9 – The Maid

The Maid
by #9
Genre – Historical
Words – 372

“Dog is chasing that chipmunk again, devil take him. His lordship should have hung the thing when he refused to eat the scraps.”
“Harry Fried, bite your tongue. Ye shouldn’t speak so a his lordship. He’s been right kind to ye.”
Emily laughed at the bickering old couple as she folded the linen bedding.
“Ought to ban the fool thing from the premises. Run screaming after it until it—” His mumbling quieted until Emily could no longer hear him. Smiling, she stood, and took the linen in hand and moving toward the open door.
“I will take my chocolate in the library.” Lady Amelia faced the library door, her hand poised to open it. A young footman bowed and pushed past Emily to follow the order.
Emily’s foot had only just touched the bottom stair which led to the guest room she readied for the estates newest guest. Daniel Handle, a recent ,member to the peerage. He’d inherited a great sum and purchased the title of baronet.
The door opened. His lordship entered the room, a dark-haired man at his heels. His brow furrowed over concerned blue eyes. Eyes that, as they met hers, made her heart flip in her chest. “The ineptitude of the fools astounds me. They actually placed the tube on the—Emily, your manners.”
Emily snapped her eyes to the earl’s face, her cheeks burning.
“Pardon me, my lord.” She curtsied, gaze on the floor. “I meant no offense.”
“No offense taken, little one.” A deep voice sent her pulse racing even harder than before. She might well be that old dog chasing the chipmunk for the excitement rushing through her veins. The man leaned down, his eyes meeting hers once again. “I always did rather enjoy meeting a beautiful young woman for the first time.” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “The only thing I enjoy more is the second meeting. Until we meet again, my dear.” He nodded, then moved back to step through the door to the study, accompanied by the earl.
Emily held the linen tight to her chest and closed her eyes. The smile which split her lips carried with it a song, and she hummed as she ascended the stairs.


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