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Cover reveal for Awakened, The Fetish Club #6 (Out Aug 27th)

Cover reveal for Awakened, The Fetish Club #6 (Out Aug 27th)

Nina St James divorced herself from romance a year ago when she divorced her cheating husband. Still, as an erotic romance author, she has deadlines to meet. Hoping to be inspired, she heads to the local fetish club to research all the exotic toys and furnishings, and of course the unique people.

Deven and Daniel Jacobs remember the vibrant sexy writer whose books had intrigued them since they’d moved to America. The woman who faded into insecurity after she caught her bloody bastard of a husband cheating. Deven and Daniel vow, after seeing her in a local fetish club, that they will reawaken, and claim, the kinky sex kitten they’ve been fantasizing about for years.


Author Taglines. Yes? No?

You’ve selected the key words culled your brand profile and created an author brand tagline. Yes? No? Well if you haven’t yet or you’re stuck, read on. Help and inspiration is on the way.

An author tag line is almost always a recommended part of branding. It is your brand positioning taken to a high concept, creative level. You want the line to be memorable, yet flexible enough to allow you to grow as a writer––but not so all encompassing that the line ends up trying to say too much. I see examples of author taglines that are working too hard all over cyberspace.

How can you tell if your tagline is trying too hard? Count the commas. Too many commas in a tagline usually means: 1. Author can’t self edit. 2. Writes in several subgenres. 3. Describes the tone and style of the writer, usually without much tone or style.

A quick piece of advice. Avoid puns. Always. Unless a pun is really, really great, please try to resist. I know this is tough for you clever ones, but you must trust me on this.

How about a few examples of taglines?

A little bit of laughter, a pinch of spice, and a sprinkling of magic dust.

Critique: Generally, this does not sound adult. The tone is younger than YA. Disney-ish. Avoid being too cute, or too friendly or folksy, unless, of course, that is what you write.

How about this tag?  Edgy, elegant, erotic romance.

Critique: The alliteration takes this no more than a half-step away from what I call a blueprint tagline. The author has basically taken words and phrases from her brand profile and strung them together. Note the commas.

“Science Fiction, secret agents, and bad boys gone good.”

Don’t use quote marks. It’s cheesy. And those commas are back again. Does this author write cross-genre or does she write in three different genres? Bad boys gone good, begins to get me interested. A playful line, but it needs something more. An erotic author who writes troubled, darker heroes might edge that up a notch. Now, bad boys gone good, becomes:

Bad boys can be very, very good. In bed. Why not bring the author’s voice into the line? Let me show how very good bad boys can be. Keep playing with ideas and tossing around lines.  See how outrageous you can be––take it way out there and then pull back.

Which leads me to the two sentence tagline. A descriptive sentence, then a second shorter sentence to punctuate the tone or concept of the first line.

And now for an excellent example.

Erotic Romance writer Delilah Devlin’s tagline seems to be the one used and quoted extensively in blog’s all over the internet. Here it is.

Get in bed with Delilah. Everyone else has.

Critique: Note the use of two sentences. One to set up a provocative premise. The second to drive home a clever bit of humor. Implied in the second line is the idea that many readers have read and enjoyed her novels. And no commas!

Now get back to work and create the next great tagline. No pressure! And please remember that you are allowed to refine your tagline as your writing matures or changes. It’s not the end of the world to freshen up or evolve a brand tagline.

COMING NEXT WEEK: You’ve got your brand strategy and your tagline. Now what do you do with them? Website and social networking are the foundation of your brand. A quick pass through those in the weeks ahead and then we’re on to advanced work in advertising and promotion for pubbed and unpubbed authors.

G. Jillian Stone

There are fields in time that burn with desire. Meet me there.

