2 – Kismet

by #2
Genre – Contemporary
Words – 1792
Content warning – Contains graphic sexual situations – 18 and over only

Ella picked the pan off the fire by the handle and then promptly dropped it as the hot metal burned her palm. The fried eggs and bacon landed in the dirt and old ashes that surrounded the fire pit. Ella wanted to scream at her own ineptitude. Here she was out camping in the woods for Christ’s sake, just to please that incredibly gorgeous man she had met when she wandered into the local Bass Pro Shop by accident.
No question, Jake was by far the sexiest thing Ella had ever seen, in or out of tight blue jeans. But camping? Definitely not her forte.
“Hey, get away from that,” Ella waved her hands at Jake’s dog who was eyeing the ruined breakfast on the ground. “Oh, what the hell, go ahead dog,” Ella said in disgust. It wasn’t like she could salvage any of it, not even her pride.
“Hey, buddy,” Jake ruffled the hair on the top of the dog’s head. His hair was slicked back from his face and he carried a wet towel in his other hand.
“The water’s fine, are you up for a swim after we eat?” Jake smiled at Ella and her heart melted all over again.
The sun filtered down through the branches of the huge pine trees and gilded Jake’s dark lashes with gold. He took a look at Sam, his dog, sitting on his haunches with the remains of a rasher of bacon hanging from his mouth.
“Is that our breakfast?” Jake struggled to control the smile that threatened to spread across his face.
“It was,” Ella admitted sheepishly. “I’ll go look in the cooler in the tent and see if there’s something else I can whip up for us.” Like she was going to have any better luck with that, not unless there was a McDonald’s drive thru on the other side of the tent.
Ella pulled back the bug screen and crawled into the shadowy interior. She kneeled by the cooler and pulled the lid back. Nothing in here but a tube of cheese and a big bar of chocolate. Yuck, who would put cheese in a tube? Ella decided the chocolate was her best bet and along with the remains of a loaf of bread she prepared to go back outside to Jake and see what she could do about toast and maybe hot chocolate.
She wriggled around so that she could exit the tent flap frontwards and not butt first. As she prepared to lift the flap as small rat like creature ran over her hands. Ella screeched and propelled herself out through the opening, pulling the tent down on top of herself as she went. Still screaming Ella flailed wildly trying to free herself before the rabid little rat thing could get her. Where is Jake, her mind raced, why isn’t he helping me?
Finally, Ella crawled free and the first sight to meet her eyes was Jake sitting on the log by the fire doubled over with laughter, holding his side with one arm and wiping the tears from his face with his other hand. Ella scrambled to her feet, her face hot with a mixture of embarrassment and rage.
“Why didn’t you help me? That rabid rat thing attacked me!” Ella yelled.
“It was a chipmunk!” Jake managed to choke out through his spasms of laughter.
“It was attacking me,” Ella insisted.
“Not,” Jake assured her, “but just to make sure I’ll ban all rat like things from our tent from now on, okay. C’mon over here and I’ll make it better.”
A smouldering look darkened Jake’s eyes as he reached out his hand to her. Ella felt herself swallowed up in his chocolate brown eyes and crossed the few feet between them without taking her eyes from his face. Jake pulled her close to his broad chest. He smelled of piney woods and lake water, Ella decided right then and there that it was the sexiest thing she had ever smelt.
Jake’s large hands caressed her back and smoothed her hair away from her face. His lips on hers were cool and sent a sharp tingle straight to her groin. Ella leaned into his embrace and flicked her tongue across Jake’s full lower lip. He inhaled so strongly that Ella felt the pull of his maleness right down to her toes. Jake’s tongue entered her mouth and Ella pressed her aching breasts against him as her tongue duelled with his.
She slipped her hands inside his unbuttoned flannel shirt and purred in her throat as her fingers encountered the springy hair that covered his chest. Her fingers found the nubs of his nipples hiding there and she rolled them between her fingers. Jake’s knees buckled under him and he pulled Ella down to the sand beside the fire.
Ella enjoyed the feeling of lying on top of his male length; the position gave her the freedom to wriggle about as much as she pleased. And it pleased her to see Jake’s uncensored reactions to her movements. Jake’s breath came in shallow gasps as if he had just run a four minute mile and he kept his lips busy on Ella’s lips and throat.
While her hands explored this chest and flat stomach, Jakes tangled themselves in her hair. Ella dropped one hand lower and caressed the straining bulge in his jeans, Jake bucked his hips at her touch and the next thing Ella knew she was on her back in the pine needles and Jake’s hips were pressing rhythmically against her hips and thighs.
