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ONE MAN’S THOUGHTS: Finding the Zone

I find myself set up at my dinning room table with my laptop in an attempt to decide what to post for tomorrow’s blog. With tomorrow being Easter it brings up a variety of random thoughts that are difficult to herd. However, this is sort of challenge that is very much a part of writing, so we’ll explore these thoughts together.

First of all Easter has always been one of my son’s favorite holidays after Christmas and Halloween. Christopher enjoyed the egg hunts in the yard and of course all the goodies that he received. There was always a delicious ham dinner at his grandmother’s house where Christopher would acquire additional gifts and booty. Every year he made out like fox in a hen house with money, chocolate, and toys! However, at the tender age of twenty he’s grown up and is currently overseas serving in the United States Marine Corps. Hunting for colored eggs is likely the furthest thing from his mind today as he goes about his duties. This Easter, as we did last year, we will have our dinner without Christopher. We will gather together, speak fondly of him and pray for his safe return.

Besides the melancholy reflections of a father I am concerned with the progress of my current writing endeavor. I have a great start, but have noticed that I’ve fallen into some habits that I was looking to break. My awareness of this is a positive. I still can go through and rework certain sections to accomplish my goals. The real boost has been reading the other posts on this blog. Inspiration, humor and useful hints have assisted me in pushing my limits as a writer and I do feel fortunate to be a part of A History of Romance.

That is enough of my self-indulgent ramblings. It is time to offer something on the subject of writing.

One bit of advice I can offer to other authors is the importance of choosing good conditions in which to work. If you acknowledge that you write better under the correct circumstances then you can arrange to have those conditions. It creates an atmosphere of productivity that you can focus your efforts in.

For me, I write best at night. It is ten o’clock, the breeze is wafting through the window and a world of infinite possibilities is churning in my mind. The darkness outside holds mystery and I can see whatever I want within it. I’m not sure what my fascination with the nocturnal hours is, but I’ve always felt more alive and more myself during its passing. When I write at these hours it flows from me without pause, the character’s voices are loud and the scenes are crystal sharp in my mind. It is a powerful vision and I loose all sense of time while within it.

Editing is another story. I do best during the morning with corrections, rewrites and fixes. The burden of the day hasn’t worn down my mind and the fiery chimerical images that spur my writing at night aren’t distracting me.

So be aware of what works for you, roll with it and don’t fight it. You’ll be more productive and a lot happier. In the meanwhile I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and until next time, happy writing.

Michael Matthews Bingamon


The Tour – Breathless Press

Today is release day, so I can’t go anywhere else on this tour today but Breathless Press
Here you can find Crushing Desire (Feb 12, 2010) and Bound By Love (Jan 29, 2010), and a number of other wonderful novels.

What you can find there.

Breathless Press has some interesting areas for you to explore above and beyond the books.

Along the top, you can see all the categories for breathless books. Romance (Suspense & Fantasy), Erotic, Paranormal, Adonis (M/M), Timeless (Historical), Temptations (Novellas), Flirts (Short stories), Forthcoming, and Free Reads

The most recent news and up and coming events can be found on the left side of the sign on screen. There are also submission guidelines for authors at the click of a button. On the bottom of the left bar, you can find a set of common tags you can use to look up books in the Breathless database, and a sign up spot for the newsletter.

To the right, you can see books you have been looking at, the books in your cart, and compare info on the books you are interested in. (They also have wishlists available for you to remember novels that you wanted to, but were unable to get–check out the forthcoming page to see what will be available soon.) There is also usually a poll there you can check out.

Now if you head to the bottom of the page, you can see a number of the usual suspects. About Us (and search and contact info), Submissions (and a sample contract), Customer service (and an explanation of the point system) and Job Opportunities can all be found at the bottom of the page. However, you will also be able to Meet Breathless Press, an interesting link with a little info on some of the major players in the company, and visit the Breathless G-spots.
In the G-Spots you will find the company twitter, and facebook accounts to keep up on the latest. And you can also find the blog.
That is for another tour, but I suggest you check it out, there are some very fun and interesting blog.

Let’s see what Justyn had to say to readers about Breathless Press.

Hello. I’m Justyn Perry, publisher at Breathless Press. Publishing is not a difficult profession, but it is a challenging one. The individual has to be aware of trends, author popularity, and most of all computer savvy. Once these three areas are met, it just takes time and effort to grow the company, very much like any company. Breathless Press is rapidly growing thanks in part to some key people.

Why did you decide to start this site?

I decided to start Breathless Press in July of 2009 in the middle of the night. At that time, it was just a small thought and nothing more but when I thought about it again and again, I decided to go ahead with it.

When did you start your site?

The site actually came into existence July 26th, 2009. At that time there was only 2 authors and 9 books. After that day, I crossed my fingers and hoped that we would be accepted by the reading community. Shortly after, we received our first submission (after opening).

