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Things I Have Learned In My Journey to Becoming a Writer

Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams

You are the only one that can achieve your goals and you have to push yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself who will? Nothing worth achieving is going to be easy. Everyone goes through the stage were they feel they want to give up but remember the feeling you had when you first wanted to start writing. The rush and joy of the dream in the beginning.

Find a Good Support System

Sometimes the dream starts to fall apart and doubt creeps in. I think if you could see doubt he would look like the Noid from dominos pizza. Bouncing around all evil and refusing to give up. However, if you have good friends that support you then you can push doubt aside. I am blessed with a family that believes in my dream to be a writer.

Writing Buddies

Not everyone has the support of their family and friends. People seem to think writing is a pipe dream. So, what do you do now? You find other writer to be your support group. No one knows the joys and sorrows of the writing journey like another writer. I have some of the most amazing fellow authors that lift me up when I am in a rut and push me a little further when they think I can do better.

Grow a Tough Skin

This was one of the hardest things for me to learn. Not everyone is going to love your writing. This does not mean you are a bad writer but you aren’t going to please everyone. I write paranormals and some people laugh and refuse to read about vampires and other para creatures. Does that make me a bad writer no, my writing is just no their cup of tea and that’s fine. So, don’t let one bad apple make you feel like your writing is a joke. You need the skin of a rhino to make it in the writing world.

Join a Critique Group

Not all crit groups are the same, it took me a while to find the right one, but when you do its great. I have learned so much from other critters. When I started I thought you just sat down, wrote and ta-da you have a finished manuscript. Reality check it’s not that easy and crit groups are a great place to learn the ropes.

Receiving Critiques

This was a really had one for me in the beginning but I have gotten better at knowing how to take advice. This all stems back to growing that tough skin. You also have to realize not everything a critter says will work for your story. Learning what works of you story and what doesn’t is your final decision not theirs. I always tell my crit partners to take what works and trash the rest. You are the only one that knows how the story should be written.

Giving Critiques

Be kind but be honest. If you tell your crit partner everything they write is great, you aren’t helping them. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. So, give them your thoughts and ideas on their work. There is a difference between honesty and being harsh and nasty. Tell them what you liked about the story too. A good crit partner will tell you the bad with the good.

Take a Writing Class

I learned a lot from criting but there were still thing I wasn’t getting. Therefore, I decided to take a writing class and it all became clear. The things critters were telling me I was doing wrong, I just wasn’t getting them all. Things like show don’t tell went right over my head. However, when I took the class and saw examples of the wrong way and the right way everything fell into place. I encourage everyone just starting out to take a writing class. You can even take them online.

These are just my experiences on my ongoing journey to becoming a published writer. I hope it helps to know we all go through these things and you aren’t alone. As writers, we have to come together and support each other. Most writers are willing to help a new writer and mentor them. They are out there you just have to find them. I would love to hear your thoughts on starting a writing career and what you are going through or have gone through.

I also wanted to let you all know I have a new website. Hope you get a chance to pop by and check it out. Leave me a message and let me know what you think. I will also have a blog on my site starting this Monday. Hope to see you there. Here is the link.


Happy Reading and Writing,

Tabitha Blake


Just for Fun

I had a really busy weekend but a great Mother’s Day. I hope all you moms out there did too. Therefore, this week I thought we would just have some fun. I found some fun little quizzes and trivia for you. The first few are for the paranormal lovers out there and the second half for the historical fans. I hope you enjoy them. Next week I will tackle something a little more serious. What that is hasn’t come to me but it will.

Paranormal Quizzes:

Lords of the Underworld Quiz (Which Lord is Perfect for You)


Which Immortal Is Your Soul Mate?


Black Dagger Brothers Quiz


Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Trivia


Vampire History Quiz


Shifter Trivia


Historical Quizzes:

What Regency Heroine Are You?


Which Austen Heroine Are You?


Which Literary Heroine Are You?


Georgian Costumes: Regency to Romantic Quiz


Historical Romance  Writing Formula Quiz


Happy Reading and Writing,

Tabitha Blake

ONE MAN’S THOUGHTS: Life Lesson From Literature

I want to share an epiphany I had recently. During a conversation with an acquaintance of mine we were discussing the nature of human beings, politics and the world in general. One particular point that came up was the idea that man is inherently good. That people as a whole, in any civilization, are fundamentally decent folks no matter what rules of that society maybe. To my own surprise I found that I argued that most of us are worthy individuals when separated from exterior influences. In short, I believe that people from any society and any era all have a fundamental desire to be good— and I can prove it.

