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Read Along- Love in A Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Hey guys sorry about the wait. Had a couple of other book reviews to do plus some other odds and ends.  Have you been waiting for this:

Recap:  The main character has been hired to unobtrusively investigate the persons who work for a company to see who has been trying to sabotage and undermine the company’s survival.  She has developed a nice relationship with her boss Matt Culhane and one of learning and friendship with the rest of her co-workers.  

Current read:  Starting with Chapter 11 is the Christmas season. Both Matt and Kate are trying to enjoy their Christmas.  Kate spent it with Matt and his family.   The conversation went to the Annual Beer Festival in Royal Oak.   Of importance maybe a piece of trivia for you.  Did you know that none of his employees are allowed to pour beer offsite.  He has volunteers to do that.  As usual the family speculates on whether or not their dating- they are not dating. However because Kate is investigating the persons who work there he lets her participate in the event.  When they get there, she helps set up the table.    One such person she sees is Chet Orowski who was looking to Matt for a business relationship.  He thinks Kate sidetracked him.   Her ex Richard showed up.  She was married to Richard who had been getting or having a relationship with Shayla at the same time.  They gave away a baby (pet)  named Stella Richard and Shayla.  Richard and Shayla are now getting married.   He cheats on his fiancée with a poodle.  Karmic Justice huh?   I believe if you read, he may have given Matt the address to where the dog is being raised and taken care of by some of his friends.

After being told, Matt took Kate to where the dog was being cared for by her ex husbands friends.   They have a meeting of the bodies in Chapter 14.   Also the police are waiting for him when he returns from the beer festival.  The place was wrecked.  But the workers managed to fix some tables and set up for the day.  Less a couple of the profits.  At the end of chapter 15  someone got scared and trashed Kates house. Stay tuned for more.

Again don’t forget the trivia information. at the end I will remind you about them.  Answer correctly and you get a free book courtesy of the author Dorien Kelly.



Hi guys how are you?  Well read chapters 5 through 10 in the novel. Starting chapter 11 tomorrow.  Have to say this book is getting good.  Just so you know, I think there is definitely some interest in the main characters in the novel.

I read chapters five through ten and along the way found out that the culprit who damaged the property by leaving the freezer door open and spoiling the product still had to be found. But that Kate and  Matt’s relationship is developing.  However due to the fact that she doesn’t speak “beer” she is unable to work where she wanted too.  She has to learn the business.  At the event held at Woodsmen’s Hall everyone seemed to have a good time.  The Silent Auction was being prepared for and an employee named Laila hurt herself when her car exploded.  Is this a distraction from something more sinister? Or is it as it seems, an accident, that could have possibly been avoided?  The explosion shut down the bar/restaurant for the night costing him money.  But they also suspected arson as well.  And arson was a nasty crime.  Couple the possible arson, the spoiled food and destroyed freezer, you definitely had someone going after the business.  But who and why? 

Piece of trivia for you later on and it might help you win the novel in the raffle?  What is the name of the place that Matt Culhane would like to purchase?  It’s called the Nutshell.

Stay tuned for chapters 11 through 15 in the next entry. 

So what did you guys think so far of the story? I have to say that I like the style of writing and I like how the characters are portrayed.  What I like very much about this novel though is whatever romance there is; its more about the mystery then the romance. While it plays a part, it’s the actual finding of the person responsible for the damage that they are looking for in the novel. Its well written and descriptive. The scene in here where they start taste testing the beer was compared to wine taste testing.  So just think ladies and gents, who said culture was just for wine connoisseurs huh?  Still trying to figure out where the novel is going and who the culprit is but I am a little closer. My mind is working slowly but surely with a good dose of caffeine from coffee every now and then.

Did you know that you could win a free copy of the novel Love in a Nutshell from these two authors. All you have to do is the following:  from now until the end of the novel…

1.  Make a comment on each post.  Anything you would like to comment on including who your favorite author is or novel.

2.  Like this post as well.

3.  Include you email address if it doesn’t show up when you post your comment.

4.  Answer the trivia question to be asked at the end of the novel entry.

At the end of the novel, I will pick a winner and have the author mail them out a copy of the novel for free.

So hurry up guys and post your comments.

