Jan 29-the release date-to Mar 1st will be donated to the needy in Haiti. So, read a book and help people, all at once.
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Ava Delany

Excerpt – Hunting JC

I have a tasty treat for you today. An excerpt from hunting J.C. This is a smokin’ on the sizzlemeter, and is a bestseller on All Romance.
Hunter Brooks has been busy. When last he saw the Sherman family, he was still working his way up the corporate ladder. Now, he is the standard which all new climbers look to. Yet there is one thing that eludes Hunter-FAMILY. Hunter is under attack from all angles. Someone is out for blood, putting his business at risk and J.C. is after something far more personal and that could come at a higher price.

Jacinda Sherman has spent too much of her time letting everyone tell her what she can and cannot have. That includes Hunter. Now she’s grown up and what J.C. wants J.C. gets. She wants Hunter anyway she can have him. This time, Hunter won’t be leaving without J.C. getting what she desires.

Can Hunter pay J.C.’s price and still come out on top?

As Hunter cleared the doorframe, he was attacked, not by a mugger or drunken man, but he was attacked by her, J.C. Her hand twined through his hair and brought his mouth down to hers. Her lips moved under his, begging him to open to her, begging him to give her a try. She took his hand and placed them on her full breast. Her nipples immediately pearled in his hand. His mind screamed to stop this now, but his body didn’t seem to be listening. From the moment her soft, full lips touched his, he was putty in her hand. He knew his only hope of survival was that she had not yet become aware of it.

“J.C…” he moaned into her mouth as he said unconvincingly, “We can’t do this.”

“Shh,” she hushed, pressing her breasts further into his hands. “Just feel me, let me feel you.”

“Jacinda, will you listen to me?”

“Not if your words have anything to do with, this isn’t right. Or Jacinda, this can’t happen between us.”

“Exactly, that is…”

“Shh,” Jacinda pressed her fingers against his lips. He felt the electrical vibrations that were humming through her fingertips into his lips. “Please let me do this for you. I want to taste you.”

Five words were his undoing. I want to taste you

Hunter didn’t care anymore, honor be damned. He wanted her. She knew that. He knew she could feel his arousal against her stomach. His cock was straining against his jeans now, begging to be set free this time. He felt on the edge, wanting so much for her to touch him, to help release the agony he had felt ever since he had seen her get out the pool this morning, soaked to the skin.

He kissed her with an urgency born out of need and desire. Somewhere in the last few minutes, his body and brain stopped communicating. It was as if his body just took over. He no longer cared that this could jeopardize his long-standing relationship with Tony, never mind the rest of the Sherman clan. He no longer cared that this was something that he promised himself wouldn’t happen. He only cared that he couldn’t seem to get enough of her. He drank from her and was still thirsty.

Ava Delany