7 -Just Another Day at the Park

Just Another Day at the Park
by #7
Genre – Paranormal
Words – 664

Belinda’s nose twitched as the man she would marry walked by her walking his dog.
So, he was the one she’d love the rest of her life. Good-looking, with dark hair and a muscular, tall build. She could see herself spending the rest of her life with him.
His chocolate lab wanted to run. She didn’t need her psychic sense to tell her the dog was about to break away from her husband-to-be and chase after the baby chipmunk at the base of the sycamore a few feet away. The leash strained in his hands. Soon it would break and the dog would massacre the poor chipmunk.
Belinda set her fried onion rings down and rose from the bench.
Just as she reached her husband the leash broke and the lab lurched forward. A scream escaped Belinda’s throat. The dog looked ready to eat the terrified chipmunk as it scrambled up the tree.
Belinda pulled her magic wand out of her hair and froze time. The dog stopped in mid-jump. Her future husband’s outstretched hands and open mouth signaled his alarm.
She studied him, pleased by his features. They’d have pretty babies. She’d already seen them in a vision, but it comforted her to see the future father of her children looking so good close up.
The dog inched forward toward the chipmunk. Around her a slight breeze started. The man’s mouth moved in slow motion, his white teeth gleaming under the sun.
Disgusted by the wand’s ineptitude, Belinda smacked it against her leg. The movements stopped and time refroze. She hurried to hoist the chipmunk up on a high branch where he would be safe when her spell wore off.
She had to use a floating spell to get up to the branch because she was only five feet tall. It drained more of her wand’s power, but she couldn’t let an innocent chipmunk die just so she could meet her husband.
Satisfied the dog couldn’t hurt the tiny creature she moved back to her place, hitting the wand against her hand.
Nothing happened.
She sighed. This was the third time this week.
Belinda pulled out a one-inch tube the size of her wand and closed up the wand in it. It sizzled and jiggled for a minute, then she pulled the glowing wand out.
That would give it another week’s worth of life. She couldn’t afford another wand right now. The economy wouldn’t allow it.
She made a sign in the air with the wand and hid it in the tube, pushing the invisibility button on the bottom just as life stirred and awakened around her. The loud sounds and fast movements reminded her of a train wreck.
“Bangles!” The man jerked the dog back by the collar, squinting up at the surprised looking chipmunk a few feet above his head. “Wow, that’s one fast chipmunk, huh?”
“Is he okay?” Belinda picked up the broken leash and offered it to the man.
He looked at her, eyes widening a bit. She smiled at him, used to the look. Most people couldn’t believe her small height.
“He’s fine. Hi.”
She handed him the leash and waited for him to introduce himself.
“I’m Will.”
Ah, so that’s his name. She could have sworn it was Wallace.
“I’m Belinda. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve never seen you here before, Will. Is this your first time?”
“No. I’ve been coming a lot the past month. I just moved here from…”
“Yeah.” He smiled, his hazel eyes crinkling at the corners. “How’d you know?”
She smiled and pointed at the logo on his t-shirt. That wasn’t how she knew, but it was too soon to tell him about her powers. She’d wait until the third date.
He ran a hand through his chestnut hair. “They’ll probably ban me from this park, that’s the second time this week Bangles has broken free of his leash.”
“Nah. They won’t do that.” She smiled. “Trust me.”


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