Interview of Dorien Kelly co-author of Love In a Nutshell

1. State your name, and your age.
My name is Dorien Kelly, and I’m old enough that that I don’t like to think about how old I am. Let’s put it this way: I have survived teenagers.
2. State the name of your spouse.
No spouse, but I do have world’s most wonderful boyfriend, Ken.
3. State the name of your children and ages.
Sean: 25, Caitlin: 23, and Erin: 19
4. State your educational background.
I graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. I then attended Detroit College of Law (now Michigan State Law School). At that point I held the record of the highest LAST score and lowest GPA they had ever admitted. Luckily, I took to law school well and graduated third in my class. The practice of law was another thing altogether; I hated it.
5. When did you first decide to become a writer?
By the time my third child was a toddler, I knew I could no longer be a lawyer. I wanted to step off the crazy-go-round and be home with my children.
6. What was your first novel?
My first published novel was Designs on Jake, which Harlequin Books released in 2002.
7. Have you ever been a ghostwriter?
8. When you first got approached to write with Janet Evanovich as a co-writer, what was your reaction?
Actually, I approached Janet. I was scared to death.
9. How do you two write? Do you each write a chapter based on the other or do you draft up an outline and write from the outline?
Sometimes examining a process too closely takes away its magic, and I like magic.
10. Would you write a science fiction/fantasy based romance or mystery?
Sci Fi and Fantasy aren’t my cup of tea. I love reading them, but don’t think I’d make a very good writer in those genres.
11. Do you participate in book tours, signings and the like with her when the book comes out?
Nope. We’re at our respective homes, writing away.
12. Your website that does the upkeep for it? Is it an outside service?
I do have a wonderful web person who designs and does upkeep for me. There are only so many hours in a day, and I much prefer to spend mine on writing.
13. Would you and Janet like to donate a book to raffle off on the website for a lucky reader that may be autographed by either you or both of you?
I’d be happy to send a book.
14. Who are your favorite reads?
Anything by Janet. I also love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Courtney Milan.
15. Who’s on your nightstand now to read?
I’m reading a lot of Irish history and general non-fiction right now. I’ll be heading to Ireland in March to begin research on more books in my Ballymuir series.
16. Final questions: What are your current projects now and when would they be published?
Just for fun, I’m self-publishing a novella in my contemporary Irish Ballymuir series. This past autumn, I took the original Ballymuir books, on which I own the rights, and self-published them in e-format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc. The response has been a wonderful surprise! Readers want more, and I’m happy to give it to them. The Wedding Party will be out in February. After that, there will be more Ballymuir books. I need to decide whether to publish them myself or go the traditional route, though.


Hey guys. I am still reading Love in a Nutshell but I have an update for you. Next week, I am hoping to post the interview with the other half of the writing team for this novel Dorien Kelly on January 17, 2013. I am also hoping to post the next five chapter review with questions for you as well. So guys stay tuned and thank you for following this blog so that we may continue writing. Hope you had a Happy New Year and continue to have a happy year.

Recap of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly Week 2

Hi Fellow Readers- back for Week #2 for Love in a Nutshell. I am up to Chapter 5 now. A recap of the first four chapters has Kate Appleton losing her job and finding a job with Matt Culhane to find the person who is undermining his company and possibly putting him out of business. So she is “the snitch” and as such will be known as “the snitch” from now on. She believes that one of them had tampered with the cooler’s power switch causing him to lose money with the food because it spoiled. The cast of characters is being set. Kate Appleton, Matt Culhane, Laila, Jerry, Steve, Tinkerbell (Tink), Ginger, Travis, Bart, Amber and Betty. There is also Richard, Kate’s old boyfriend. The reason for Kate “the snitch” being hired is his new business venture in Florida where he is buying a hotel and turning it into a hotel/restaurant resort. He also planned to renovate another property which he believes will make him money. The “cooler incident” in reality had the “unit’s power switch to the right of the door turned off, but the door had been left open, too. From what she could gather from the brewery gossip, without both of those events, the cooler would have held its temperature within the allowable range until morning.” p 44 Also Kate has feelings for Matt which begin to be tested because- he may be the one who is taking her home from her and that is part of the reason she is taking the job. Her childhood home. ******************************************************** I still like the character of Kate. I like her even more as time goes on. Matt is a nice character as well. But a businessman who is about making money. And he wants to know who would hurt his chances at doing so. Although I believe he is developing feelings for her, I also believe those feelings will face something later on in the book- a decision on where he wants to be and does he want her in his life- her the same thing. So before I end this post, my question to you is the following: Is there ever a moment in your life, that you had to make a decision about someone in your life- whether they could or should stay or go? And what was the resolution of that decision? I think that a lot of us make that decision with our friends as well as romantic liasions. And we have to be cognizant of who is in our lives and who likes us as well. Personally for me- I know that I have to make that decision for me in a current relationship that has turned out to be beneficial for me and not beneficial for me. He had indicated that he liked me again more than I liked him. And I didn’t want to maintain the relationship knowing that he felt that way. I had been walking that minefield for a long time. So I just wanted to be his friend. So that decision for me is that he had to go. But as it was easier before its was not so easy now. That is because he is/was a nice guy and not a nice guy. And I fear that I would not be able to find a person who was willing to have that kind of conversation. I have found someone who says that he is willing but we never connected. So where am I to go on that one? So in your own personal life- where do you stand with that decision and conversation?