Jillian is a recent Golden Heart finalist for THE YARD MAN, the first story in The Yard Men Series. Set in late Victorian London, Scotland Yard detectives have never been as wickedly sexy or as brilliantly clever. To read more about her latest work in progress, THE SEDUCTION OF PHAETON BLACK, please drop by her website: www.gjillianstone.com jillstone@mac.com

ONE MAN’S THOUGHTS: Anatomy of a Love Scene

One day I would love the opportunity to sit down with a group of romance or erotica writers and hear the creative process that each goes through to develop a sex scene. Whether the story uses graphic or suggestive styles the art of novel writing doesn’t get any more personal than the subject of lovemaking. Everything from the details chosen to depict, the acts the characters engage in, and the level of description utilized all says a lot about the author. The love sequence is always a challenge to craft and that’s why I want to share my experience with you.

In the rough draft of my novel Savage Worlds I handled the consummation of the relationship between Jaron and Sheri, the principle two characters, with a short paragraph that simply noted that they indulged each other’s desire throughout the night. When I reread the draft I decided that something was definitely missing. After all there were nearly two hundred pages of how Jaron wanted her and how Sheri realized that there was more to this dangerous, uncultured man than she thought. The two overcame not only their own preconceived notions about each other’s race and culture, but also a myriad of external pressures that kept them apart. Now stranded on a harsh world, their survival in question, I decide to represent their expression of love by jotting a couple of sentences about how they pleased one another.


The process of writing an appropriate scene began immediately. Though nervous about my first attempt at a sexual encounter, I opted to emulate the same method I use for developing a violent scene. I clearly described the mindset of the character; why they were at this heightened state and how it affect them. In a conflict I will use key details to relate the physical interaction while blending in emotional changes to the stimulus. In this scene I did the same thing.

The first time a couple gets nude together is a monumental experience. By concentrating on that identifiable experience the reader can feel the same anticipation as the characters with the aim of creating a level of believability. Also, instead of Jaron and Sheri having a practiced perfect performance they have a moment where they bungle their attempts to undress one another. They giggle at their clumsy efforts and continue with great enthusiasm.

The sequence then broke up into three general parts.

The first was a foreplay section where they both explore each other’s bodies. Though the races in Savage Worlds are all ‘near’ human, they possess physical differences and there was a mild curiosity factor as they learn about the other. The second was the initial lovemaking that reflected the emotional satisfaction that their being together brought them. This spotlighted the awareness one gets when first with someone new— the Oh my God, I can’t believe this happening factor. The last part of the love scene was the animalistic stage. When the lust is so great a person forgets his or her own name. At this point Jaron and Sheri become so enthralled with the act that they are no longer aware of where they are. Making that point was critical because in my estimation it is the goal of a sexual encounter to reach the inner basic instincts and let go of whom we pretend to be.

As it turned out this template became my formula for writing such interaction. While there are variations to each, it is the heart of every sex sequence I write.

If anyone else would care to share their thoughts I’d like to hear them. Drop me a line at m.bingamon@att.com and I’ll write a summary of these comments for my next blog.

If you are new to writing then I hope you found this inspirational and don’t balk at letting loose on your own love scenes. Be honest. That will be your greatest tool to pull the reader into the passion shared between your characters.

Until next time, happy writing.

Michael Matthews Bingamon

Author Spotlight – Missy Martine

This week’s author spotlight is on Missy Martine.

The Pen and Muse said:
“Martine creates a world in which a reader could get lost in and never want to come home.”

Borrow Books said:
” happy to see that there’s at least one author out there who makes her characters strong enough to conquer their baser instincts! Well done MM!”

Sensual Erotic Romance & Erotica said:
“Missy Martine captures your heart with her tale of Cass. With the struggles Cass faces, you are overcome by the heart wrenching story of her past. Table for Three is a must read, scorcher of a book.”

Check out our author spotlight page and see what all the fuss is about.

Our Author Spotlight for February is Missy Martine.

About her-

Missy Martine is a retired nurse, and former business owner. She met the love of her life in an internet chat room back in 1997, and has been happily married for the last ten years. Now they live in California with their three babies, Beau, Midnight and Bubba. The three male cats live very pampered lives since being rescued by Missy and her husband.

Missy loves traveling, and has been all over the world. Although her favorite places are in the high desert, she has learned to love walking on the beach near her home. Her favorite vacations have been when they loaded up the jeep with supplies, and then took off for Wyoming and Montana to explore the back roads. Another of her hobbies is photography, and she loves taking pictures of wild animals. With her digital camera always ready, she’s been known to take several hundred pictures a day of the wildlife and scenery they encounter.