What aspect of the site are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the number of authors and books we have contracted since opening. To date, we have 15 authors and 38 titles. To me, this tells us that Breathless Press is becoming a recognizable place.

What can we expect from you next?

What’s next… That’s a tough question. Breathless Press will be expanding in the coming months. By Summer, we are planning on bumping up our production schedule to 2 new releases each week. This means an increase in editors, authors, and other staff. We are currently in the talks of expanding into print. We have a few books that we are working on to get them ready to head off to the printers. There will be 5-8 slots for print books each year.

Anything else you would like A History readers to know?

The Romance genre has been around for centuries. From early writers such as Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice) and Mary Shelley; the genre has grown exponentially into a multibillion dollar industry. I hope that Breathless Press can carve out a small portion of this niche and provide quality books to readers.
Thank you for coming along on the tour this week. See you next time.

April Dawn

The Tour – Veiled Secrets Reviews

Veiled Secrets Reviews
Today on our tour, we are stopping by a newer site that you might not know much about. All aboard for our tour of Veiled Secrets Reviews

What you will find when you get there-

Reviews of course. 😀 Veiled Secrets Reviews contains an easy to find list of the most recent reviews right on their home page. You can also find a link to their latest contest, and Forums on the main page. They also have a link to their author/publisher pages where author can find promo opportunities and request a review.

Now, what I thought was really cool about this site was the rating system. It is all about the dragon on Veiled Secrets.

One dragon – A real Harvey. Makes you want to chuck the book.
Two dragons – A ho hummer. Ok, but easy to put down.
Three dragons – A good read. Your average romance.
Four dragons – A page turner. Keeps you interested.
Five dragons – A must read. Makes you do an instant search for more by the author.
And the coveted sparkling dragon – A keeper. The book that will join the what books do you love most list.

Is that all? I hear you asking it. No there’s more. The dragons are color coded. A cute and interesting way to show the heat level of the story.

Pink – These books conduct most of the lovin’ behind closed doors or after a fade out. Sweetly sensual.
Purple -Little bit of steam getting generated but not enough to fog up your glasses.
Red – Scorching hot. Highly descriptive. Little to no kink
White – Hot kinky sex. Off the mainstream. Gay, Menage or more. Bondage

In addition, a number of the review pages, which are listed alphabetically by author, have author bios.

Let’s see what Megan had to say to you about Veiled Secrets-

G’day. Working at a romance only book store I learnt that many people simply bought the same authors all the time. Never branched out, never tried something new because they were worried they’d waste their money. Being a person who reads very quickly I decided I could fix this problem if I read masses of books and then when people came in I’d be able to tell them about books that they might like so they’d have a few more authors to try. Now I’m doing the same thing on the internet. Reading books to weed the good books from the wall bangers so you don’t have to pay good money to find out that the book your reading sucks beyond all belief.

Why did you decide to start this site?

I had been reviewing for several years for other websites. However with the amount of time it took between handing my reviews in and them appearing on site I thought maybe I could do it better, I mean its really frustrating to hand in a review days after the books release and not see it live on the site for six months or more. So when my favourite site to review for shut down I finally got motivated and set to work on my own website. I’m really opinionated so having the site is a great way to express myself, now my reviews go on the site as soon as I finish them and I get to play with web design too. I really couldn’t run Veiled Secrets Reviews without the help of my reviewers though. The quality of reviews they hand in is amazing.

When did you start your site?

August 2009

What aspect of the site are you most proud of?

We’re honest. Even if a review isn’t very complimentary it goes up, by the same standard we’re not ragging every book just to be entertaining to our readers. I also am quite proud of how nice the site looks. Its the feedback from authors and reader that have made the biggest difference though, letting me know what works and the occasional thing that didn’t (the sparkly dragon was absolutely frenic for a few days)

What can we expect from you next?

We have new reviews nearly every day. Coming soon are reviews for books by Carol Lynne, Kerrilyn Sparks, Carrie Vaughn and many more.

Anything else you would like A History readers to know?

We don’t just review the big publishers. Every romance title sent to us is put before the reviewers for their selection. We don’t discriminate against sub genres either. We’re always looking for new reviewers too. Ladies or gents who love to read romance are always welcome to join our ranks. Lord knows we’ve got plenty of titles to go around.


Where a secret awaits you under every cover.

The Tour – The Season

The Season is a unique style of romance site, which is why the tour bus is making this stop. Hope you enjoy the tour.

What you can find there.

This is an interesting style for a site. You can shuffle through information, excerpts, etc on the main site page. After you click next past the owners book ad, you will see the table of contents. You can keep shuffling through the things on the main page, or you can go to any of the choices available in the table of contents.

From the table of contents, you can check out the blog which has some interesting information on recent releases. There is also a forum, though it isn’t exactly buzzing. Next you will find the monthly calender of events, author interview, and giveaway listed in this table of contents as well.

You can vote for the best novels and covers of 09, and check out the top reviewer picks for Dec/Jan. You can even check out the previews of upcoming releases. And if all of this isn’t enough, there are free reads, and contests, and archives to look through.