A Review of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Hey guys- sorry for the lateness. Just finished a book review for a person that I had gotten paid for and I have to do one more for him which is also paid for-so now you have my attention.
Summary to Date:
So far I am almost through Chapter 2 of the novel. First off let me say I think I am going to like Kate Appleton. She is in need of a job because she got fired from her former job due to another associate’s actions. How many can relate to that huh? She got asked by an interviewer to be his “snitch” with the other employees. To befriend them and to give him what they are saying so that he may know what they are doing, thinking and saying. His reasoning is that he, the owner, Matt Culhane believes that someone is sabotaging the business and he needs to find out who it is as soon as possible. So she took the job and now works for him as a private investigator for his company masquerading as an employee.
Blog Entry
For those who have read Janet Evanovich you are no stranger to her novels, nor to her character. In fact I believe the unknown for me here is Dorien Kelly. She has graciously agreed to grant an interview which I will post her responses when I receive them. I am sending them out Christmas week, so please take into account that we are busy with the holidays and the responses may lag.
I was unable to find any questions to go along with this novel but I thought I would start out with how many of us had been fired or have been fired due to an action noted and mentioned by another employee- personally I don’t know names but I have heard of people losing their jobs as a result of that. Most reactions tend to be angry but they get over them because they need to work. Note- never bad mouth a former employer or employee because you never know who they talk with in regards to your future. What would you do if that happened to you like Kate Appleton and got a chance to work but had to be a snitch to do it? Would you take the position? And how would you approach the job- with what type of attitude?
Another question that came to mind as I read the beginning of the novel was how to handle the job interview and explaining how you once again lost another job-even I have problems doing this and am and have been in this situation. What do you say and how do you turn it in your favor? I think this lady was lucky because for me it was never easy trying to explain how I lost the jobs that I lost in quick succession. My goal is to not lose any more jobs. Or to get fired. But you know how that goes-you get fired for no reason except that they no longer want you to work there.
So stay tuned for the next installment and hopefully the interview will be responded to by then of Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.


Each time I lost someone that was reading the blog I would get unhappy and try to figure out why I am losing the reader. Each time I would write another blog post I would try to figure that out. But how can you figure that on a blog you contribute too? And what about what I write- do you like what I write- would you buy my novel if it was a stand-alone novel?
I am in search of the elusive answer from you the reader. I am however making several assumptions- first that you read most if not all of the authors that contribute here; two that you like to read romance novels and three that you more than likely subscribe to this blog. Based on those three assumptions, I made the premise that you – contain my answer.
So I have a proposition or proposal/request for you the reader to participate in an exercise with me the contributing author. I request that you all purchase or borrow the novel Love in a Nutshell
by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly. It is a novel I am reading for fun and join the conversation with me about that elusive answer-who are my readers and why do you like to read my blog? What I propose to do for the duration of the read is for the next couple of posts I will recap what I have read and pose some questions and some answers. Hopefully, those who wish to participate will also respond. I will pull some information from her webpage and also see if I can find some interviews with both her and Ms. Dorien Kelly as well.
The hope is that by the end of this novel, somewhere in that conversation someone’s response either to a question or a topic they start on their own will help me move towards finding that answer as to why readers come and go on the blog. I have part of my answer already and I will share that with you. People like the same old thing and don’t like change or too much deviation from what is/was normal for your blog. You will lose the reader because they don’t find it as interesting as they had once. The reader will choose to read another blog that gave them once what they had. So lesson learned for me in regards to that blog. I have to stick to what got me you the reader in the first place and not deviate. For my blog that I am discussing with you right now- it is all about writing, publishing in the industry, other writers, new novels and blogs as well as some of my own personal problems. I also showcase interviews and poetry as well as other writings that people allow me to publish on the internet. So I hope that you and the others will continue that journey with me.
However as this blog is Lets Talk Romance- I want to discuss romance with you and continue that conversation with you. So please join, I will not post the first blog entry for two weeks. In other words, it will not be the upcoming week of December 20, 2012 or the week of Christmas on December 27th, 2012 but the first Thursday in the New Year 2013- January 3, 2013. So hopefully for those who are going to participate you will be able to buy, borrow or download the novel. To help out, I am going to give you some links for that. Please check out below: (shows Plum Series but plug in the name and should bring it up) (direct link at www.