An avid reader of romance, she is a firm believer and advocate of getting a second chance at love. Visit her website and learn more about her writing.

Current Works –

Table For Three

Book Reviews R Us. 5-Stars
Cass Abernathy is heading to Oregon to claim an inheritance. She doesn’t expect to find sexy twin brothers determined to make her theirs, or an amorous attorney holding on to her inheritance. Will she accept the love offered, and discover the truth about her inheritance before it’s too late?

Discovering Her Wolfen Heritage

Dark Diva Reviews – 5 Delightful Divas
Remus has always known Maddie would be his mate, but a tragic accident and a cruel doctor kept them apart for many years. Now they’re reunited, but Maddie doesn’t know about her heritage. Will she accept the wolf that lives inside and give her love to Remus?


The Pen and Muse said:
“Martine creates a world in which a reader could get lost in and never want to come home.”

Book Wenches said:
” Ms. Martine has a talent for pulling her reader into the story and not letting them go.”

Dark Divas said:
“Missy Martine grants us with yet another wonderful book. She is a delicious temptation too good to pass up! Missy Martine creates a world of desire and love and adds a good dose of suspense. Like a delightful drug, I seem to be coming back for more.”

Trailers –

Author Spotlight – Missy Martine

This week’s author spotlight is on Missy Martine.

The Pen and Muse said:
“Martine creates a world in which a reader could get lost in and never want to come home.”

Borrow Books said:
” happy to see that there’s at least one author out there who makes her characters strong enough to conquer their baser instincts! Well done MM!”

Sensual Erotic Romance & Erotica said:
“Missy Martine captures your heart with her tale of Cass. With the struggles Cass faces, you are overcome by the heart wrenching story of her past. Table for Three is a must read, scorcher of a book.”

Check out our author spotlight page and see what all the fuss is about.

Sex Sells

Last week I talked about sweet sensual romance. This week I’m talking trash…well, erotic. LOL

I see it everywhere I go on-line. Erotic romance is the new wave. Personally, I don’t read them, but I am curious and must admit I am a little interested in writing it. So much so, I had an erotic romance series pop into my head over the weekend.  It’s a series about a matchmaking service dedicated to finding your compatible sexual mate.  I’ve already started writing the first one and who knows where it will go. With me, there is always more. LOL

So I thought for my post this week I would ask those out there what they like in an erotic novel?

Do you read it for the sex? Do you read it for the storyline? Are you curious what kinds of sexual situations the characters will get themselves into?

And let’s take a step further. What about Bondage romance.  Do you read it? What is it about BDSM that draws you in?

And for the erotic writers out there. What draws you in to writing erotic romance?

Sex sells, there is no doubt about that and apparently in ebooks it does quiet well. So here’s another question for you all. Do you think there is too much sex in books these days? What about TV shows, movies and commercials?

I’m curious to hear what you all have to say. Enquiry minds want to know. 🙂

Shiela Stewart

Author Spotlight – Missy Martine

This week’s author spotlight is on Missy Martine.

The Pen and Muse said:
“Martine creates a world in which a reader could get lost in and never want to come home.”

Borrow Books said:
” happy to see that there’s at least one author out there who makes her characters strong enough to conquer their baser instincts! Well done MM!”

Sensual Erotic Romance & Erotica said:
“Missy Martine captures your heart with her tale of Cass. With the struggles Cass faces, you are overcome by the heart wrenching story of her past. Table for Three is a must read, scorcher of a book.”

Check out our author spotlight page and see what all the fuss is about.