Great fiction from any culture, from any point in history, has certain elements in common. The reason they have elements in common is that some concepts have a universal appeal to us and hold our attention. Books that retain a reader’s attention do well; books that speak to us about the human experience are the ones that endure. Such as the Odyssey, Lord of the Rings, and any Shakespeare play are epic examples. Each culture and time period has it’s own hallmark writers that capture the imaginations of many readers, but follow the same rules of success. Even those stories that are never famous that touch us in someway usually do so because they reflect something we admire.

What is it these stories all have? Heroic characters faced with incredible obstacles.

Even if the book doesn’t depict the Cyclops trying to prevent the hero from completing his journey home, there are always barriers the main character must deal with. Sometimes a tale of someone falling in love, battling cancer or surviving a disaster is more moving because it we can identify with it. Whatever the situation, we enjoy reading about a noble cause.

For the sake of my argument it doesn’t matter what genre appeals to you, what matters is these stories feature someone overcoming his or her circumstances. That is how people learn and we all have a need to see others succeed by becoming more than what they were. No one cares to read about a character that doesn’t learn anything and merely acts for their self-interests.

Allow me to phrase it another way.

I once attended a writing conference and the speaker explained that heroes are always more interesting than villains. Villains never grow. They seek power or to do wrong because they believe they are entitled to whatever they want. They are villains because they will do anything to obtain their goals. They don’t learn or change and that makes them a poor choice for a lead character. Heroes on the other hand must overcome adversity by learning about themselves and those around them. Exciting drama is the unfolding struggle, both internal and external. What captivates a reader is venturing through that process with the heroic character and experiencing their adventure through them— it always has and it always will.

If that is what makes a successful story, if that is what has always made a successful story, then it is my assertion that this universal attraction to overcoming adversity through the betterment of an individual means we all have the basic moral principals. What is considered admirable qualities among the ancient Greeks is admirable to modern America and everyone in between. This goes for all cultures, for I’m certain that if you were to read ancient Chinese tales, American Indian legends, or ancient Egyptian stories they would feature characters that performed great deeds against evil forces. In the end literature reveals the soul of a culture and mankind as a whole.

Happy writing!

Michael Matthews Bingamon

ONE MAN’S THOUGHTS: Word Selection

The next couple of weeks my wife and I are preparing to compete in a mounted orienteering events. We will be loading up the horses and hitting the trails with our maps and compasses in some thrilling competition.  I have not forgotten my responsibility of my blog and will leave you with following.

As every writer knows word selection is vital. It can be a challenge to at times to not write the way we speak. There is a wonderful book called 12oo Words You Should Know and I use it frequently. Here is one of two lists of the top fifty useful selections.

aberration(n.) something that differs from the norm (In 1974, Poland won the World Cup, but the success turned out to be an aberration, and Poland have not won a World Cup since).

abhor(v.) to hate, detest (Because he always wound up getting hit in the head when he tried to play cricket, Marcin began to abhor the sport).

acquiesce(v.) to agree without protesting (Though Mr. Pospieszny wanted to stay outside and work in his garage, when his wife told him that he had better come in to dinner, he acquiesced to her demands.)

alacrity(n.) eagerness, speed (For some reason, Simon loved to help his girlfriend whenever he could, so when his girlfriend asked him to set the table he did so with alacrity.)

amiable(adj.) friendly (An amiable fellow, Neil got along with just about everyone.)

appease(v.) to calm, satisfy (When Jerry cries, his mother gives him chocolate to appease him.)

arcane(adj.) obscure, secret, known only by a few (The professor is an expert in arcane Kashubian literature.)

avarice(n.) excessive greed (The banker’s avarice led him to amass an enormous personal fortune.)

brazen(adj.) excessively bold, brash, clear and obvious (Critics condemned the writer’s brazen attempt to plagiarise Frankow-Czerwonko’s work.)

brusque(adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive (Simon’s brusque manner sometimes offends his colleagues.)

cajole(v.) to urge, coax (Magda’s friends cajoled her into drinking too much.)

callous(adj.) harsh, cold, unfeeling (The murderer’s callous lack of remorse shocked the jury.)

candor(n.) honesty, frankness (We were surprised by the candor of the politician’s speech because she is usually rather evasive.)