And if you are looking in the Nook: ($2.99 I believe on the Nook)

So hopefully ladies and gentlemen, you join me in my reading.


Hey guys- how is your week this week? It has been a hectic two weeks for us in my neck of the woods. We had both Hurricane Sandy and the Nor-Easter. Needless to say, the cable and internet just came back on today and i am frantically trying to get all of the posts up that I missed the last two weeks. Hope you guys are doing well and I hope that it is a beautiful week where you are.

You ever read a really good romance novel- and it says to you: Jealous Persons Need Not Apply. I have read such a novel and I have to say it was damn good. First off, it was male/male sex and a story of lost virginity. The story line itself was a very good story. Far better than the last one I read. I am not a fan of erotica per se but I happened to think this was a good novel. See link to book review.
Now another novel that may also fit this bill is one about a strip joint dancer trying to make a living and stay alive while fending off the groping hands of the patrons. See link to book review. This story though is a little closer to home because I met a woman who tried out for a dancer position at the bar on Route 1 in Elizabeth. If you know the establishment then I need not name it. Anyway, what I liked about this story is how it actually does show some jealousy in the writing just as the above story does as well. They both manifest themselves in different ways but always due to some romantic and protective inclinations.
Here is why I say jealous persons need not apply-because in every romance novel they either die or go to prison for their feelings of jealousy. The other party involved in that threesome, being a cop, a bodyguard, a business man or just a neighbor, has these big feelings of protecting their women and so they have to rid their women of that problem- hence the jealous person goes away.
But doesn’t jealousy make the novel go `round? If not for the jealous person on either side there may be no conflict in the novel. In other words you have a nice, easygoing read with no major stress except for that of a relationship learning itself until marriage. But who wants to read a novel like that all the time? Not even I want to read a novel like that all the time. As I have gotten older, I move more towards romantic suspense and thrillers as well as contemporary romance and young adult romance. All have in common, conflict- jealousy, money and other problems. These take my mind and yours I am sure off of your own daily problems and into their problems. I wouldn’t change the stories for the world. But maybe a little written differently but it is because I would prefer the story to go a different way.
Recently, I had a guy try to talk to me and he thought I had said to him that I didn’t know him. The reason for me relating this will be apparent shortly. At the same time, since I have no television and no internet I am watching the remainder of the Beauty and the Beast DVD set that I had gotten as a present from a friend. And it’s because of this guy who had the main protagonist/heroine kidnapped to steal her child after it’s born. Later I found out his name was Pope. Meanwhile it took me three to four episodes to figure this out. It would have been a lot easier just to have his name on a plate at the door but that would defeat the secrecy of his actions. Back to the beginning, the guy must have thought I said it about him but I hadn’t. Now take it further, had it been a romance novel and we were in a relationship or the beginning of the relationship would you consider that jealousy on my part because he is a man who has many women or because I was inadequate or just plain angriness on his part because I denied knowing him? Jealous persons need not apply in some relationships they cause more problems than anything else and the other party doesn’t want a lot to do with them. Because they are forever looking over their shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop. This you see in a lot of true life stories that end up in murder and they always start out romantic and end up a nightmare.
To sum up, jealous persons need not apply is my motto when it comes to reading some novels. But the stories that show their actions and reactions to the jealousy make for a very interesting and tasty read.
So fellow readers and authors, all you fans out there, whether romance or not, I entice you to pick up a romance novel this weekend or the rest of the week you are unable to do anything due to Hurricane Sandy, and pour a glass of your favorite drink, pull up an afghan on your lap in your favorite chair and read. Oh, and you might want to do the same for your little one.
A Bientôt Mes Amies!