New Release

This week, I’m posting info regarding my erotic alter ego

Eve Knight

Writing as Eve, I have a new release out today with

Cobblestone Press

My story, The Angel, is part of The Pleasure Club series, and I’m thrilled that it’s out! I have to thank
Anna Leigh Keaton

for allowing me to participate in her series. 🙂

I really enjoyed writing this story. Amira is a woman with a lot of baggage. She has a chance for happiness, and she finally decides to banish some of those demons that have haunted her for years.
Here’s the blurb:

Amira Grayson is a broken angel who lost her wings. She needs the love and strength of Archangel Michael to help her regain the confidence lost one night and forever imprinted on her soul. Guilt for past mistakes carried since she was eighteen has forced Amira to seek the expertise of the Pleasure Club to embrace the love she desires. Will Michael’s gentle compassion and love be enough to rid her heart of its burden and return her wings so she might fly free to go after the man she loves?
If you want to read an excerpt, go to:
Cobblestone Press
Abbey and Eve 🙂

Excerpt – The Wedding Night

Here’s another small taste from my own collection. It ranks a hot on the sizzlemeter.

The Wedding Night is available tomorrow from Breathless Press.
You can find The Homecoming Series of three flirts – The Soldier’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding Night as well as The Fetish Club Series of novellas Captivated, Dominated, and Fallen (Coming soon) at Breathless Press.
Feel free to check out the review.

This wedding night will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

When Debbie suggested that they wait until the wedding night to be physical again, Todd had reluctantly agreed. Now after two months of celibacy, he is hard and ready for the honeymoon to begin. He grumbles when she asks him to go get champagne, but he’s not complaining when he returns to see what she has in store for their wedding night.


A candle stood on each of the tables and dim light danced and flickered across the walls. A chair sat in the center of the room, and a bucket filled with ice waited next to it. Todd recognized Debbie’s writing on a paper beside the bucket. The ‘i’s were dotted with little hearts and the sign read, “Sit down, and set the champagne in the bucket.”

When he’d followed the instructions, sultry music filtered in from the bathroom, and Debbie slipped an arm around him from behind, her fingers running down his T-shirt to the crotch of his jeans.

Did I wet your appetite? Check out my free toys.

Ava Delany

Interview And Giveaway With Ava March

Today at A History of Romance , I’m interviewing m/m erotic romance author, Ava March.
Hi Ava!
Thanks for joining us at A History of Romance.
First, let’s hear a little bit about you. Where do you live and write from. Tell us a little about yourself.

Ava: Hi Abby! Thanks for having me at A History of Romance. I live in the Midwest and write from home, usually in the basement and usually late at night, since I have an evil day job. I have a hubby and a kidlet and ss for other interests, I read when I can find the time.

Abbey: When did you first become interested in becoming a writer? What was the deciding moment for you? What prompted you to write m/m erotic Regency romances? What is it that drew you to that specific subgenre?

Ava: I had been reading m/f historical romances for a couple years when the first plot ideas for my own stories came to me. It took me another couple years to gather the courage to sit down and try to write those stories spinning in my head. I never before envisioned myself as a writer, but I always had an over-active imagination. So now I have an outlet for it. *g*

Abbey: Makes two of us. I’ve always had an active imagination myself. You have to be if you’re a writer. *g*

Ava: I love the Regency era – the emphasis on proper decorum and maintaining one’s reputation, yet anything can happen behind closed doors (and lets not forget the gorgeous clothes – I *heart* a man in a suit). I also love sex and angst in books, and with a Regency there is an extra layer of angst to mine since homosexuality was illegal. As for m/m books, it’s the relationship dynamic between the heroes that draws me to them. It’s different than a m/f relationship, and not because of the obvious reasons. I can let heroes be…almost more vulnerable in m/m than I can with a m/f, yet still have that inherent strength of a man. Plus, I just adore men, so having two heroes is just more fun. 😉

Abbey: That’s fascinating! I [heart] me too some alphaness and vulnerability and hotness all rolled into one nicely-dressed package. *g*

What do you find most challenging about writing m/m? Giving the men their happily ever after? the characters? The research? Something else?
What do you enjoy writing about the most?

Ava: The most challenging aspect is crafting a believable HEA, given homosexuality was a crime in the Regency. But it’s also the most satisfying element of the story. If a relationship can survive and flourish in the Regency, then it must be very strong and meant to be. A true love match.

Abbey: Getting to the HEA is the best part of a story. It not only means you’ve completed it, but that if you’ve done your job well, the characters will have that believable HEA.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? why?