chide(v.) to voice disapproval (Hania chided Gregory for his vulgar habits and sloppy appearance.)

circumspect(adj.) cautious (Though I promised Marta’s father I would bring her home promptly by midnight, it would have been more circumspect not to have specified a time.)

clandestine(adj.) secret (Announcing to her boyfriend that she was going to the library, Maria actually went to meet George for a clandestine liaison.)

coerce(v.) to make somebody do something by force or threat (The court decided that David Beckham did not have to honor the contract because he had been coerced into signing it.)

coherent(adj.) logically consistent, intelligible (William could not figure out what Harold had seen because he was too distraught to deliver a coherent statement.)

complacency(n.) self-satisfied ignorance of danger (Simon tried to shock his friends out of their complacency by painting a frightening picture of what might happen to them.)

confidant(n.) a person entrusted with secrets (Shortly after we met, he became my chief confidant.)

connive(v.) to plot, scheme (She connived to get me to give up my plans to start up a new business.)

cumulative(adj.) increasing, building upon itself (The cumulative effect of hours spent using the World English website was a vast improvement in his vocabulary and general level of English.)

debase(v.) to lower the quality or esteem of something (The large raise that he gave himself debased his motives for running the charity.)

decry(v.) to criticize openly (Andrzej Lepper, the leader of the Polish Self Defence party decried the appaling state of Polish roads.)

deferential(adj.) showing respect for another’s authority (Donata is always excessively deferential to any kind of authority figure.)

demure(adj.) quiet, modest, reserved (Though everyone else at the party was dancing and going crazy, she remained demure.)

deride(v.) to laugh at mockingly, scorn (The native speaker often derided the other teacher’s accent.)

despot(n.) one who has total power and rules brutally (The despot issued a death sentence for anyone who disobeyed his laws.)

diligent(adj.) showing care in doing one’s work (The diligent researcher made sure to double check her measurements.)

elated(adj.) overjoyed, thrilled (When he found out he had won the lottery, the postman was elated.)

eloquent(adj.) expressive, articulate, moving (The best man gave such an eloquent speech that most guests were crying.)

embezzle(v.) to steal money by falsifying records (The accountant was fired for embezzling €10,000 of the company’s funds.)

empathy(n.) sensitivity to another’s feelings as if they were one’s own (I feel such empathy for my dog when she’s upset so am I!)

enmity(n.) ill will, hatred, hostility (John and Scott have clearly not forgiven each other, because the enmity between them is obvious to anyone in their presence.)

erudite(adj.) learned (My English teacher is such an erudite scholar that he has translated some of the most difficult and abstruse Old English poetry.)

extol(v.) to praise, revere (Kamila extolled the virtues of a vegetarian diet to her meat-loving boyfriend.)

fabricate(v.) to make up, invent (When I arrived an hour late to class, I fabricated some excuse about my car breaking down on the way to work.)

feral(adj.) wild, savage (That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it.)

flabbergasted(adj.) astounded (Whenever I read an Agatha Christie mystery novel, I am always flabbergasted when I learn the identity of the murderer.)

forsake(v.) to give up, renounce (I won’t forsake my conservative principles.)

fractious(adj.) troublesome or irritable (Although the child insisted he wasn’t tired, his fractious behaviour – especially his decision to crush his jam sandwiches all over the floor – convinced everyone present that it was time to put him to bed.)

furtive(adj.) secretive, sly (Claudia’s placement of her drugs in her sock drawer was not as furtive as she thought, as the sock drawer is the first place most parents look.)

gluttony(n.) overindulgence in food or drink (Helen’s fried chicken tastes so divine, I don’t know how anyone can call gluttony a sin.)

gratuitous(adj.) uncalled for, unwarranted (Every evening the guy at the fish and chip shop gives me a gratuitous helping of vinegar.)

haughty(adj.) disdainfully proud (The superstar’s haughty dismissal of her co-stars will backfire on her someday.)

hypocrisy(n.) pretending to believe what one does not (Once the politician began passing legislation that contradicted his campaign promises, his hypocrisy became apparent.)

impeccable(adj.) exemplary, flawless (If your grades were as impeccable as your brother’s, then you too would receive a car for a graduation present.)

impertinent(adj.) rude, insolent (Most of your comments are so impertinent that I don’t wish to dignify them with an answer.)