Hey ladies-its Halloween. Are you and your kids ready? This year my Mother decided not to hand out candy so instead we are eating it here. But that doesn’t mean we are not participating. Dress up I believe I still will do. I do read some horror novels and paranormal romance or suspense romance. They remind me of the horror movies where the love occurs as a result from the event or is the reason for the event. Hence the Halloween theme wedding.
In my elementary school our music teacher and gifted and talented teacher got married on Halloween. A television show called Four Weddings has a Halloween themed wedding and A Wedding Story has the same themed wedding. Horror stories develop romances along the way and they also show you how the two people develop romance in the midst of terror. But do you really feel that marriage- that scary proposition- should be done on the date of Halloween?

Although I haven’t read anything in a romance novel about a Halloween wedding except for parties and rendevous’ it doesn’t mean that they cannot happen. It just takes some ingenuity.

So to keep the post short this week before Halloween and the day of All Hallows Eve- I am requesting your presence on this the 31st day of October 2012, to enjoy a Happy Wedded Halloween. Blessed to you all.

NaNoWriMo Preparation for My Story This Year

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Hey fellow writers. I am prepping for NaNoWriMo this year. Last year I tried it and flubbed out way early. But this year I am not planning to do it. I have had a good group this year. The group is online and also in person but you have to travel. Looking for transportation. The website address: National Novel Writing Month and the group is actually located in the state I reside in right now. So that is cool. There are a lot of articles out there about the month of November. I will repost from my another author’s blog which is prep for NaNoWriMo. The author is Alexandra Sokoloff and the title of the article is: Screenwriting Tricks. Even though it is for a person who writes for theatre or who may write for the stage- the author is a novel writer, and she has given some good tips. Another article comes off of Writer Unboxed called Pre-Plot for NaNoWriMo. The guest author has written three books to help you with your plotting for your novel. Another good article I had found was on writing dialogue called If I find some more I will let you all know.


Suzannah time is coming around this year and hopefully within one week I will be receiving the contest entries. Just so you know I have been participating as an unpublished judge for the last two years. But this year I come as a published author outside of the internet. I think that is cool. Now- the idea I had for this week’s entry hadn’t so much to deal with romance as it had to do with going to conferences and the advance of National Novel Writing Month which happens in November.
I found a website for this year and I signed up for it. I am hoping to gain some new friends and some good critique from it. And the story I want to use is my new novel that I want to publish. There is a little romance and a lot of mystery. The romance comes in with the persons working the case. Not with each other but with other persons. But it will bring some spice into the story.
For the reader who enjoys romance and mysteries- what is it that you search for? What do you want to have your character show you? How is the dream supposed to flow in your brain as you read? I am still finding that out because my characters drive me crazy. I have decided that Darwin- she is the private investigator/paralegal who is the main character/investigator for the novel- will have a romantic relationship with someone that has as of yet not appeared. But do I want that to happen? I am not sure.
I use the contest as a barometer for where I stand in my journey of learning how to write. So this year, I am looking for elements of romance within the traditional story. And I am hoping to find some.
By the way of updates, if you happen to like the Facebook program (I am a fan) then I have something to share with you. Most of my followers on my blog come from Facebook. For that I am extremely grateful. I kept losing my followers and couldn’t figure out how WordPress could lose them. And then when I went to check out my Facebook I found out it was because I actually hadn’t uploaded my blogs to Facebook. I just sent them the entries. But now, the blogs are actually loaded to the Facebook page. You can access it through Networked Blogs. And the followers will now be part of that websites statistics as well as the WordPress statistics. Why am I telling you this? Because it is good information to have and a way for you to monitor the readers and get a feel for what your readers would like to see on your blog.
Well I think part of what I like about Suzannah is that I have the opportunity to judge unpublished authors. And this year, I am going to actually purchase one or two of the books (when I have the funds) of previous winners who now have published novels. And this way I can read some of what I had a part in the making.
Also check your feeds for your subscriptions on blogs. I have read that some or all are going away. They are going to be replacing them soon but they I don’t know when exactly-if you check your Google account I believe you can find out that information.
In closing, I want say to you have a nice day and a nice October.