Ava: I’ve written five books, and my favourite is…oh, you’re going to make me pick one? Okay, then BOUND BY DECEPTION.It has a strong unrequited love theme, a hero who’s into BDSM but quite determined to deny he’s gay even though he hires men at a brothel, and a best friends turned lovers theme. Lots of sex, lots of angst. Lord Oliver Marsden is my favourite hero I have created thus far. He wants nothing more than to submit to Vincent, to give himself completely to the man he has loved for years, and because of that he holds Vincent in the palm of his hand, though he’s not even aware of the hold he has on Vincent. The relationship and power dynamic in that one was very fun to write.

Abbey: I loved that story! I found Marsden very tortured.

Who are some of your favorite authors both past and current?
Dare I ask who some of your favourite m/m authors are, or is that too unfair a question? *g*

Ava: My all time favourite author is Jane Austen. Favourite m/f authors are Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas. I don’t read as many m/f books as I used to, but Quinn and Kleypas remain auto-buy authors for me. Favourite m/m authors include K.A. Mitchell, J.L. Langley, Shawn Lane, T.A. Chase and Amanda Young.

Abbey: Did you always want to write romance? m/m erotic?

Ava: Once I started writing, it was only romances. I couldn’t see myself writing anything but. I write what I love to read – Regencies and m/m romances. I’ve always strayed to the spicier and more unconventional books, so m/m Regency erotics are a perfect fit for me.

Abbey: Where would you go for the perfect vacation?

Ava: At any other time of year, I’d say England. But given it’s February, I have to say someplace warm. With lots of sun. The destination doesn’t matter – as long as there isn’t any snow.

Abbey: I second that. England would be lovely to visit. But not if you want to get away from the snow.

What are some of your favourite snacks/foods that you like to have near you while you write?
Where do you find your inspiration? Music? Meditation?

Ava: I’m not a big snacker when I write, though there is currently a box of Goldfish crackers on my desk. I get my inspiration from everywhere – music, movies, books, etc. It’s usually the emotion in a particular scene or lyric that perks up the muse and gets her spinning on a new book idea.

Abbey: I love when I hear a song or read something that triggers an idea, especially if I’m not feeling particularly inspired. *g*

What’s your favorite movie? song? book?
Have you ever modeled any of your heroes after any real-life men? Actors, models? [wink] Inquiring minds want to know.

Ava: I don’t really have one favourite movie. My favs span a spectrum from comedy to action to drama. Like Office Space, Good Luck Chuck, Emma and Vanity Fair. I’m a motown and old Jazz kind of gal, and I love Al Green’s live version of Love and Happiness, though lately hubby’s got me hooked on Pomplamoose (an indie band). Favourite of favourite books is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

There have been some models who have caught my eye during my travels to find man-candy for my blog, though I don’t model a character directly after them, more specific features, like gorgeous eyes or a perfect, kissable mouth. Have I modelled any characters after actors? Um…yes, loosely modelled characters after actors, though not the type of actors most people would think of. I do write m/m erotics, after all, and I’ll just leave it at that 😉

Abbey: Um…hmm…all right, then… 😉 On that note. [clears throat]

Chocolate or vanilla?

Ava: Vanilla, though I don’t write anything remotely close to vanilla. *g*

Abbey: LOL

Are you an animal lover?

Ava: Yep. I currently have an old, deaf dog and an old cat who is allergic to himself.

Abbey: Aw, sounds like a sweet dog. Poor cat.

Tell the History of Romance readers about your latest release.