implacable(adj.) incapable of being appeased or mitigated (Watch out: once you shun Grandmother’s cooking, she is totally implacable.)

impudent(adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent (The impudent young woman looked her teacher up and down and told him he was hot.)

incisive(adj.) clear, sharp, direct (The discussion wasn’t going anywhere until her incisive comment allowed everyone to see what the true issues were.)

indolent(adj.) lazy (Why should my indolent children, who can’t even pick themselves up off the sofa to pour their own juice, be rewarded with a trip to Burger King?)

inept(adj.) not suitable or capable, unqualified (She proved how inept she was when she forgot two orders and spilled a pint of cider in a customer’s lap.)

infamy(n.) notoriety, extreme ill repute (The infamy of his crime will not lessen as time passes.)

inhibit(v.) to prevent, restrain, stop (When I told you I needed the car last night, I certainly never meant to inhibit you from going out.)

innate(adj.) inborn, native, inherent (His incredible athletic talent is innate, he never trains, lifts weights, or practices.)

insatiable(adj.) incapable of being satisfied (My insatiable appetite for blondes was a real problem on my recent holiday in Japan !)

insular(adj.) separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off (Because of the sensitive nature of their jobs, those who work for MI5 must remain insular and generally only spend time with each other.)

intrepid(adj.) brave in the face of danger (After scaling a live volcano prior to its eruption, the explorer was praised for his intrepid attitude.)

inveterateadj.) stubbornly established by habit (I’m the first to admit that I’m an inveterate cider drinker—I drink four pints a day.)

I’ll give the second half of the list next week. Until then happy writing!

Michael Matthews Bingamon

ONE MAN’S THOUGHTS: Self-Publishing

Everyone wants to be published! Despite what we may say the fantasy of every novelist is to receive a fat advance for a book we’ve labored over, which is then placed by the dozens on shelves throughout bookstores across America. The cherry on top of this double scoop ice-dream come true is the chance to host book signings that line fans out the door and the blockbuster movie deal that makes your work a household name.

Only a few of the talented writers in this world obtain such fortune and fame while the rest of have to settle for more realistic fates. Perhaps your experience is less fantastic, but a publisher opts to put your manuscript into print and you sell a few copies. Or maybe a magazine publishes some of your work, which is no minor accomplishment either. The pay is modest, but the exposure is great. E-books are the newest media format for novels and with their accessibility is a legitimate form of publication. It lacks the prestige of printed books, however sell enough of them and that can change!

The bastard child of the publishing game is self-publishing. The author pays to have a publisher print their book, which is typically made available on Amazon.com and other Internet sites. Self-publishing companies use a print on demand model and only create copies as they’re sold. There are advantages to this approach and it offers a lot, but also there is a significant cost that accompanies it. Besides, when you do it yourself it creates mixed emotions. On the one hand the author took a short cut but on the other they have an honest to goodness solid book filled with their words to place on the mantle. The phrase, it’s like kissing your sister, describes it well.

My novel, Savage Worlds, is self-published and at the time I felt that was the only option available to me. The publishing business is not an easy one to navigate, especially when you’re a part-time writer with a regular job. After multitudes rejections from publishers and agents it appeared to be the only guaranteed path to see my brilliant story transformed into a book. While I don’t regret the decision, I do wish I had known a few details before I started. Allow me to elucidate the key points of self-publishing.

First and foremost is edit. If you can, have someone else go over your manuscript as well, but edit. Then edit, edit, edit, and edit some more. Self-publishers do not touch it. It doesn’t matter how obvious the oversight they will not correct a manuscript and that is how it will go to print.

Several self-publishers offer ala cart services and I highly recommend such a publisher. It saves money and you get only what services you need. The type of book and the author’s circumstance will determine what services will be of benefit. On the assumption that an author reading this blog has written a novel the only services required are printing, Internet availability, and copies for the author.

The cost of the marketing packages offered by self-publishers is disproportional to their effectiveness. The expense would be worth it if it yielded any results. The avenues in which they promote books are so saturated with other self-published works there is no impact. I was willing to take a loss on my promotional budget, but after seven hundred dollars of their promotions I sold no books. Zero. Nada. None.

