Meet Us

Here is a short Bio from the Let’s Talk Romance authors.

April Dawn

I live in California with my loving husband and a beautiful baby boy who was born in ’08. We recently added a new addition. We now have a beautiful baby girl born in ’10. I enjoy reading, travel, and music. I have always loved to read. I have read voraciously for more than twenty years now. (OOPs, guess I’m showing my age there.) I think I wrote my first official romance scene when I was about fifteen or so. I started writing seriously in 2002, and finished my first novel that year. I started working toward publication in September of 09, and haven’t looked back since. In the future, I hope to be able to bring more of my characters into the world as I work to finish and publish the other novels that I have begun. Stay tuned to meet all the pirates, gunslingers and thieves that run through my head. Hopefully you will love them as much as I do.

Bound By Love and Crushing Desire from Breathless Press.
Visit my website or personal blog or find me at twitter, facebook, or myspace.


Ava Delany

Ava Delany is an alter ego, the dark and erotic side of an enigma. She comes out to play in the consummate darkness of midnight and hides again with the coming sun. Who is she? Hard to tell. You may enjoy trying to discover her secrets if you come into her world and play in the dark.

Visit her website
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AJ Best

A touch of real life in every story.

With a touch of real life in every story AJ Best writes on things she knows and loves. Romance, light erotica, paranormal and anything that sparks her interest gets written. This makes sure to keep the inner muse happy. Living in upstate New York has given her the love of all thing nature. Her fiance and four kids are the love of her life and help keep her sane from the menagerie of animals in her house.
Visit her website

Kay Springsteen

Kay Springsteen was born and raised in Michigan, the daughter of James and Audrey Springsteen. Her parents were soul mates, who taught her the meaning of love and happily ever after. When her mom read her Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Kay was hooked on fiction. She still believes in magic and real-life fairy tales, and the romance of life. At about age 10, after she’d read all the interesting books she could find in the library, Kay decided to write the kinds of stories she enjoyed.

After leaving Michigan, Kay spent several years living in Annapolis, Maryland, before settling in Virginia. She currently lives in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her seven adopted rescue dogs, and several of her children live nearby. When she’s not cuddled up with a good romantic read, or writing one of her own, she enjoys photography—and often the subjects she sees through her camera’s eye are none other than some of her favorite things: Her family, her garden, the mountains, and her pups. Find Kay at her personal blog and on Facebook.

Meg Benjamin

Meg Benjamin spent twenty-plus years teaching writing and Web design in South Texas before pulling up roots and starting all over again on the Colorado Front Range. Her comic romances are set in the Texas Hill Country in the mythical town of Konigsburg, which gave her a chance to sample some great Texas wine and some wonderful Texas food (research—it’s all research!). She can be found at her web site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Meg loves to hear from readers—contact her at


Emma Paul
Emma Paul lives in her own little fantasy world…well at least when she is creating the fantastical tales that seem to manifest every second of every day within the confines of her mind. She is happily married with children, and loves writing and sharing her imagination with anyone willing to read or listen to her stories. Her hope is to bring happy feelings into peoples lives by giving them a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Her wild, imaginative, and sexy tales will take you away to far off places where anything is possible and romance is hot.


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  1. Oh nevermind figured it out. 28 has a little boy and is from California? What happened to the baby girl? Look at the (about us) . This sounds very similar to my wife from Oklahoma and took a vacation with a man she wasn’t married too. Nice video preview?

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