Recap of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly Week 2

Hi Fellow Readers- back for Week #2 for Love in a Nutshell. I am up to Chapter 5 now. A recap of the first four chapters has Kate Appleton losing her job and finding a job with Matt Culhane to find the person who is undermining his company and possibly putting him out of business. So she is “the snitch” and as such will be known as “the snitch” from now on. She believes that one of them had tampered with the cooler’s power switch causing him to lose money with the food because it spoiled. The cast of characters is being set. Kate Appleton, Matt Culhane, Laila, Jerry, Steve, Tinkerbell (Tink), Ginger, Travis, Bart, Amber and Betty. There is also Richard, Kate’s old boyfriend. The reason for Kate “the snitch” being hired is his new business venture in Florida where he is buying a hotel and turning it into a hotel/restaurant resort. He also planned to renovate another property which he believes will make him money. The “cooler incident” in reality had the “unit’s power switch to the right of the door turned off, but the door had been left open, too. From what she could gather from the brewery gossip, without both of those events, the cooler would have held its temperature within the allowable range until morning.” p 44 Also Kate has feelings for Matt which begin to be tested because- he may be the one who is taking her home from her and that is part of the reason she is taking the job. Her childhood home. ******************************************************** I still like the character of Kate. I like her even more as time goes on. Matt is a nice character as well. But a businessman who is about making money. And he wants to know who would hurt his chances at doing so. Although I believe he is developing feelings for her, I also believe those feelings will face something later on in the book- a decision on where he wants to be and does he want her in his life- her the same thing. So before I end this post, my question to you is the following: Is there ever a moment in your life, that you had to make a decision about someone in your life- whether they could or should stay or go? And what was the resolution of that decision? I think that a lot of us make that decision with our friends as well as romantic liasions. And we have to be cognizant of who is in our lives and who likes us as well. Personally for me- I know that I have to make that decision for me in a current relationship that has turned out to be beneficial for me and not beneficial for me. He had indicated that he liked me again more than I liked him. And I didn’t want to maintain the relationship knowing that he felt that way. I had been walking that minefield for a long time. So I just wanted to be his friend. So that decision for me is that he had to go. But as it was easier before its was not so easy now. That is because he is/was a nice guy and not a nice guy. And I fear that I would not be able to find a person who was willing to have that kind of conversation. I have found someone who says that he is willing but we never connected. So where am I to go on that one? So in your own personal life- where do you stand with that decision and conversation?

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