What is effective is for the author to advertise the book on his or her own. In many American fiction magazines the cost is in the neighborhood five hundred dollars for a quarter or third of a page advertisement. Canadian, British, and Australian periodicals are much more reasonably priced— for thirty-five dollars (or less) you can purchase a half page advertisement. The results vary, but it will move a few books. While the money spent isn’t likely to be completely recovered; take great solace in the knowledge that there are people out there reading your work.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking options have reduced the role the publisher plays to a less vital one. An individual has fantastic access to self-promotion and it is a wondrous point in history to be a writer. As entertainers we can expose our works to a greater a number of people than ever before and allow skill, talent and lady fortune to determine our success rather than a handful of large publishers.

If you’re enjoying success with an e-publisher then the self-publishing industry has little to offer. However, if you’re dead set on having your book in print and cannot obtain the attention of a traditional publisher then it is an option you may want to seriously consider.

Until next time— happy writing.

Michael Matthews Bingamon

The Tour – Breathless Press

Today is release day, so I can’t go anywhere else on this tour today but Breathless Press
Here you can find Crushing Desire (Feb 12, 2010) and Bound By Love (Jan 29, 2010), and a number of other wonderful novels.

What you can find there.

Breathless Press has some interesting areas for you to explore above and beyond the books.

Along the top, you can see all the categories for breathless books. Romance (Suspense & Fantasy), Erotic, Paranormal, Adonis (M/M), Timeless (Historical), Temptations (Novellas), Flirts (Short stories), Forthcoming, and Free Reads

The most recent news and up and coming events can be found on the left side of the sign on screen. There are also submission guidelines for authors at the click of a button. On the bottom of the left bar, you can find a set of common tags you can use to look up books in the Breathless database, and a sign up spot for the newsletter.

To the right, you can see books you have been looking at, the books in your cart, and compare info on the books you are interested in. (They also have wishlists available for you to remember novels that you wanted to, but were unable to get–check out the forthcoming page to see what will be available soon.) There is also usually a poll there you can check out.

Now if you head to the bottom of the page, you can see a number of the usual suspects. About Us (and search and contact info), Submissions (and a sample contract), Customer service (and an explanation of the point system) and Job Opportunities can all be found at the bottom of the page. However, you will also be able to Meet Breathless Press, an interesting link with a little info on some of the major players in the company, and visit the Breathless G-spots.
In the G-Spots you will find the company twitter, and facebook accounts to keep up on the latest. And you can also find the blog.
That is for another tour, but I suggest you check it out, there are some very fun and interesting blog.

Let’s see what Justyn had to say to readers about Breathless Press.

Hello. I’m Justyn Perry, publisher at Breathless Press. Publishing is not a difficult profession, but it is a challenging one. The individual has to be aware of trends, author popularity, and most of all computer savvy. Once these three areas are met, it just takes time and effort to grow the company, very much like any company. Breathless Press is rapidly growing thanks in part to some key people.

Why did you decide to start this site?

I decided to start Breathless Press in July of 2009 in the middle of the night. At that time, it was just a small thought and nothing more but when I thought about it again and again, I decided to go ahead with it.

When did you start your site?

The site actually came into existence July 26th, 2009. At that time there was only 2 authors and 9 books. After that day, I crossed my fingers and hoped that we would be accepted by the reading community. Shortly after, we received our first submission (after opening).

What aspect of the site are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the number of authors and books we have contracted since opening. To date, we have 15 authors and 38 titles. To me, this tells us that Breathless Press is becoming a recognizable place.

What can we expect from you next?

What’s next… That’s a tough question. Breathless Press will be expanding in the coming months. By Summer, we are planning on bumping up our production schedule to 2 new releases each week. This means an increase in editors, authors, and other staff. We are currently in the talks of expanding into print. We have a few books that we are working on to get them ready to head off to the printers. There will be 5-8 slots for print books each year.

Anything else you would like A History readers to know?

The Romance genre has been around for centuries. From early writers such as Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice) and Mary Shelley; the genre has grown exponentially into a multibillion dollar industry. I hope that Breathless Press can carve out a small portion of this niche and provide quality books to readers.
Thank you for coming along on the tour this week. See you next time.

April Dawn

The Tour – Veiled Secrets Reviews

Veiled Secrets Reviews
Today on our tour, we are stopping by a newer site that you might not know much about. All aboard for our tour of Veiled Secrets Reviews

What you will find when you get there-

Reviews of course. 😀 Veiled Secrets Reviews contains an easy to find list of the most recent reviews right on their home page. You can also find a link to their latest contest, and Forums on the main page. They also have a link to their author/publisher pages where author can find promo opportunities and request a review.