This site is certainly worth a look. Check it out.

Let’s see what Bev has to say to readers about The Season.

Good day everyone. My name is Beverley Kendall and I run The Season sites. What is The Season you ask? The Season is a site dedicated to bringing readers everything they need to know about current and upcoming historical romances. From covers to review links and buy links from the top 6 online book retailers, The Season tries to include everything a reader would want to know about each book. I’ve branched out to include 4 (four) contemporary and paranormal titles every month. The site does include a blog and a forum and I have LOTS of book giveaways.

1- Why did you decide to start this site?
I decided to start my site from a suggestion Kris Alice made on Twitter. She wanted a place where find a list of debut authors. My sister said why don’t you do a site like that. I thought a site that narrow in scope wouldn’t attract enough visitors and that’s how I came up with The Season. This site would, of course, benefit me because I am a new author who doesn’t have much promotion from my publisher behind me, so this would be ideal for me in promoting my book.

2- When did you start your site?
I started the site in mid-May of 2009.

3- What aspect of the site are you most proud of?
The thing I love about The Season is that not only is it informative, as it shows the cover, the backcover blurb, the specs of the book, buy links and booktrailers, but I think I manage to do it in an attractive enough way to entice readers to stay awhile. I also really love the blog. I think it’s added a much needed meeting place for readers to interact with authors. I also love the fact that I give away a lot of books. I think there’s no better way to attract readers than to give them a sample of what they love to read, might read, or are willing to read.

4- What can we expect from you next?
Regarding the site, I expect I’ll be trying to come up with other ways to attract more visitors, and the stuff that isn’t working I’ll stop doing that. When it comes to my books, my second novel, currently titled THE GAUNTLET, will hit the bookstore shelves January 2011.

5- Anything else you would like A History readers to know?
My debut historical, SINFUL SURRENDER is now available for purchase. 🙂

Thanks for taking the tour with us, we’ve been happy to have you along. See you next week.

April Dawn

The Tour- All About Romance

Next let’s stop at All About Romance

This is a huge site with some interesting features and a wonderful forum.

What you can find on the site. —

On the front page of the All About Romance website, you will find a ‘what’s new’ box with information on the latest happenings on the site.

In the menu options at the top you will find a large review section, with loads of information about their reviews, as well as some interesting older features, like Pandora’s box and Historical Designations.

They have a forum for readers to enjoy chatting with each other about book related topics and reviews. And an author forum where readers can find the latest news the visiting authors have posted.

You can also find a blog, some funny parodies, and a lot of interesting information related to romance novels under their features menu. You can find author interviews, articles, and journals, which are very informative and fun to read.

It’s a place where you can spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun.

Let’s see what Lynn S. wanted to say to readers about All About Romance.

Thank you for thinking of us and I hope you enjoy visiting the site. We love hearing from readers on our message boards and blogs!

I’d like to thank Lynn S. for joining us here today, and thank you all for joining us on this tour of All About Romance.

April Dawn

The Tour – Smart Bitches Trashy Books

I decided to visit some fun places on the web and take you with me. Our first stop on our tour of the best romance sites on the web isSmart Bitches Trashy Books I have been a frequent visitor of this site for some time now. The site is run by Candy and Sarah. They have wit and a wonderful sense of humor. This makes Smart Bitches Trashy Books a wonderful place to visit when you are looking for reviews and blogs with a kick.

What you can find on the site. —

On Smart Bitches Trashy Books you can find a number of subjects in the blogs, though not all romance related. The archives go back to 2005, so there is a lot to look at just in the archive section alone. If you have a question, visit the informative and amusing ‘Faq u’ section. In addition to all the irreverent fun, writers can advertise on this site, and they have a section for this clearly marked.

To the right on every page you can find their Greatest Hits, recent posts and comments, and if you scroll all the way down, some silly rants.
All in all a site well worth a visit!

Let’s see what site owners Candy and Sarah have to say about Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Howdy! The best thing about the internet is that there is plenty of room for all the different romance fans – which is a very good thing because there’s a few bazillion of us according to our last survey. So welcome to A History of Romance, and I’m very pleased to meet you!

1– Why did you decide to start this site?

We wanted to create a site where we could review and examine romances critically, harnessing the powers of our sexy and the slightly-less-powerful powers of our English degrees to look at the sublime and the ridiculous that is romance. We specialize in frank and somewhat saucy reviews, discussions of the genre, and random acts of insane silliness.

2– When did you start your site?

January 2005.

3- What aspect of the site are you most proud of?

The community of readers and fans of romance who come every day to talk to us. I continually learn from them, and really, the site isn’t popular because of us. The magic is in the comments.

4- What can we expect from you next?

Mostly awesome with a 30% chance of bodacious!

5- Anything else you would like A History readers to know?

Romance is awesome! But I bet they know that already.
I want to thank Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for visiting with us.

As always, have fun exploring romance,

April Dawn