Guest Bloggers

Jan 1
8 Sascha Illyvich
22 Jillian Stone
29 Sherry Gloag
Feb 5
Mar 4
Apr 1
May 6

Legalish stuff – Each guest blogger is responsible for his own blogs. All opinions are those of the blogger and do not necessarily reflect those of April Dawn or the other bloggers. April Dawn also disavows all responsibility for other blogger post content.
Hey, I didn’t write their blog. lol

Potential guests
***If you would like to make a guest appearance on Let’s Talk Romance, please email with your top 3 choices for dates (Sundays only).
***If you intend to offer a giveaway, you are responsible for picking and announcing a winner
from the commenters. Email me if you need info for contacting the winner.


2 responses to “Guest Bloggers

  1. I watch for this Subdays Blog, Looks like a great topic!
    That is unless….:)

  2. To publish or e-publish. These days that is areally good question.
    I think that as we have learned, the profit margin for the author is greater with e-publishing. Like so many other things that computers do- it eliminates the middle man. The down side is, it also eliminates thier jobs. With more technology right around the corner. The animated book is probably about to explode. Childrens books will be the first great bennifactor of this in my view. Followed by action adventure. Romance to me has always been better left to the readers mind. ..When the technilogies fails on some large scale, for reasons yet unknows( Virus, war, government, regulations or whatever.) The hard copy published books value will stand the test of time.
    In the short term, a lot of it is about saving trees and fuel.
    From my own selfish persective having been married to a womann who was an incredibly gifted and sentimental reader.. Moving a lap top or book reader, beats the hell out of moving 200 books when you have to move,:)
    In a nut shell, there is a market for both and I think those that do both will have a lasting edge.
    Gerard Labrecque

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