Now, what I thought was really cool about this site was the rating system. It is all about the dragon on Veiled Secrets.

One dragon – A real Harvey. Makes you want to chuck the book.
Two dragons – A ho hummer. Ok, but easy to put down.
Three dragons – A good read. Your average romance.
Four dragons – A page turner. Keeps you interested.
Five dragons – A must read. Makes you do an instant search for more by the author.
And the coveted sparkling dragon – A keeper. The book that will join the what books do you love most list.

Is that all? I hear you asking it. No there’s more. The dragons are color coded. A cute and interesting way to show the heat level of the story.

Pink – These books conduct most of the lovin’ behind closed doors or after a fade out. Sweetly sensual.
Purple -Little bit of steam getting generated but not enough to fog up your glasses.
Red – Scorching hot. Highly descriptive. Little to no kink
White – Hot kinky sex. Off the mainstream. Gay, Menage or more. Bondage

In addition, a number of the review pages, which are listed alphabetically by author, have author bios.

Let’s see what Megan had to say to you about Veiled Secrets-

G’day. Working at a romance only book store I learnt that many people simply bought the same authors all the time. Never branched out, never tried something new because they were worried they’d waste their money. Being a person who reads very quickly I decided I could fix this problem if I read masses of books and then when people came in I’d be able to tell them about books that they might like so they’d have a few more authors to try. Now I’m doing the same thing on the internet. Reading books to weed the good books from the wall bangers so you don’t have to pay good money to find out that the book your reading sucks beyond all belief.

Why did you decide to start this site?

I had been reviewing for several years for other websites. However with the amount of time it took between handing my reviews in and them appearing on site I thought maybe I could do it better, I mean its really frustrating to hand in a review days after the books release and not see it live on the site for six months or more. So when my favourite site to review for shut down I finally got motivated and set to work on my own website. I’m really opinionated so having the site is a great way to express myself, now my reviews go on the site as soon as I finish them and I get to play with web design too. I really couldn’t run Veiled Secrets Reviews without the help of my reviewers though. The quality of reviews they hand in is amazing.

When did you start your site?

August 2009

What aspect of the site are you most proud of?

We’re honest. Even if a review isn’t very complimentary it goes up, by the same standard we’re not ragging every book just to be entertaining to our readers. I also am quite proud of how nice the site looks. Its the feedback from authors and reader that have made the biggest difference though, letting me know what works and the occasional thing that didn’t (the sparkly dragon was absolutely frenic for a few days)

What can we expect from you next?

We have new reviews nearly every day. Coming soon are reviews for books by Carol Lynne, Kerrilyn Sparks, Carrie Vaughn and many more.

Anything else you would like A History readers to know?

We don’t just review the big publishers. Every romance title sent to us is put before the reviewers for their selection. We don’t discriminate against sub genres either. We’re always looking for new reviewers too. Ladies or gents who love to read romance are always welcome to join our ranks. Lord knows we’ve got plenty of titles to go around.


Where a secret awaits you under every cover.

The Tour – The Season

The Season is a unique style of romance site, which is why the tour bus is making this stop. Hope you enjoy the tour.

What you can find there.

This is an interesting style for a site. You can shuffle through information, excerpts, etc on the main site page. After you click next past the owners book ad, you will see the table of contents. You can keep shuffling through the things on the main page, or you can go to any of the choices available in the table of contents.

From the table of contents, you can check out the blog which has some interesting information on recent releases. There is also a forum, though it isn’t exactly buzzing. Next you will find the monthly calender of events, author interview, and giveaway listed in this table of contents as well.

You can vote for the best novels and covers of 09, and check out the top reviewer picks for Dec/Jan. You can even check out the previews of upcoming releases. And if all of this isn’t enough, there are free reads, and contests, and archives to look through.

This site is certainly worth a look. Check it out.

Let’s see what Bev has to say to readers about The Season.

Good day everyone. My name is Beverley Kendall and I run The Season sites. What is The Season you ask? The Season is a site dedicated to bringing readers everything they need to know about current and upcoming historical romances. From covers to review links and buy links from the top 6 online book retailers, The Season tries to include everything a reader would want to know about each book. I’ve branched out to include 4 (four) contemporary and paranormal titles every month. The site does include a blog and a forum and I have LOTS of book giveaways.