Jake raised his head for a second and smiled straight into Ella’s heart. Mischief and laughter lurked behind the passion that dominated his face. In one fluid movement, Jake pulled her to her feet.
“I think it’s time for a swim, don’t you?” Jake’s smile melted any coherent thought that she had. His hands on her hips pulling her tight against his excitement promised all manner of sinful things.
“No swimsuit.” It was all Ella could think of to say.
“No problem!” Jake’s smile grew wider.
He scooped Ella up and carried her the short distance down to the lake. He had lost his shirt somewhere and it only took a second for him to shimmy out of his jeans. Ella tried to swallow past the dryness in her throat and failed. Her eyes were glued to the magnificent manliness that rose proudly against his flat stomach. It stood like a giant redwood, the tip glistening in the early morning sun.
Jake’s hands on the zipper of her jeans brought Ella’s eyes back to his face. Her heart thundered in her ears at the unbridled lust that suffused his face. Her jeans dropped to the sand and she kicked her feet free of her panties as well. Jake’s large hands slid up her ribcage and cupped her full breasts. Ella forgot to breath. Without her realizing it her shirt joined her jeans on the sand. Jake pushed her lacy bra up to expose the pebbled flesh of her breast, he lowered his head and covered the chilled nipple with the warmth of his mouth. Ella’s head swam and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand without Jake’s strong arms holding her.
Impatiently, Jake freed Ella’s other breast and then simply pulled her bra over her head and tossed it onto the pile of their clothes on the sand. Ella felt excitingly vulnerable as she stood naked as the day she was born in the chilly morning air. She couldn’t find a thought in her head, it was all one wonderful, delicious sensation. The water cold on her feet, Jake’s hands and mouth warm on her skin, his tantalizing hand massaging her buttocks and then slipping around the front to slide between the heat of her legs. His mouth pulled on her nipple and his fingers slipped and played in the warm wetness of her excitement. What more was there to think about?
Jake walked her backwards into the water of the lake, past her knees, past her thighs. The coolness of the water in sharp contrast to the heat of his mouth and hands and the heat from her own desire. Jake pulled her close to his body and his throbbing erection bounced against her stomach, the deep purple head bobbing in and out of the water with their movements.
Jake cupped Ella’s bottom with his hands and Ella leaped upward and wound her legs around his lean hips. She felt the head of his penis penetrate her steaming centre and then there was nothing except the feel of Jake moving inside her and his mouth on her breast. Ella shattered into a million pieces as the strength of her orgasm rolled through her, she felt Jake shuddering against her and within her which only excited her more and pushed her higher than she would have believed possible.
“Oh, my Lord.” Ella set her teeth against Jake’s collarbone and tried to remember to breath.
“Somewhere there is huge tsunami,” Jake laughed.
“You think?” Ella raised her head to smile at him.
Jake began to walk back into the shallow water still joined with Ella. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed. Jake unhooked her legs from his hips and a small sigh of pleasure escaped her as Jake slid out of her body.
He laid her down on the sand, her head and shoulders on the now sun warmed sand, leaving her hips and legs floating in the shallow water. With a wicked smile, Jake lowered himself between her outstretched legs and began to kiss her inner thigh. Ella raised her head in surprise and then purred in the back of her throat as Jake’s lips crept up her legs and his hands caressed her flesh.
Ella wouldn’t have believed that she could be so ready again so quickly. She felt the heat rising in her breasts and her belly, the coolness of the water exciting her to the brink at an amazing rate. Then suddenly, Jake’s hot mouth and probing tongue claimed her and banished the cool water from her heated throbbing nub of pleasure.
Ella buried her fingers in Jake’s crisp black hair, while his hands fastened on her straining erect nipples. His fingers rolled the sensitive nubs while his tongue flicked and licked at her swollen and begging clitoris. Just when Ella thought she couldn’t stand any more of the pleasure that was so intense it was almost pain, Jake took a mouthful of lake water and squirted it over the heat of her excitement.
As Ella exploded into orgasm once again, her only thought was. “I’m going to love this man forever!”


One response to “2 – Kismet

  1. Enticing read however I would enjoy it more if it was expanded and there was a bit more time to get to know my hero and heroine. I think the action just happened to fast for me. I like slow building fires more than quick explosions although there is a place for both I guess.


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