Wanna Write A Book Review

I am a fledgling book reviewer. I have just started this past year in 2011 to write for online magazines book reviews. There are a lot of book review websites on the internet and some start up on their own. I think the first thing to do is to decide whether or not you fit that website. For this website she has it split- one for her columnist/contributors and the other website is for book reviews. The two addresses are: and How it works is that you pick from a list provided by her of up and coming novels about to be released and already released novels. You give her the title, author name, publisher and publisher date- she will then send you a copy of the novel. Please be advised that for most of the sites, they are eBooks or epublished books. Very rarely have I gotten a copy of the actual book to read but some do provide that for you. Your reward or payment for the most part, is a copy of the novel that is yours to keep unless otherwise noted and maybe a gift card or certificate.
When you do the book review the format for most is the same. You have the title of the book or it says “Book Review of (Title of Novel) by (Author). And then you have next the book blurb which is basically what I call the “eye candy” of the novel. It is what you may catch the very next person who reads your novel by the phrase or sentence there. And I think for each book reviewer it is different. I try to make it a part of the novel that makes it click for me or what may make it click for the reader-oh I understand now. The body of the review is the review itself now. And here is where your opinion is on the novel for better or for worse. Following the body and at the end of the review is what I call the disclosure statement required by book reviewers to put in which basically states that we are either being paid or not paid by the author or publisher to write this review for this website. And it also requires that we also notify you the reader whether or not we paid for the novel. The actual reasoning for this escapes me but I do what is required.
What you may also want to note is that the score that you choose for rating will not necessarily dictate who will read the novel but it may get you a nice note from the author thanking you or asking you questions for themselves so they can make changes or not.
Here is a list of some of the book review websites that you can read from and/or join as a reviewer:
Geeky Girl Reviews
Book, Line and Sinker
Manic Readers
You Gotta Read
Lets Talk Romance Reviews
Urban Reviews
Book Chick City
And there are a lot of others. I find them all the time, and some will actually review television shows, movies and restaurants. I actually like to review whatever I think is interesting for the blog I contribute too. And it’s a good conversational tool.
What started this was I just joined a blog from an introduction in the writers chat room ( and from there found a lot of new blogs to read. So I hope for you guys this gives you another outlet of entertainment, information and new ways to make friends.
Chat ya laterz guyz and galz.

The Anatomy of a Proposal in a Romance Novel

This is an example of a work in progress. I thought I would share for you today. I was originally supposed to post on Friday as there is a guest on this past Thursday. But missed it, so here it is. I will post the corrected version which shouldn’t be much different on next Thursday.

Ah-romance- l’amour. As you are reading your eyes start to water with tears at how wonderful it is. Your breath starts to come out a little quicker because your body is engaged in the story. Next to your chair you have a glass of water, wine, a cider, milk, hot chocolate, tea, bar drink whatever is your drink of choice. Ah yes ladies, Teri’s back. And this time, I am hoping to give you the anatomy of a proposal in a romance novel.
My very favorite proposal of all time in a romance novel isn’t actually a proposal so much as a fait accompli. Yes, he does propose to her and yes she does get married to him in an Indian wedding ceremony. But come on now like there was ever any other chance of that not happening. The story was an old romance from way back in the 1980’s. Sorry, ladies, I don’t remember the title. But the main characters were A Panther Stalks (Adam Savage is his English name) and Sorrel is the lady’s name I believe. (Note- this is old might be mixing up stories. ) (
All the book reviews I read for this novel were mixed. Some liked it and some didn’t. One said it was a poor excuse for a novel paraphrase. She the reviewer was like, the girl was so PERFECT, and so smart, and everything went her way-but why the lady didn’t have some bad events go wrong like she’s the strongest, the fastest, and better than any brave who is part of the tribe in order to win his hand. (ck for quote)
Well I for one absolutely loved it darling. And would read again about the hidden fear, desire, failure, rebirth and finally- family full and strong that comes out (with some obedience. Hint—hint) But I digress? Where was I-oh yeah the proposal.
In one romance novel- Silhouette Harlequin romance where she is forced to marry due to a one night stand with her BOSS- his proposal is a very business oriented proposal. She needs a husband- why- because she got impregnated by her boss and he always does the right thing. So how romantic. He will be her husband until the baby is born, provide a place to stay, medical care, pre baby care and still continue to help her out after the baby is born. And she will continue to work there at the office with him. What throws a spanner in the works- she falls in love with her boss and he with her. Ah- love in bloom.
Another romance novel had a proposal where the intended decided to hell with propriety and lets just up and get married. Needless to say she abandoned her rich and well-respected family and then up and got married to a ne-er-do-well man with no money but a charm that could take the clothes right off you.
But that still doesn’t tell you the anatomy of the proposal. Well it is the same in novels as in real life. First you got the man and the woman. Then you have the set up whether it’s a surprise or planned. In fact, the most romantic proposals in novels actually happen to be the unexpected ones. Because the guy always has a not new way of doing it but a surprise to the intended person.
So the next time you read it- check out the proposal.


