8 – Aphrodite’s Dream

Aphrodite’s Dream
by – 8
Genre – Contemporary
Words – 1988
Content – R rated material

Posing naked as Aphrodite, Leah Harvard stood on a dais with her back to a room full of artists. She glanced over her right shoulder, admiring her reflection in the imaginary water below. She glimpsed a late-comer enter the room, set up his easel, and light a fire within her belly. When Leah’s best friends asked her to describe her fantasy male lover during last night’s tequila fuelled declarations, she had never expected her confession to come true. Now she was under the seductive scrutiny of a pair of auburn eyes, which quite literally belonged to the man of her dreams.
Leah tried to remain professional and composed; now twenty-two, she had grown accustomed to taking her clothes off, working as an artist’s model, to pay her way through art school. For the first time, however, she no longer felt nude, but naked, and undeniably aroused.
What exactly had she said last night? Leah tried to piece together the broken fragments of her memory, to determine the exact nature of her drunken confession. She remembered the fantasy involving a man who would draw her, become consumed by his desire, and unable to control his lust, would throw her onto the floor and make love to her. The artist in front of her began to draw, while the heated scenario played in her imagination, making her blush.
What else had she disclosed to her friends? She recalled describing a tall, muscular god, shaggy golden hair which fell in waves about a chiselled jaw, and auburn eyes which absorbed every inch of her, their raw need betraying every emotion and desire. Leah recalled the scene in her memory, her cheeks flushing when she witnessed the artist in front of her exploring her body in the same erotic manner she had envisioned. His seductive gaze burnt holes into her body, causing her to tremble with desire. Leah began to wish they were alone.
Once his eyes concluded their examination, they met Leah’s gaze, since she no longer retained the will to focus elsewhere. A smirk played on his lips: he had caught her staring. The artist drew without pause; his pencil strokes fuelling her desire. Every line he sketched, transformed in her mind, into a map of every curve his lips would kiss. How did he manage to remain calm, while evoking a sensual fire in her body? How did this nameless fantasy have the power to turn her into a quivering mess?
Leah had never felt so out of control before and it shocked her. Imprisoned by her pose, she yearned to run and scream, instead feeling like a caged chipmunk. She tried to hate him for revealing her sensual desire, but when he smiled at her, the butterflies in her stomach chased every rational thought away. His full soft lips and perfect teeth were the only objects in existence, and in that moment, she wanted to kiss him, like she had never wanted to kiss any man before.
Leah tried to handle things her own way: she envisioned drawing him, his naked and robust form taking shape while the graphite strokes metamorphosed into a masterpiece of her own Adonis. This merely made her heart race and breathing laboured, thus she struggled to ban every notion of him from her chaotic mind, without success.
Leah couldn’t decide whether the afternoon ended too fast, or not soon enough. Her brain fried, she forced herself from her position, picked up and put on her dressing gown and slippers, before hurrying towards the bathroom to change. Afraid to make a fool of herself, she didn’t dare glance at the stranger. She stretched, massaging her aching muscles, before sitting on the stool, and putting on her lacy underwear, cream sweater, black skirt and knee-high boots. Leah longed for a cold shower; she attempted to compose herself by wetting a paper towel and wiping her forehead. In a world of her own, she exited the bathroom, and collided with someone heading in the opposite direction.
“Sorry,” she muttered, without stopping.
“Hello Aphrodite,” a deep voice said.
Leah whipped round, struggling to hide her delight when she found herself facing her mystery artist. He was taller and more muscled than she had realised from the dais; he gave her a charming smile, his eyes twinkling.
“Leah,” she gasped, holding out her hand.
“Josh.” He took her hand in his large soft palm, holding it for longer than necessary.
Josh. Leah repeated his name in her head, before coming to a hasty decision. “Would you like to have coffee with me?” The butterflies in her stomach reminded her she wasn’t usually this forward.
“I don’t date the models. It’s unprofessional.”
Leah’s heart sank; she failed to hide her disappointment.
“Although, maybe I should make an exception… just this once…” Josh winked, enchanting her with his smile.
She didn’t bother to try and hide her relief. “Sure. When?”
He stepped forward, and their gazes locked. She studied his auburn eyes, marvelling at the plethora of colours which sparkled, reflecting the sun shining through the large first floor window.
“Now?” Josh asked.
“Now works for me.”