Ava: FROM AFAR is a m/m paranormal Regency-set erotic romance, and it’s available from Samhain

It’s my first paranormal (vampires) and it was quite fun to write. It features a very lonely Georgian-era vamp and a dissolute third son of a duke. Here’s the blurb –
Some rules are destined to be broken.
Loneliness. A concept with which Raphael Laurent is very familiar. He’s lived a solitary life for thirty-six years, shunning the excesses of the local vampire clan—until he spots Lord Aleric Vane, the handsome and dissolute third son of a duke. For three years Raphael has watched from a distance, for only when he is near Aleric does the hollow, empty ache in his chest ease.
Cut off from his family for refusing to follow his father’s dictates, Aleric’s nights are filled with vice. But after three years in London, the city has lost all appeal. Desolate and penniless, his future appears bleak. Until a mysterious man drops from the shadows to drive off a trio of murderous thieves.
When Aleric awakens, he finds himself forever changed. The itch for more that drove him to London is gone. In its place is the feeling that he’s known the beautiful Raphael all his life.
But to save Aleric, Raphael had to break the rules, giving him a chance to love the one man he never thought he could have—a chance that could be ripped away by Aleric himself…
Warning: This book contains hot m/m action with a new vampire with a ramped up sex drive, and a dash of voyeurism of the m/m, m/f, and m/m/m varieties. Definitely not your traditional Regency romance.

Abbey: That sounds awesome! 😉

Do you have any upcoming releases you’d like to share?
Where do you see your career in a year? in five?

Ava: I’m currently working on the last and final book in the Bound series. Well, that’s what I want to finish next, though the muse has been having a field day lately. Perhaps my next release will end up being a different book. For the first time in well over a year, I don’t have any deadlines hanging over my head, so I’m just letting the muse go where ever she wants.

Abbey: I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait to read that last instalment once it’s finished. 😉

Ava: In five years, I’d like to still be writing and still have publishers and readers interested in my books.

Abbey: Good answer. *g*

Where can our readers find out more about you?

Ava: On my website –
or my blog

Abbey: Thank you again, Ava, for stopping by A History of Romance!
And to you, dear reader, if you leave a comment, one lucky soul will win a copy of one of Ava’s titles from her backlist. 😉
To find out more about Ava’s books, visit her site at:

Sensual Romance Verses Erotic Romance (This blog is intended for readers 18 and older. Strong language.)

     What is the difference you ask? Well, there is a fine line that can be drawn between the two. It’s not just about the sex and the way it is presented because both types of romances write it and write it well. The biggest difference I see is what drives the story line. Romance thrives on love and erotica thrives on sex. You take a romance minus love it’s no longer a romance. You take an erotic romance minus the sex it’s no longer an erotic romance. Let’s talk about what makes these two writing styles so different and the things that can cross over to make them similar.

     The dictation between sensual romance and erotic romance are two very different types of words. Sensual romance in many cases uses the tame terminology romance has used since the beginning. Tame meaning euphemisms. Euphemisms-The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.  Here are a few examples of words used in romance to describe a sex scene. (cock, center, sheath, thrusting, pumping, bundle of nerves)

     Now let’s talk about the erotic romance. Erotic romance takes the words people use today and waves them proudly for all to see. Modern/urban colloquial terms are the cornerstone of erotic romance. Colloquial- characteristic of or appropriate to ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing; informal. Here are a few examples of words used in erotic romance to describe a sex scene. (Cock, dick, cunt, pussy, twat, fucking)

     There is a wide range between the two. Sensual romance tries to stay on the subtle side while erotic romance tends to go full force, no holds barred. Sensual romance is the equivalent of an R rating, while erotic romance is the equivalent of an X rating.

     Let’s talk about what makes a good sensual romance novel. The pieces that must be there in order for a reader to walk away saddened that they reached the end. Plot and characterization are key, in a great sensual romance. You want the reader to believe in your characters and their situations. If they don’t the whole novel is a lost cause. The reader needs to believe these people could actually fall in love. You can’t have a romance without LOVE. Love is the backbone of every good romance. Without love it’s no longer a romance. You can have a romance novel with no sex but you can’t have one with no love. In romance the relationship drives the story. It’s all about the happily ever after when writing or reading romance.

    Now let’s talk about what makes a good erotic romance. Even though sex is a key factor in erotic romance and you can’t have erotica without it. The sex isn’t just about adding as many hot, juicy, steamy scenes as you can. You have to think about the big picture. What about the characters? Is the sex true to the characters you created? Does it make sense for them to be having sex? You can’t take the sex lightly. In an erotic novel, you have to be serious about the sex. A good erotic novel should highlight the characters sexual journey. The idea of journey assumes character growth, movement, and the progress the characters make in the story. Ideally the sex will take the reader somewhere and move things along in the story. “Why the heck are they having sex again?” That isn’t good in an erotic novel.