As I walk down the street I see many book stores, libraries, coffee shops, sandwich shops, bus stops, train stations and benches and I see people everywhere with a book. And I hear a book that has yet to be sold go- where do I live? I am homeless. Well, to that book I say today might be your lucky day.
Your author has written a letter to a prestigious publisher. And the publisher happens to be the best in the country or one of the best in the country. Able to get you on the New York Times Bestseller list and on all the eBook/ereader websites and a review on of course the new Oprah Winfrey Show, The Wendy Williams Show. She has replaced Oprah as one of the most watched television shows as well as the new show Oprah Winfrey hosts on her own network OWN. She may be listed as a book on the Oprah Winfrey Book Club and the latest that might be heard is a made for television movie.
But wait, I get ahead of myself. Alas, my poor novel is still sniffly. Oh where will I be in a year’s time? Lavishing in the dusty drawers of my authors desk? Bathroom toilet paper for the guest in the bathroom who neglected to bring something to read during those moments when you need one? Eating delight for that rascally Fox Terrier who is still in the puppy stage despite your best efforts to tell the puppy look, you’re an adult now, act like one? She sniffs some more.
Months pass by and nothing. The paper gets dingy, the color starts to change colors on the manuscript, and the pencil marks become more evident as re-writes start and then RING! RING! RIIING! Footsteps run. “I’ll get it” she hears. Your author answers and you hear, “Oh that is so wonderful. That is great. On Monday morning, at 9:30 am? I will be there. You will have the contract? Okay I will take it home to read it. You’ll discuss the acceptance of the book with me? With a few changes? Okay. I will listen. Oh thank you so much!” The phone SLAMS! down.
You get picked up by a suddenly teary eyed author who says, “we made it. We got a book deal!”

The Learning Curve

I think we all have a learning curve when it comes to our writing ability and our career strength. For those of us just starting out we have to find our own voice. Once I believe we find our voice we can pretty much write what we would like to write and then send it out to an agency to see what it is that it might sell for or if we are in the wrong market. The market will eventually taper our decision. But the test is those who read your novels. That test can come in the form of your beta readers. In Wikipedia a beta reader is defined as “a person who reads a written work, generally fiction, with what has been described as a ‘critical eye’, with the aim of improving grammar, spelling, characterization and general style of a story prior to its release to the general public.” (See link:

I am in need of beta readers. I am in the process of writing and finishing my first mystery. So if you are interested please email me. But that is not the purpose of this article. This is just an introduction to what it is that an author may want from you. the article in Wikipedia is self-explanatory. Another article that you may want to read and also where I found another helpful source is this one: Literary Rambles (See link: From what I am finding out through the use of persons such as Ivory Mosely, the late Natasha Munson (See link:, Junnita Jackson a ghostwriter, and several others some things of the writing world come through experience and searching. You do a lot of searching on the internet, networking at events, schlepping your writing around to get someone to read and revisions, revisions, revisions. I have made some wonderful contacts and am able to do what I like to do. Doesn’t mean I don’t get the headaches, the migraines and the writing pains, I do, but I accept them and work through them because I am choosing to write. It is what I do to keep me sane and happy even when I appear unhappy. Each time I think of stopping it I get sad. But I do think of stopping it particularly when it appears to cause so much trouble for me in my life. However, I will still write even if I am not famous and making money because I like it. This is to say that I will probably always have a blog. And that blog may not be about the same thing but it will be about something that I am interested in and hopefully, just like the one I have now, it will find a kindred spirit in you.

Back to the beta reader-a beta reader in my opinion is the one who helps you write the better story. It would be someone who is interested in the genre you are writing, someone who is interested in the characters and their plotline and who doesn’t mind sharing their opinion. They will help you in creating your novel prior to it going to the publisher. And then the publisher themselves may have beta readers. Maybe it’s that your beta reader comes to you through your publisher and you don’t have to search them out. I don’t really know if that is true or not. But I am hoping to find out as I am looking for beta readers to help me with my story. And also for critique partners as well.

If you are interested in reading good novels you may want to check out this site it has very good novels. You can join for a monthly fee. It is I am actually doing book reviews for them under my pen name Yasmine Jameson. Check it out, you may find you like it.