1- Why did you decide to start this site?
I decided to start my site from a suggestion Kris Alice made on Twitter. She wanted a place where find a list of debut authors. My sister said why don’t you do a site like that. I thought a site that narrow in scope wouldn’t attract enough visitors and that’s how I came up with The Season. This site would, of course, benefit me because I am a new author who doesn’t have much promotion from my publisher behind me, so this would be ideal for me in promoting my book.

2- When did you start your site?
I started the site in mid-May of 2009.

3- What aspect of the site are you most proud of?
The thing I love about The Season is that not only is it informative, as it shows the cover, the backcover blurb, the specs of the book, buy links and booktrailers, but I think I manage to do it in an attractive enough way to entice readers to stay awhile. I also really love the blog. I think it’s added a much needed meeting place for readers to interact with authors. I also love the fact that I give away a lot of books. I think there’s no better way to attract readers than to give them a sample of what they love to read, might read, or are willing to read.

4- What can we expect from you next?
Regarding the site, I expect I’ll be trying to come up with other ways to attract more visitors, and the stuff that isn’t working I’ll stop doing that. When it comes to my books, my second novel, currently titled THE GAUNTLET, will hit the bookstore shelves January 2011.

5- Anything else you would like A History readers to know?
My debut historical, SINFUL SURRENDER is now available for purchase. 🙂

Thanks for taking the tour with us, we’ve been happy to have you along. See you next week.

April Dawn

The Tour- All About Romance

Next let’s stop at All About Romance

This is a huge site with some interesting features and a wonderful forum.

What you can find on the site. —

On the front page of the All About Romance website, you will find a ‘what’s new’ box with information on the latest happenings on the site.

In the menu options at the top you will find a large review section, with loads of information about their reviews, as well as some interesting older features, like Pandora’s box and Historical Designations.

They have a forum for readers to enjoy chatting with each other about book related topics and reviews. And an author forum where readers can find the latest news the visiting authors have posted.

You can also find a blog, some funny parodies, and a lot of interesting information related to romance novels under their features menu. You can find author interviews, articles, and journals, which are very informative and fun to read.

It’s a place where you can spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun.

Let’s see what Lynn S. wanted to say to readers about All About Romance.

Thank you for thinking of us and I hope you enjoy visiting the site. We love hearing from readers on our message boards and blogs!

I’d like to thank Lynn S. for joining us here today, and thank you all for joining us on this tour of All About Romance.

April Dawn

The Tour – Smart Bitches Trashy Books

I decided to visit some fun places on the web and take you with me. Our first stop on our tour of the best romance sites on the web isSmart Bitches Trashy Books I have been a frequent visitor of this site for some time now. The site is run by Candy and Sarah. They have wit and a wonderful sense of humor. This makes Smart Bitches Trashy Books a wonderful place to visit when you are looking for reviews and blogs with a kick.

What you can find on the site. —

On Smart Bitches Trashy Books you can find a number of subjects in the blogs, though not all romance related. The archives go back to 2005, so there is a lot to look at just in the archive section alone. If you have a question, visit the informative and amusing ‘Faq u’ section. In addition to all the irreverent fun, writers can advertise on this site, and they have a section for this clearly marked.

To the right on every page you can find their Greatest Hits, recent posts and comments, and if you scroll all the way down, some silly rants.
All in all a site well worth a visit!

Let’s see what site owners Candy and Sarah have to say about Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Howdy! The best thing about the internet is that there is plenty of room for all the different romance fans – which is a very good thing because there’s a few bazillion of us according to our last survey. So welcome to A History of Romance, and I’m very pleased to meet you!

1– Why did you decide to start this site?

We wanted to create a site where we could review and examine romances critically, harnessing the powers of our sexy and the slightly-less-powerful powers of our English degrees to look at the sublime and the ridiculous that is romance. We specialize in frank and somewhat saucy reviews, discussions of the genre, and random acts of insane silliness.

2– When did you start your site?

January 2005.

3- What aspect of the site are you most proud of?

The community of readers and fans of romance who come every day to talk to us. I continually learn from them, and really, the site isn’t popular because of us. The magic is in the comments.

4- What can we expect from you next?

Mostly awesome with a 30% chance of bodacious!

5- Anything else you would like A History readers to know?

Romance is awesome! But I bet they know that already.
I want to thank Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for visiting with us.

As always, have fun exploring romance,

April Dawn