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Armor Makes the Man Part 2

This is the 2nd install in the series on Armor to check out the first install please go Armor Makes the Man part 1

The various parts of armor can border on insane, each era and each country having their own little quirks in what they used and how it was used. Some would have three pieces protecting the arm while others just one. To keep it simple and avoid too much confusion I have only added the basic pieces I am also including at the end a link to site with tons of information:

So working from the top of the head down…

The Helmet: Worn on the head, usually had a visor.

The Paldrons: Were the pieces that protected the shoulders and arms

The Breastplate/ Backplate: Used to protect the Chest and back.

The Faulds: Ring like pieces that protected the areas on the chest that weren’t protected by pieces of armor. Hips, lower back, stomach.

The gauntlet: Protects the hands and wrists.

The Cuisses: Protects the thighs

The Poleyns: protects the Knees

The Greaves: Protects the calves and ankles

The Sabatons: protects the feet.

The Spurs: Added last and used to get that horse moving.

For more details information I suggest the Pictorial Glossary of Armor Terms

"Pieces of Armor"

Pieces of Armor.

Happy Writing.