     Here are some publishers of romance and erotic romance:

     Publishers of Sensual Romance

       Harlequin Presents

     Silhouette Desire

     Pocket Books

     Leisure Lovespell

     Publishers of Erotic Romance

     Wild Rose-Scarlet Rose

     Siren Publishing

     Amber Quill-Amber Heat

     Red Sage Publishing

     I think both take a lot of effort to write. They should both be treated with respect because these stories come to life in an authors mind. Writing in any form is an art. I think it all come down to your comfort level and what you are willing to accept. I love reading a wide range of genres whether they are sweet or hot and steamy . They all have a place in the publishing industry. I hope you all enjoyed my take on sensual romance versus erotic romance. You never know, if you’ve never read one, try it you might like it. I will close with what some fellow authors had to say bout this topic.

    I think the difference between erotic romance and traditional romance (aside from the obvious erotic like GBLT/BDSM) is that in an erotic romance the sex cannot be omitted. It is a major driving force between the main characters.
April Dawn

    The purpose of romance is to touch the reader’s heart and stir emotions. The purpose of erotica is to create sexual feelings in the reader; to turn them on.

Connie Chastain

Tabitha Blake

Author Spotlight – Shiela Stewart

This week’s author spotlight is on Shiela Stewart.

“Shiela Stewart is one author that will be on your permanent TBR list.” 5 stars – Manic Readers

“Her style of writing is so electric it just leaps from the pages.” 4 stars – Coffee Time Romance

“Must read passionate and hot romance.” 5 stars – Night Owl Romance

Check out our author spotlight page and read about this wonderful author.

Author Spotlight – Ava Delany

This week’s author spotlight is on Ava Delany.

Night Owl Romance
3 stars
The author did a wonderful job setting the stage, the sex was good, and the ending was a heartwarmer.

Tracy from Tracy’s Place
3.5 stars
Cute Homecoming

Kate, Got Erotic Romance
4 diamonds
Seriously, it’s a fun story, a quickie, and sexy as heck.

Check out our author spotlight page and see what everyone’s talking about.

The Librarian’s Love – Release Day Announcement

Today is the day, my pets. The Librarian’s Love is coming to play, and you can be there for every minute of it.

Who knew Paleontology would prove to be so fun…
Erica runs into Daniel, an old boyfriend, while working in the library. Sparks fly, and they can’t help the passion that builds between them. They end up renewing the old flame right there in the middle of the Paleontology section of the stately library.

Spend time with The Librarian’s Love tonight.

Ava Delany

Excerpt – A Soldier’s Return

Today we are featuring an excerpt from Ava Delany. I’m very excited about this one, because this is my critique partner’s first release. It just came out on January 8th with Breathless Press.
Since I personally critiqued each of the books in the series, I have to tell you that the whole Homecoming series (The Soldier’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding night) is hot. I have promised her an excerpt here for each of them, so keep an eye out for that.

The Soldier's Return
The Soldier’s Return

Wet with anticipation, Janelle waits in her sexiest attire. She longs for her husband’s return from deployment in Afghanistan. When he arrives, she has a surprise for him. But she isn’t the only one with something to share.

Will this homecoming be as fulfilling as she desires?
The key in the lock sent her pulse racing, and she stepped into the hallway, wanting to be the first thing he saw. The door opened. His finely pressed military uniform accentuated the thick muscles of his chest and arms. His dark hair and swarthy complexion gave him the appearance of an Arabic sheik, and she wanted to be his harem girl.

A loud thump reverberated throughout the room as he dropped the bags he carried. Ignoring his widening eyes, she jumped into his arms, pressing her warm flesh to him. Ron’s muscles rippled under her hands. He kicked the door closed behind them, and her lips covered his, her tongue desperate to discover the heat of his mouth.

The Soldier’s Return
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