Over coffee, Leah discovered that Joshua Brown was a twenty-six-year-old investment banker, who loved art, and walking his dog, Rosie. It surprised her, however, when the man sipping coffee in front of her, slid his foot along her thigh. Not one to be outdone, Leah grazed his calf with her boots.
They ordered a taxi, where on the way to Josh’s house, they stared at each other, breathless the entire journey. Once they stood inside his bedroom, Leah noticed the sumptuous king sized bed begging to be used, though she didn’t need persuading, bypassing her traditional attitude to dating.
“So your bedroom…” Leah panted, unable to finish the sentence, her heart straining against her chest.
Josh stepped closer, his face inches from hers, their hot breath mingling. “My bedroom…”
Leah tangled her hands in his soft golden hair. His pupils dilated, mirroring her own, while the edges of her vision blurred. “And your bed…”
He ran his hands up her back and massaged her shoulders. “What about it?”
Leah’s back arched, her legs weakening. Afraid of falling, she gripped his hair tighter, pulling him closer. “I like it.”
Josh raised his eyebrow and smirked. “You do?”
“Mmm…” Leah moaned, no longer sure to what she was referring.
Unable to resist any longer, Leah closed the distance between them, their mouths meeting hungrily. Josh responded instantly, his tongue dancing with hers, causing her heart to stop, and legs to buckle. When their bodies pressed together, she stroked his hard muscles, which strained against his shirt.
Without breaking their fevered embrace, Josh twirled Leah around, guiding her until her heels pressed against the edge of the bed. He lifted her, placing her in front of him, where she hooked her legs around him, pulling him closer.
As the kiss deepened, Leah grasped for the front of his shirt, haphazardly trying to undo its buttons with trembling hands. With difficulty, she resisted the powerful urge to tear it from his chest.
When Leah pulled away for what seemed like a painful eternity, Josh slipped the shirt from his arms. He slid his hands under her sweater, slowly caressing her stomach, before removing it with a single movement. Once their hot impatient mouths reunited, Leah caressed the muscles of his back, pressing her chest against his toned stomach. Their passion intensified, Josh’s teeth grazing her bottom lip and making her moan into his mouth, while desire coiled low in her stomach.
Josh stroked her back, unfastening her bra, and removing it with expert skill. He caressed Leah’s breasts, making her sigh audibly, realising he showed no ineptitude here either. She leant back on her arms, while he kissed her neck, working his way along her collarbone, and tracing the trail she had imagined him doing to Aphrodite, the subject of his masterpiece. She writhed underneath his touch, throwing her head with abandon, and enjoying the sensation of her hair caressing the small of her back.
Leah leant forward, undoing his belt and trousers. He kicked them off, while she traced her finger casually along the gathered edge of his boxer shorts. Josh removed her boots and unzipped her skirt; as she lowered her legs from his waist, he slid the skirt down her hips, until it lay crumpled at their feet. Then she stood in front of him, slipping off her thong and staring, while he removed his boxer shorts. Leah froze with shock, her mouth open with desire, when she realised the reality of the man standing naked before her, far exceeded her fantasy. Josh smiled, before lifting her in his arms, laying her down, and lowering himself on top. He groaned as their bodies pressed together, continuing to explore every inch of Leah, whose hands clawed at his back, and tangled in his wavy hair.

The satisfied couple lay in each other’s arms, watching the light fade, while the evening wore on. Leah’s stomach rumbled; embarrassed, she began to laugh.
“Hungry?” Josh asked, tenderly stroking her belly.
“Is it that obvious?”
“How does chocolate fondue sound?”
“I’m female. Does that answer your question?”
Josh laughed, sliding out of bed, and walking naked from the bedroom. For what seemed like an eternity, Leah missed the comforting warmth of his body, whilst trying to conceal the satisfied grin which spread across her face.
Josh lay down beside her, placing a tray between them. Leah’s mouth watered, her senses driven crazy by the plate filled with a selection of fruit, and a large bowl of melted chocolate. He picked up a strawberry, dipped it in the fondue, and took a small bite, before placing it in Leah’s open mouth. While she savoured the exquisite taste, he sucked his fingers seductively, enjoying the excess chocolate.
“No cutlery?” she asked, licking the rich cocoa from her lips.
Josh sat up. “I can get some if you’d like?”
Leah grabbed his arm. “Don’t you dare.”
Josh sucked the last of the chocolate from her finger, placed the tray on the floor, and lay on his side, facing her. Leah leant forward to kiss him, but he drew back. She giggled, reaching to pull him closer, but when their lips were almost touching, he jerked away, laughing playfully.
“Well if you want to behave like that, I’m going.” Leah pretended to be serious, sitting up, and dangling her legs off the side of the bed.
Josh reached and slid his hands around her waist, pulling her into his arms, where she went willingly. He tenderly brushed a curl from her forehead. “You’re not going anywhere.”
Leah gazed into his eyes before starting to giggle with joy. Josh revelled in her amusement, his deep throaty laugh sending shivers down her spine.
“You know, there’s a spare toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in the bathroom,” he said, hopefully.
Leah lifted herself onto her elbow and studied his face. “How thoughtful. What are you suggesting?”
Josh placed his index finger on Leah’s chin, and began to draw a line down the centre of her body. “You know… I’m sure I could even clear some space for your things…if you want?”
Leah watched his finger progress down her neck, between her breasts and lower, until she trembled under his electric touch. “Are you inviting me to stay?”
He ran his finger passed her belly button, and between her legs. “Only when you’re ready.”
“Oh I’m ready.”
Leah grabbed his wandering hand, pulling it away, as she sat astride his toned stomach. Josh held her hands in his, beaming up at her, the honest warmth in his eyes suggesting a tentative hope for the future. When she smiled back, Leah gazed into his eyes, and realised this was more than simply a fantasy. This could be the man she would spend the rest of her life with.


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